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  1. Yeah that is a ridiculous first half score-line. Would not like to be in that Hull dressing room when the manager lets go at em!!!!!!
  2. Is it worth watching? I enjoyed Buffy back in the day, so more than willing to give this a go if it is half decent and along the same lines.
  3. Yeah I am not wanting to get rid of Bamford. As a matter of fact I was delighted when Leeds signed him, but as already said we cannot be in a position next season where he is pretty much it in terms of striking options. A Premier League quality striker is an absolute must in this window.
  4. It is going to be extremely interesting to see how it works out next season if we do go up. Wolves and Sheffield Utd, even Leicester to a point are proof how far you can go on a modest budget if the coach knows their shit. We are definitely going to need better strike options than Bamford though.
  5. Crazy game of football I loved it. At half time if somebody told you Bournemouth would wind up winning 4-1 you would have thought they had gone stark raving mad!!!!! Bet it has cost the serious gamblers a hefty wad.
  6. What a result. Surely we can’t fuck it up this time now?
  7. Get in Hernandez you 90th minute beauty. If we hold out here then time to believe it really is happening.
  8. Yeah shit and annoying is a pretty much perfect description. Think I will be swerving this one.
  9. Waggo

    Jack Charlton passes.

    Being both a Leeds fan and half Irish this really hit home for me. RIP Big Jack you will never be forgotten.
  10. I am really enjoying season 4 of Enterprise once we got the stupid temporal cold war bollocks out of the way with the opener. This is all new Trek to me now as I never got this far first time around. Just watched the 3 parter with The Romulan drone ship trying to start a war, and instead laying the foundations of The Federation. I will be sad to see it end tbh.
  11. We don’t need to worry about Brentford slipping up. It’s you who need to worry if we drop points or not.
  12. Oh dear Derby keeper. Looks like we will have to take care of it ourselves.
  13. If Derby do mange to beat Brentford tomorrow (I have a sneaky suspicion Rooney is due a blinder), then a draw at Swansea and beating Barnsley mid-week will be enough to do the job.
  14. If we win tomorrow then I think a draw to Swansea is not the worse result in the world. Think Brentford are away at Derby next which is certainly no gimme. Win our 3 home games (Stoke, Barnsley & Charlton) and take at least a point from one of the away games & then it does not matter a jot if Brentford win all their remaining games 10 - 0.
  15. Your welcome. Hope you enjoy.
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