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  1. Floyd

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    Halo 2 was my gaming peak! Halo 2 multiplayer ruled my life back in 2004-2005.
  2. Floyd

    $500 to buy my GamerTag!

    I sold a YouTube account after a similar message a few years ago.
  3. I did once, after the credits. I threw a stick of dimamite in the middle of them. I hope it did it right. They all died.
  4. I really liked Chapter 5! Totally took me by surprise and enjoyed every minute
  5. I love it! I'm on chapter 6, still seems like loads to do. My only issue are the guns. I really wish you could get rid of the ones you don't need or want. The game has a habit of auto switching my guns I carry, usually to a gun I don't want to use.
  6. Smile John, it'll be OK in the end....
  7. Floyd

    Flight of the Conchords Appreciation Thread

    Saw them live in New Zealand in 2006 and have been a fan ever since! I couldn't get tickets for their latest shows. Honestly didn't realise how popular they were until this latest resurgence.
  8. Floyd

    The Haunting of Hill House

    It's great so far, I'm almost at the end, just a couple more to go. I felt I had to try hard in the initial episodes. I even stopped it half way through episode 2 just to check the online review scores as I thought it could go either way. I'm not a fan of jump scares ( I find them cheap and lame), but luckily they are few and far between and has way more creepy moments straight out of a nightmare. As I'm close to finishing it I'm convinced that this is a one and done thing, I don't even think I need a sequel!
  9. Floyd

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - 2018

    Just watched this... I remember when people thought The Lost World was bad. That's Oscar worthy compared to this. Who wrote it? It's terrible. My only saving grace is that I didn't spend any money.
  10. Floyd

    The Circle : Ch4 : Reality Show v2.0

    So it's like a Facebook TV show?
  11. Floyd

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    I'm sure it's already been mentioned but for me it's Paul Giamatti and maybe Rhys Darby more recently.
  12. How big is the map? Is it the whole of Manhattan? Or just sections? Or a reimagining of the whole area?
  13. Floyd

    EVE Online. Prey for me.....

    I wish I had the time to play this again. 12 years ago was my prime time, goonswarm were but noobs in frigates....
  14. Floyd

    EVE Online. Prey for me.....

    I always stayed away from these huge battles when I played, I just couldn't find the fun through the fog of the lag. Good to read about though!
  15. Cheers! I suppose that people are still buying it, isn't speeding the process up!

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