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  1. The Walking Dead!

    I got a fair way into FTWD S1 but then gave up. Then I watch S4 ep 1 the other day to see the crossover. I liked it. They do a good job of showing how far he's travelled. So I think i'll carry on watching fear and see how it goes. I've not a got a lot of desire to go back and watch the first 3 series though
  2. Documentaries

    I think they got the content spot on and had to pick and choose what details they were going to explore more. You're never going to get everything in a TV show. They struck a great balance of both sides of the story. The origins of the group weren't really a big thing in this story or relevant to the story they were trying to tell. They do a little bit of back story but it's mainly about them in the USA and the conflict they had there. I'm sure there could be a whole other doc about the history and all the ins and outs of Rajneesh.
  3. BIG hungryhouse news

    Me too! I just use it for the menus and to check the ratings
  4. Far Cry 5

    I'm about halfway through the 3rd region.... I'm Far Cry'd out so I think I'll leave it there. Great game overall. I didn't mind the forced missions too much. The only thing that bugged me about them is that it didn't leave me any time to prepare. I tended to switch my gun line up depending on what I was doing. So having long range/stealthy set up in one of the boss fights was not ideal.... Out of all the Far Cry games I've played this was the best in terms of game play, mechanics and graphics. The guns/fangs for hire system was so good, I loved switching people around and directing them while taking down an outpost!
  5. You're saying it wrong!

    I was travelling with an american quite a few years ago. There was a girl named Sian and guy named Sean. Now in an English accent these are totally different, but with an american accent it's exactly the same ! It was great fun!
  6. You're saying it wrong!

    You should hear some Americans pronouncing stuff. It wasn't until I watched Angry Joe do a review of Tomb raider did I realise he was saying Laura Croft instead of Lara. But maybe that was just him. It's Lar-rah not law-ra. Also I wouldn't get too hung up on the proper Japanese pronunciation of stuff. Trying to say "Ryu" the way my wife says it just sound weird from me.
  7. -=Eve Online=-

    I used to love Minmatar! I pretty much flew minnie ships exclusively. So they've done a "free to play" model now then? Ah i suppose they had to move with the times and EVE isn't an easy game to get into
  8. The Walking Dead!

    About Maggie
  9. The Walking Dead!

    So, well, that was interesting
  10. Well, I did it again, another series devoured over a weekend. Overall, I enjoyed it. There were a fair few rolls your eyes cliché moments, especially towards the end but overall very good. I'm not clamoring for the next series or anything but I'll watch more if it doesn't get cancelled. 7/10
  11. The Man Utd Thread

    I got a £5 free bet when I signed up to one of the betting sites yesterday. I was going to put it on a horse at the GN but I forgot! Fast forward to today I put that £5 on West Brom beating Man utd on the off chance. Thanks for the £90! I honestly thought Man U were going to get one back at the end there!
  12. I'm 5 episodes in. So far so good. Though it does have a terra nova vibe about it, which doesn't bode well...
  13. God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Having never played a god of war game before I wondered if this more 3rd person action like an uncharted game or is it more RPG?
  14. Far Cry 5

    I just looked up the ending....
  15. The Walking Dead!

    Interesting! There will for sure be a twist in the tale. I would love the arc to be fully wrapped up buy the end, but I think we're heading for another cliff hanger.

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