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  1. Harry Potter is 20 years old

    For a second there I got excited about my American edition of Sorcerer's Stone, but it's 1999 not 1998. Damnit! Also it's in well-read condition so no one would pay shit for it anyways. Also I think I am too attached to it to give it away, ever. Imagine having one of those first editions in mint condition though... rich over night!
  2. Bad films with terrific music

    Queen of the Damned! I thought that had a really fantastic soundtrack, both the film versions done by Jonathan Davis as well as those performed by others for the Soundtrack release.
  3. Rise of the Tomb Raider

    I think I'm finally done with this. I considered doing all the collectibles/collectables (?) and things and ran around for ages but I've given up now. Don't really see the point in using a guide for this stuff, takes the fun out! And using pumpkins as basketballs, really? But I enjoyed the game and am very much looking forward to the next installment.
  4. New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

    Mature No actually it's true. Sometimes.
  5. The Witness

    Just read this, I'm currently doing the shady trees! Got stuck on one yesterday though, hope I can solve it quickly next time I play, fresh mind and all. The water raising bit was insane, am kinda proud though so far I've played everything without taking notes. Came close though
  6. The Witness

    Sometimes I just don't see the forest for the trees! I did play some more yesterday and it was nice. I do love the atmosphere, and when you do get puzzles right it's so much fun. But I think I have to play this in short bursts, I don't have the patience
  7. Rick and Morty

    Valve should hire him!
  8. Rick and Morty

    I'm still watching this, although I'm taking it very slow. Just finished the second season! It's very hit and miss for me tbh, but overall I do enjoy it. Meanwhile Patrick Rothfuss posted on his blog today, he is writing a R&M D&D Crossover Comic: Quoted article can be found here!
  9. The Witness

    Jeeeeesus. My IQ ain't high enough for this game. It started out alright, but I'm only 4-5 hours in and already losing patience because I just don't get many of the smaller puzzles. I love looking in the landscape for puzzle lines and finding the right perspective for those, but I'm just lost, generally. I feel incredibly inadequate
  10. You're saying it wrong!

    What is wrong with you
  11. You're saying it wrong!

    Number 1 it is! Although I like the German pronunciation the most. The "r" is different and the second syllable is not -lih- but -lü- : pronounced like the French "u" in "sur".
  12. You're saying it wrong!

    Aw man, don't even get me started. This happens to me all the time as English is my second language and its orthography is POINTLESS. I used to pronounce the b in Bomberman and Tomb Raider, for example. I pronounced Duck in Donald Duck like book. I do love when people try to address me in-game and stumble over my name, though. It usually goes something like "Hey Illyyllylyylllrrrirrah" or "lily".
  13. New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

    Hi and welcome!
  14. Ghost?

    I was unsure about Cardinal Copia at first, but his dancing is way too fabulous to dislike.
  15. What Remains of Edith Finch

    Dude, I can't even express how happy this makes me. "My" precious little game has kicked ass!!! Underappreciated no more <3

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