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  1. Just done today's set and the daily poll was 'Who will get the most medals at the Olympics Great Britain or China?' GB the first option leading the poll on 56%!!!!! Which proves either very few people give any thought to the options and just click the first one, or Brexit fever has addled the minds of MS gamers in the UK!!!!!!
  2. The genius of Predator for me is the switcheroo it pulls off brilliantly 30 minutes or so into the film. The opening set up resulting in the attack on the Guerrilla camp is all typical 80’s action film fare. Then the film totally flips it, with the guys you figured to be the heroes becoming nothing more than desperately hunted prey fighting to survive. Absolutely brilliant at the time, and still packs a punch to this day, thus assuring the film classic status. The scene where they all unload everything they have into the jungle is still one of my favourite movie moments of all time.
  3. The Suicide Squad - 4/5 Really enjoyed this. Both funny and carrying an emotional punch. The ludicrous ending was worth the admission price on it’s own.
  4. Been to see it this evening and it is great. 20 minutes too long maybe, but other than that nothing bad to say about it at all. Very funny as well, I laughed out loud in the cinema at least 5 times. Well worth your time.
  5. Yes this has found it’s feet remarkably quickly IMO. I am totally invested in it mainly I think because the time period (early days of The Empire) is just so interesting. My only concern is how well it is doing ratings wise. I would hate to see it axed.
  6. Really getting into this tonight. It looks absolutely gorgeous as well. Bloody tough in places though.
  7. Reckon that depends on how quickly they can resolve the stock shortages. I doubt $100 million plus games can turn a profit on a user-base of 10 million or so.
  8. Looking like being delayed until next year according to Euorgamer. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-07-30-horizon-forbidden-west-reportedly-delayed-into-q1-2022 Shite if it's accurate.
  9. That is what has me most concerned as I also have a Series S (Traded PS4 into Game when they ran that offer a month or so back, knowing I was going to be returning the X) that works perfectly. I just find it odd and worrying that I would have the same issue with 2 different machines, and that nobody else seems to be having a similar problem
  10. Has anybody had any issues with a Series X? I sent mine back to Microsoft a few weeks back, because it would turn itself off guaranteed every time I tried to play certain games (Assasins Creed Valhalla, FIFA, Sniper Elite 4 and Army Of The Dead). Most other games I could play for hours on end with no issues. Anyway it came back supposedly fixed at the weekend and it is now pretty much unplayable. It has a different serial number so I am assuming it’s a different machine, but the issue is still the same in that it repeatedly turns itself off. I tried to watch Into The Spiderverse in 4K and it turned itself off twice in under 30 minutes. I try to download For Honour on Gamepass it turns itself off. I try to play a game from disc and it turns off. The machine has plenty of ventilation and I plug it straight into the wall socket as advised but no joy, I tried it in different rooms and even took it over to my sisters, in case there was an issue with electric supply but again the same issue. It’s obviously going to have to go back again, but I am just concerned I lose another few weeks and the problem is not resolved. Dealing with MS seems to be all automated with no option for online chat or to call somebody. As a veteran MS fan I have had console issues before (notably 2 RROD’s in the 360 days), but I am more frustrated this time in that it does not seem to be a widespread issue. The X is a lovely bit of kit, but I just want it to work (Surely not too much to ask after forking out £450 for it!!!!).
  11. IGN give it a 9 and reckon it’s brilliant. Suddenly a lot more interested in this.
  12. To my mind this is the kind of game Game Pass was made for. I will load it in, stare in amazement at the graphics, excitedly show the family our house before crashing into it & then probably never touch it again. Job done.
  13. I’m a Michael so it’s a personal beef I guess. Plenty more I could go with on top, but rumour is it’s facing the axe after this next season so I’ll cut it some slack.
  14. The most important question I want answering is why the hell is she called Michael???????? It is a blokes name FFS. Being sad I googled if Michael can be used as a female name, and the answer was no the female version is Michala. Pretentious Wankery if you ask me.
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