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  1. The second was the most embarrassing of the 3. VAR clearly doesn't operate on a serves him right basis, but will only intervene to overturn the referee's decision for a clear and obvious error. Ref had obviously had enough of the diving at that stage, so ruled out the pen without a second thought and VAR obviously thought there was not enough there to overturn that decision. If it were up to me the third incident would never have happend, as he should have been booked and then sent off for two obvious simulations.
  2. First 2 were embarrassing dives. He may have had a case with the 3rd, but serves him right for the other 2.
  3. I see Ronaldo for all is talent is still a diver. At least VAR is there to sort it out these days.
  4. John Challis best known as Boycie from 'Only Fools & Horses'. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58617114
  5. Welcome to the best Trekkie show you will watch this year. As an avowed Trek fan I am surprised it has taken you so long to get around to it?
  6. 2 or 3 episodes at most and even they are increasingly watchable. It then finds the right balance between comedy and drama, and just keeps on getting better. Watch it.
  7. Hence the . On a more serious note as an Xbox and PS5 owner I am still on the fence about whether to wait or not on Deathloop. I don't need it immediately as I have a shit ton of games on the go, so will deffo be waiting on a price drop but can I hold out for a full year to get it for nowt? (I know it is not really nowt, but it is for me because I already subscribe to GP regardless of whether Deathloop is on it ot not so there!!!).
  8. When is the inevitable sequel due on PS5?
  9. Yeah fair point. Gymnastics probably falls into the same category as well.
  10. Tennis is full of people who at the very least don’t like all aspects of the tour. Naomi Osaka for one hates the media side of it, Serena Williams got to the stage where she was only turning up for the Grand Slams but she was that far ahead of anybody else she could get away with it. Other players notably Garbine Muguruza have tried it without Williams talent and got caught out, to the extent she appears to be disrespectful of her opponents and just plain irritable every time you see her play these days. Kyrgios has openly stated he would rather play basketball than tennis, while Alexander Bublik has publicly stated he hates tennis and is only there for the money. I think with tennis at least pushy parents play quite a big part in a lot of players early careers. Even Raducanu hinted at the weekend that her father is a tough man to please.
  11. Well I find that disrespectful tbh. Leeds play perfectly acceptable football and are an attractive side to watch. The injury was horrific but purely accidental, and the referee did not even give a foul in the first instance. Red card was given purely as a result of the injury, and I would not be at all surprised if it is overturned.
  12. No way is that a red card tackle. Did the ref even give the foul initially? Purely sent off due to the very nasty injury that resulted, despite whatever Martin Tyler would have you believe.
  13. Guess you must have missed the follow up blog!!!! https://gamerant.com/spiderman-2-no-co-op/
  14. Aliens Colonial Marines for me all day long. I was so hyped for that game, the game itself was massively hyped by the media & it was an utter turd. I still have not fully forgiven Sega, despite the plenty of other stellar titles they have produced and distributed over the years.
  15. Fair point. Thanks you just cheered me up.
  16. Going to be Xmas 2023 at the earliest before we see this though ain't it? I love a bit of hype, but it's all so far away.
  17. I can see why they waited until now to showcase and not at E3, as Deathloop excepting there is literally nothing this year. Feb & March next year is looking tasty though.
  18. Got it from Eurogamer: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-09-09-knights-of-the-old-republic-remake-announced-for-ps5
  19. Only a timed exclusive and releasing day one on PC as well apparently.
  20. GT7 is next March. Same with GTA5 version 22!!!
  21. Been to see this today & thoroughly enjoyed it. Knew nothing of the character or much about it at all really, other than it was a Kung Fu Marvel movie. The:
  22. That is madness. A disc these days is just a glorified license key with the game running from the SSD, so get it at the cheapest price you can find.
  23. Run number 41 and finally escaped. Did it easily in the end as well with 2 lives to spare. Had a souped up Poseidon call which absolutely melted health bars.
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