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  1. The Darkness Of Robins has just gone up on UK Netflix. It is a really good standup comedy set from the Fringe-award-winning John Robins.
  2. NickC

    Nintendo Switch

    Steaming hot these takes are, fresh from 2002!
  3. Oh, I disagree! I love seeing Alan try to get woke, seeing him try to move on in the world but not quite catching up, hearing his obsession with the minutiae of brands and technology, hearing about his escapades with c-list celebrities and his constant aping of new TV formats. All of this I see as more nuanced than before, character traits hinted at in the Iannuchi era but never fully explored. Not to say before wasn't brilliant, it was, but you'd never have got things like Swallow / Flint or the Edmonds rivalry before the Gibbons brothers got involved, and I think Partridge is better for it.
  4. Sorry for asking something that's probably been asked a bunch of times before... If I get this for my kids, do they just log in with their individual profiles to have their own islands, or is there a way for them to play on the same save and visit each other on the same island?
  5. Never read one myself, but they get generally get decent reviews... there's a good deal on James Bond comics over at Humble Bundle.
  6. Great trailer. Though I remember watching that for the first time thinking that it just couldn't be as open-world as it was suggesting. Nintendo just didn't do that sort of thing. I also thought that all of the trailer content was built from in-game cut scenes. In fact, I remember being quite sceptical overall at this stage (where are the dungeons?!). A rare example of a game living up to, and exceeding, the hype built by the trailer.
  7. He's George Dawes. And he's a very gentle and funny guy when he's being himself. It will work, I reckon.
  8. I really tried to give it a chance but it was pretty weak in my mind. So many plot holes, characters doing stupid things and just stuff that didn't make sense. And the 'reveal' that was done one or two episodes before the end was very flat, because they only introduced that element 5 minutes before the reveal. The final 5 minutes 'and this is how it actually happened...' montage was particularly groansome.
  9. Wow. This game is a beauty. Now at the city of tears. A question for those who've completed it: It feels like a decent chunk of the game, the harder bits, are optional. Is that right? Or do I need to head back when I've got stronger and better?
  10. Just started again. Beat her 2nd time Why didn't I heal before? Why didn't I just get a few jabs in between her jumps and attacks? Who knows! And now my adventure begins........
  11. Seeing robdood and others' continued love for this game has made me redownload it for another crack. Never beaten Hornet before (the first boss fight with her, if there's more than one). I've beaten Celeste, surely I can do it. Right? Wish me luck.
  12. I'm only 1 and a half episodes in and it's good so far but not great. I just don't find Felix that interesting. He's nervous, unsure of himself. Hard to imagine him as the leader of all these different gangs.
  13. Looks similar to Towerfall.
  14. This could be the first superhero film where the action figure looks more realistic than the actor in the suit.
  15. I'm just over half way through. I was very disappointed to begin with, it really misses the horror and bleakness of the comics. But I realised that they've sort of Disney-fied it, what with the teenage school drama, characters doing dumb things that make little sense and the jolly spooky music constantly playing in the background. Now I've lowered my expectations I'm enjoying it for what it is.
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