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  1. Yep been to see it too and would largely agree with this. Although not sure about utterly predictable as:
  2. Not really a fan of that tbh at first glance. It has generally been the Away shirt I have bought in recent years as well. Have they revealed the 3rd kit yet?
  3. Rogue One was excellent, Solo had it’s moments but was largely pointless. I have some fondness for The Force Awakens for bringing Star Wars back without totally shitting the bed. I struggle to find any redeeming features at all about either TLJ or ROS both of which I hate. I think those two could well have been franchise killers, if Mando had not pulled it back from the brink.
  4. Oh I will be back, but I just need to give it a rest for a week or two now as I put some pretty hardcore hours in for the last few fights. Still need to beat: Think I have nailed most of the other notable bosses.
  5. Yeah I got it in 4 as well. Can do better.
  6. Marsch has earned his chance to build his own team, so will reserve judgement on him until next season. No problem with selling any players who want to move on, as long as the money is ploughed back into the team. The board really need to shape up going forward though, as not spending in the January window was a huge gamble that they have been incredibly fortunate to get away with. We definitely need a new PL quality striker and a Keeper as well, as Meslier young though he is has just been far too error prone this season.
  7. It is such an easy fix as well. You forfeit the result if fans can't behave themselves. It would stop it dead.
  8. Yup we fluked our way out of it just about. Major lessons have got to be learnt though going forward, as we have been incredibly fortunate to land a second chance.
  9. Get in you fucking beauty Harrison.
  10. We have been shit since they went down to 9. You just know Burnley are going to get an equalizer as well. We really should be pushing for the killer goal or we could well come to regret it.
  11. Brentford score and then go down to 9 men!!! WTF is actually happening I can't take much more of this.
  12. 2-0 Newcastle Hell yes!!!!
  13. Get in Raphinia you fucking beauty. Could really be happening!!!!!
  14. Not sure whether to cheer or cry. Gelhardt goal offside, but then Newcastle score!!!!
  15. That was not in the script.
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