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  1. NickC

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm not hugely into Minecraft but Minecraft Dungeons looks interesting. My kids will go nuts for it too.
  2. It's a great and fitting sub-plot that flew over me.
  3. I just finished this on Switch. The game is glorious, but did anyone else find that it finished abruptly? According to my pause menu I had 2 abilities left to unlock, plus there was a whole area of the map (in darkness with sporadic lanterns to light to way) that I had not yet explored. When the credits rolled I was pretty bummed to be honest, despite having a terrific time with the game otherwise.
  4. I read it once a year. It's like stepping back to my childhood for a few days
  5. Looks good. The tone of it is spot on IMO: scary, mysterious, the theme of childhood innocence and fantasy - all present and correct Seems to be somewhat loosely based on the comic, which is great because the comic is so good that anything too faithful is likely to be compared unfavourably. Lots of things revealed in the trailer that come much much later in the comics. The whole premise has so much milage. I'm excited to see what they do with it.
  6. As Good As It Gets Gross Point Blank Dirty Dancing Some Like It Hot The Perks Of Being A Wallflower None of them subtle, but I love them all dearly.
  7. NickC

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah it's smashing. Made with so much love, I never skipped past a cutscene or optional lore. If you see it for under a tenner it's a bit of a no brainer, IMO.
  8. Comixology has a huuuge sale on right now. I spent £20 yesterday and picked up loads of stuff I've been waiting to go on sale.
  9. I found it difficult to find any decent Christmas movies on Netflix this year. What are the best ones, rllmuk?
  10. This personalisation and villification of Rian Johnson (and others) over Star Wars is toxic. Blaming individuals, continuing a relentless online campaign against them and feeding into it is really messed up. It's a movie some people don't like. It's cool if people don't like it and want to talk about that, but at some point people need to check themselves and move on. RJ and others should be able to move on with their lives. It's just a movie. Speculating on what's next for their shaming is just fanning the flames further. Ahmed Best got this treatment and attempted suicide over toxic fandom. You and others need to stop this.
  11. We've frequently danced around the topic of who hated TLJ and why they hated it, so without wishing to state the obvious, let's pin this down. There are different types of people who hated TLJ: Group 1: There is a loud minority who hated it because of reasons relating to toxic masculinity. Rey is bad because [insert reason using logic that somehow doesn't apply to male lead characters in Star Wars], Rose is the worst thing in the Star Wars universe, Holdo bad - Poe good, and so on. These are the incels. Group 2: There is also a bigger proportion, but still thankfully a minority overall, who are the 'real fans' of Star Wars. They think that Star Wars plotlines need to work in a specific way related to how Star Wars works in their heads; based on a formula derived from the original trilogy. JJ adhered to this formula, RJ didn't. Phrases such as "RJ / Disney fucked us over, we will never forgive them" etc. are common with this group. They take this stuff extremely personally, they feel betrayed, they won't forgive or forget. These are the toxic entitled fans. Group 3: Finally, and I'm sure the majority of TLJ haters, there's a group who just didn't like the film for a variety of reasons that aren't the above. Which is of course perfectly fine. They felt the plot wasn't up to much, they felt that consistency in a trilogy is super important, they felt that certain scenes were bad and sunk an otherwise OK movie, and so on. It's important to note of course that the above is a Venn diagram, some twerps occupy two or three areas of TLJ hate. But let's not deny the first two minority positions exist. They do. Not everyone is from group 3. If you are in group 3 of TLJ haters, you might need to make peace with the fact that you hate something that a bunch of weird / awful people also hate. If you loved TLJ, you need to know that the Venn diagram exists and also understand that those haters exclusively in group 3 are, in fact, perfectly decent people.
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