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  1. Comixology is having a huge Marvel sale at the moment in the run up for Endgame. Anything vaguely related to Avengers (including Avenger member's standalone graphic novels) is down in price between 50-70%. I just picked up five things I've been after for a total of £13.
  2. NickC

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now "on hiatus")

    @Rubber_Johnny any luck on finding where Kevvy Metal said that? In a thread where people have felt shitty about how others members have treated them, I do hope you are not making stuff up to stir the pot some more. Particularly when it feels like people are trying to make an effort to be a bit nicer to each other about these films.
  3. Wonder if this will affect Sky Movies? They show a tonne of Marvel, Star Wars and Disney animation movies...
  4. NickC

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now "on hiatus")

    Must have missed / forgotten that. Dumb shit if he did. Got a link? Edit: Searching for 'Rey', 'women', 'racist' and 'misogynst' under Kevvy Metal posts doesn't suggest he did. Although the forum search isn't great.
  5. NickC

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now "on hiatus")

    Just to say Harsin, I got accused of that when the reality was that I was saying that some people had some fucked up reasons for hating TLJ. I even went to lengths to explain that I don't think that most people on rllmuk felt that way. Even though I explained that, I still had a couple of posters get really angry with me because they were sure I was talking about them, calling them out - and also everyone who didn't like TLJ - as misogynists. I'm not saying that what you're saying never happened (no idea really, may well have done), but there was definitely some people taking black and white sides over TLJ, and nuance was often lost. A shame for sure.
  6. I really enjoyed TLJ, I guess there were a few bits that didn't work so well for me, the same type of niggles I have with all post-prequel Star Wars movies. I suppose that if I didn't enjoy it, I probably would have been pissed off like other people have been - Star Wars was a big part of my childhood, it was something I thought of as fun, exciting, safe and something I enjoyed sharing with my friends. If you look at how passionate and protective someone like Kevvy Metal is about Star Wars, it totally makes sense that there will be people who feel similarly passionate and outspoken if they didn't enjoy something Star Wars. It's incredible though the level of the hurt it's caused some people. It's a sort of trauma that people are still reliving 18 months on, looking for support online amongst others who also got hurt. And on the other side we still have people here defending TLJ passionately. The debate over who the real fans are, the anger on both sides, the one-upmanship, the absolute belief that 'my point of view is the right one' still persists. Pretty amazing how a movie franchise can have that effect on a bunch of middle-aged blokes. I wonder whether this conversation will still be happening 18 months from now. Probably.
  7. The Vision TV series should be a creepy suburban android horror sitcom based on:
  8. My 7 year old son's comments after watching the new trailer: "Is that the 1st or the 2nd Death Star?" "Oh, so someone must have caught the Emporer then."
  9. NickC

    Star Wars - the new canon

    It's a clone!!! Didn't some old Expanded Universe book do that storyline?
  10. NickC

    Fleabag - BBC3 Comedy

    I think there is truth to her asides to camera and when she 'causes a scene', certainly. But I think they are both defence mechanisms for someone who's unhappy and fucked up (Boo's suicide, mum's death). They are a release and an intended distraction. I took the last scene to be her realising they are just that, and they are ultimately pointless if she wants to be happy. Her mother in law and brother in law constantly admonish her for being a drama queen who wants to be the centre of attention, and as awful as those characters are, they're right. She does it for reasons they don't understand of course, but she has little care for the impact of her behaviour on others. To them, it's selfishness. To her, it's self-preservation*. I'm not sure it's that she's particularly trying to be brave or right about what she says or does. *Although thinking about it, her dad thinks her behaviour is just who she is, and she takes it from her (now dead) mum. He thinks it's not a very nice part of her personality, but it's just *her*. But maybe it was self-preservation for her mum too, and she learned that behaviour from her mum, who knows? Good show. Interesting to see how everyone is interpreting it. I suppose we all project the meanings that make most sense to us.
  11. NickC

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    There will definitely be some Cunk overlap (which is very good BTW). In all of Alan's documentary bits they've tried to use the 'tricks' of modern-day documentaries, much like Brooker / Cunk have done for a while now. But in fairness, a lot of it started with The Day Today, so they are sort of borrowing from each other. I guess the advantage for Alan is that as a character he is so fun to play around with - you can see his influence (obsession with technical detail, centre-right-trying-to-be-woke opinions, love of 50-something minor celebrities, etc.) in the edit and dialogue. That's the stuff I enjoy so much.
  12. NickC

    Fleabag - BBC3 Comedy

    Veep and Seinfeld are both wonderful but they're not tragicomedies. Very different. Fleabag has a few laugh out loud moments, but it couldn't hope to match those two shows if that's your definition of comedy. Bereavement, sadness, honesty, selfishness, addiction - Seinfeld and Veep don't have a lot to say on those topics. I think why a lot of people like Fleabag is because many young adults feel the stress, anxiety and guilt of modern-day life, and it's nice to get a comedy that reflects some of that. I can't relate to all of it but I certainly relate to parts of it.
  13. NickC

    Fleabag - BBC3 Comedy

    It's certainly open to interpretation, but what made you think that? If that was on her mind, I would have thought we'd have got references to in the last episode. Or maybe we did and I missed them.
  14. NickC

    Fleabag - BBC3 Comedy

    The final few looks to camera were so well done. No jokes. No hiding behind 'look what I can say/do'. Just honesty, sadness but also hope. A brilliant episode. One of the best final episodes of a comedy sitcom ever, I reckon. How Waller-Bridge managed to give all the characters a good send-off without it descending into mawkishness is a real triumph.

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