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  1. Might be a dumb question or already one that has been asked, but I decided to upgrade to the extra tier as it was only 13 quid for the 6 months remaining on my Now subscription. I then clicked to download 2 games I already own & have installed Miles Morales and Unchartered Lost Legacy, as I wanted to test if I could just continue continue playing them, but when I click on the games it tells me to insert the disc to play. There are no active downloads of the games, so if I want to play a game I already own via the service do I have to unistall my original downloads & start again?
  2. He is that is why. The Lion King is basically an animated adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ For me a film/tv show is only as good as it’s villain & a poor villain can ruin an otherwise excellent idea. The one show this really stands out for me in this regard was ‘Thundercats’. As a team they were great, but Mumm-Ra and his identikit villains were so shite they totally held the show back.
  3. Elvis - 4/5 For some reason I have always been fascinated by music biopics and over the years I have had a passing interest in Elvis, so took myself to watch it this afternoon. Absolutely loved it to the extent I watched two documentary’s this evening and ordered a biography off Amazon to read up and learn more.
  4. Wow the hating on this one has started before the show even airs. That must be a new record surely? It is perfectly fine to grow out of Star Wars over the years, or just cherish the original films and disregard the rest. But what is with all the hate watching/commenting we see in the Star Wars threads? A tv show about a secondary character from a spin off film is never going to recreate the magic of ANH or Empire everyone understands that. What it can do is expand and flesh out the wider universe those films exist in, and clearly a significant number of fans in Disney eyes want to see just that. I am one for starters.
  5. Just watched the first episode now I have Paramount Plus & I bloody loved it. It is great to have a proper Trek series back again. Not even sure I will bother with S4 of Discovery now that I have this along with The Orville to watch.
  6. How do you know seen as though we are being so picky? It might have eaten a seal instead of poor Chrissy, and thus having sated it’s appetite moved on from the Amity vicinity, without ever acquiring the taste for human flesh.
  7. Jaws: I wanna go swimming. No because we are pissed and high, let’s just have sex on the beach instead.
  8. If there is a second season I reckon focusing on Alderaan and it’s involvement in the fledgling Rebellion, thus sowing the seeds of it’s ultimate destruction is the direction they will go in. I definitely think they need to ditch Luke & Tatooine if they make more.
  9. Well to counter that I thought it was excellent series and managed just the ending I was looking for.
  10. Especially for Trekkies like myself. I've only got Cinema because they virtually gave it me, when I rang up earlier in the year to renegotiate my contract.
  11. Yep quite possibly my favourite game character of the last 10 years.
  12. I honestly think this is my favourite tv show at the moment. I am going to be gutted if they do end up cancelling it after this season.
  13. Wow not playing as Kassandra is certainly a unusual choice!!!!!
  14. Waggo


    You clearly just want to buy the Brazil team. Still we are gonna snap your hands off is price is anywhere close to £60 million.
  15. Waggo


    Hi Gooners. Any truth to the rumours you have offered us £60 million quid for Raphinha?
  16. The original ‘Clash of The Titans’ Who can possibly diss on that?
  17. Wow I had literally forgot entirely about that show despite watching it avidly as a kid. It was set during WW2 & the main bit I remember now is the kids befriending a downed German pilot who is hiding out in an allotment I think.
  18. Almost as bad as the Nazi face melt at the end of Raiders of The Lost Ark. That absolutely gave me nightmares as a kid.
  19. Perfect time to be playing it as well. It was updated to 60 FPS at the end of last year on both Xbox & Playstation & on top of that is just a summery kind of game with plenty of sunshine, beaches and lovely blue water all looking stunning on the next gen machines.
  20. I have a feeling it will be on either Gamepass or the new Sony Gamepass (Perhaps both) in the very near future though, as they both seem to be courting Ubisoft.
  21. They will have taken into account the reception the Solo movie got as well following up on TLJ. Box office of over a billion for TLJ look decent as a stand alone, but following the positive reception of The Force Awakens and Rogue One most of that box office is already baked in. The next film Solo then tanked hard and while not brilliant it was no ways as bad as the box office suggests, so some of that has got to be down to widespread disillusionment with TLJ & not just the toxic trolls.
  22. However old Luke and Leia are in this so maybe 8 or 9 years.
  23. She was probably being deliberately ambiguous with the coded message though, as at the time Alderan was still part of the Imperial senate and she was supposed to be on a diplomatic mission, so plausible deniability and all that. Obi Wan show does make more sense of her decision to call her son Ben in the sequels though now, as at the time it seemed odd that he was named after somebody who really mattered to Luke but who she had never met.
  24. Yep that was excellent and all tidied up nicely to concentrate on what we all know is coming next week.
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