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  1. Yeah, I'm only getting Spider Morales. Not interested in DS and I'm getting Cyberspunk (and all 3rd party) on the Xbox S5. Will get Ghosts Of Tsummat at some point too.
  2. Cheers. I'll probs just stick it in and format it then when I come to get rid with the PS5 arrival.
  3. Wish Darren Bent wouldn't start nearly every sentence with, "Listen...."
  4. Lol, I was expecting a few comments. I was actually thinking of getting the Herman Miller Logitech Embody chair so heads would have popped here, but I thought better of it and the Secretlab chair is a third of the price.
  5. I'm using an external HDD on my Pro as the internal one seems to be knackered. Will it work installed into the console or will it have to be formatted?
  6. I find it's better than class 3 but not as good as class 5.
  7. Just got my pre-order link from Currys, only allowing to buy the Series S at the mo. (I'm not buying from there just commenting for other interested folk.)
  8. Not a guitar player so that won't effect me. Good news on the back complaint as I suffer too. Is it quiet? I've had various chairs that clunk or squeak which annoys after a while so hoping a premium priced chair will be relatively quieter.
  9. Ordered a Secretlab Titan in softweave black last night as I've heard good things about them. Anyone here have one? Are they as comfy and durable as the price suggest? Looked at a fair few reviews and they all seem to be positive. Won't be here until mid November so if I do get cold feet I can cancel.
  10. Argos and Microsoft Series X ordered. Not sure if I'll cancel one or keep to help out someone who missed out.
  11. Two Xboxes, her's is designated my main console. I buy games on my account. She can download and play on her's, I can play on mine (internet connection needed).
  12. Going digital with this so I can share it with my daughter. Anyone pre-ordered a digital game from CDKeys before? Do you get the code on day of release or earlier to preload?
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