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  1. Have you tried The Lego movies? First is the best, but the second and Lego Batman are also fine. Free Willy is also worth a try.
  2. Waggo

    Xbox Game Pass

    I have got to thank the 10K rewards promo for leading me to The Walking Dead games on GP, because I am absolutely loving them having played through the first two. As a fan of the show (At least the first 7 seasons or so) I can’t believe they have passed me by until now.
  3. They will email you with a code to redeem the points within 2 weeks according to T&C's.
  4. Waggo

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yep I 100 percented it this evening. Likewise not a clue what it’s about as I skipped the cutscenes, but I did find it oddly enjoyable.
  5. Series X for me and very satisfied. Due to GP and the speed of start up times, which with Quick Resume are literally 2 or 3 seconds (On my machine at least) I have played it more in the past few months than I probably played my old XBONE in the past year. It can only get better as the next gen games hit, so yep all good for me.
  6. Completed a few this month as I am working through the MS 10k achievement challenge. Call Of The Sea (Really enjoyed this). Day Of The Tentacle (Not as fun as I remembered) The Walking Dead Season 1 (Absolutely loved this) Full Throttle (Was OK) Little Acre (Easy points and short) Shortly to be added Grim Fandango and The Walking Dead Season 2, both of which are great.
  7. Yeah it is perfectly possible. I redeemed all my points against Valhalla just before Christmas, and I now have over 28K balance, with still another 4.5K to work on from the 10K promotion. Currently playing through Grim Fandango and The Walking Dead series to help hit the 10K and loving them both.
  8. Not only that did you pick up on the reference of her character not liking rabbits?
  9. Well I really enjoyed it. Perfect length so it does not outstay it’s welcome, and I am definitely intrigued to watch more. Also really nice to see Anya from Buffy on TV again.
  10. Waggo

    Xbox Game Pass

    I discovered Ewok Hunt on SWBF2 today for the first time, and now I think I am addicted. Going back to the discussion a few posts up Reach is pinnacle Halo for me. Loved it on launch, and played through it again on GP before Christmas and still love it.
  11. Whether by accident or design (judging the quality of most of the scripts you have to assume the former) the writers have however with: Overall better than last season and I guess I will be back for the next.
  12. Quick question. I have stopped in the past day or so getting a pop up informing when I have unlocked an achievement. I still get the achievement, but no ping and notification. I have checked settings and notification of achievements is enabled. Anyone come across this before, and if so what is the fix? Cheers.
  13. Still shitty news second time around. RIP again.
  14. Yup enjoyed this. What I like best about it is the time jumps, as I always found the first half of the story about the outbreak, escaping the cities and meeting up with the various new characters to be more interesting than the second half. So doing it this way they can keep those elements involved all through the series. From the reviews I have read on IMDB though a lot of people seem to have an issue with this approach.
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