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  1. Got the ground stomp too. Now I want to climb
  2. I really want the wall jump/climb upgrade. Am I right in thinking that I need to basically kill ? Because I got to that boss last night and I don't have a clue how to kill him. Any tips here on getting that upgrade and killing that boss (if I need to) are greatly appreciated. PS: I can't parry for fuck so shields are out!
  3. NickC

    Ant-Man and The Wasp - July 2018

    Didn't the 1st post-credits confirm that (IW spoiler coming up) Good film though.
  4. Would you say that this old post from you, clearly a joke, is fair grounds to get you the sack from your job? I don't.
  5. It's not going to go the way you think
  6. NickC

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    Let's pull the Star Wars battle fruit machine lever... Grassland battlefield + Purple lightning rain storm + Grumpy mole rat local fighters.
  7. I watched this recently for the first time. I went in thinking it was going to be a bit like The Godfather, for some reason. It completely blew me away.
  8. Where have I said that Smitty? Please don't misrepresent me.
  9. Fair enough. I agree with your point about the internet potentially perverting the norms of film discussion, that's interesting. I disagree with your views on how people develop opinions and perspectives on art, but we've covered that already
  10. I think you can. We all influence each other yet have our own agency. We don't get our ideas or language in a vacuum. Environment matters.
  11. Is it not possible for something to have an influence without it being a conspiracy? We are all influenced by our media consumption, surely? This has some impact on what we talk about and how we talk about it.
  12. Smitty, I didn't respond to that post because, as stated before, you seemed to have misunderstood or misinterpreted a lot of my views on RLM. The following are some of your words directed to me from the post you just linked to: I've never said this. It may be you interpretation, but it's not what I said or think. I never said that people appreciate RLM's consistency of opinion. When I talked about consistency before I meant that they are consistent in that they will argue a point logically and go for it, like a dog with a bone, making fun of stuff as they do. They don't make wild or unfounded arguments, in my experience at least. I appreciate that my point on this could have been clearer. Again I don't dislike their material, if you've read my previous posts you'd see that. I like some of what they've done, a lot. Their prequel take downs were incredible, some of the funniest and most poignant stuff I've ever watched on YouTube. I have instead consistently talked about the influence RLM have had on online discussion of movies, and it's that I have a problem with. I also have a suspicion that they will give their fans more of what they want, because why wouldn't they? It's what makes them popular and what makes them their living. I've no idea where you got this from. Again I've never said this. I've consistently talked about their influence on the style of online film discussions. I think RLM's undeniable success has had an influence on how people talk about movies online. Fine if you don't, but I do. I'm not sure why you keep pushing this conspiracy stuff. It's not something I've said or even alluded to. I can see my posts have annoyed you, but I've literally no idea what you are talking about here. Overall, I like some of what RLM do, but I think they've left a bad influence on online communities in an age where online criticism has become pretty brutal. Recently, we heard that the guy who played Jar Jar in the prequels contemplated suicide after persistent negative ‘fan’ reaction to his performance and character. We also know that the actor who played Rose in TLJ was hounded off social media due to the amount of ‘fan’ shit she had to deal with. RLM are not responsible for these things happening but I do think we all need to look at the tone and style of online discussion. When does mocking fun become something more? This is not a personal attack on anyone here, I hope you can see that. I apologise if it was taken that way, because that was not my intention. And I'm not saying RLM are brainwashing anyone. But everyone is influenced a bit by things they see and appreciate (myself included), and I'm just not a fan of what I believe is RLM's influence.
  13. Oh man Darren, you've just reminded me of the bit where Just perfect Oh, and this
  14. I agree completely. People are getting more entertained with a style of film criticism than (potential) new films. It's an interesting trend.

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