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  1. Bloody servers disconnected in the middle of a cut scene. Just got silent assassin on Dartmoor. Clearly loads more to do there
  2. Harrisown

    NFL 2020!

    Damn that chiefs defensive coverage though. Like they are tied together with string.
  3. Harrisown

    NFL 2020!

    Don’t think this going to go our way tonight. im not mad. The Bills are a proper team now. We just need some pieces on defence and maybe OL. Possibly a fat running back for down hill brick wall plays. The defense is lean and reasonably quick but when it come to tackling big dudes it’s hit or miss. Josh always kinda loses he cool when in big situations for the first time but once that’s over with he’s 10x better so we’ll so you next year.
  4. Harrisown

    NFL 2020!

    Come on Bills this is the moment. I’ve seen them go from really quite shit to a proper grown up team and it’s glorious. Superb Owl here we come!
  5. The concept of those elusive targets is really really cool. They will bring them back, just not sure when. Maybe that’s their post purchase support plan rather than doing anymore original levels. It’s quite funny how you can see assets are reused right across the trilogy. It kinda ties it together though.
  6. This is competition doing its thing. got to keep the customers happy....but also have to cover your costs and investments to keep the innovation coming.
  7. I was playing Marrakesh last night from Hitman 2016 and I was dragging a body and all Of a sudden it flipped out and the body ended up in the other side of the room. Also, the laptop next to the tank in the school has some binding Highlights bug. Go and have a look. It looks like the sun is actually on the laptop lol
  8. Obviously they’re looking at Netflix and amazon and whatever and thinking that’s what they should be getting. I thought it was still 40 quid for a year lol
  9. I got two on release and sold the other for a 10 quid loss. my mate got 800 quid on eBay for one but eBay and PayPal and delivery sting him nearly 100. I told him he a c@nt scalper.
  10. The whole look of the game is very crafted. Lots of straight lines, no randomness to object placement. Like everything is on a grid . Stick some HDR on and it still looks like a clean modern game. Nothing amazing , just really nice due to the density of objects and NPCs
  11. To obtain "Silent Assassin" rating in HITMAN™ and HITMAN™ 2, the player must: Only kill targets. Not get spotted. In HITMAN™ 2, getting spotted by a target and then killing the target does not ruin SA. Have no witnesses. Not get caught on camera. If caught, destroy the recordings. In HITMANTM 2 cameras are absent on casual difficulty. No Bodies Found. Targets killed with accidents or poison are allowed to be found. Prevent non-target kills (non-target kills with accidents ruin the rating). edit - beaten to it
  12. Hmmm thinking about it I might as well turn the mini map off as I never ever use it... with the R1 ability and the full map it’s kinda not needed is it. one tiny thing that pisses me off though - clicking the left stick zooms the big map. I want a nice analogue zoom with the stick or triggers.
  13. I turned the gamma settings down a touch to about 85 and I’ve got HDR set to 50 (i have a 1500nit TV)and the lighting/HDR is on par with the previous games for me. Dartmoor does have a foggy,Misty look to it. I was giving my mate verbal instructions on how to play Hitman 2 Paris and Sapienza last night and that was actually quite fun. I showed him about 20 minutes of Dartmoor. Dartmoor seems like THE stand out Hitman level? I’m not that far into it and will restart it tonight but i love some “who dunnit”
  14. That makes sense because I was following some artist earlier and it seemed like a mission but it stopped holding my hand when I needed to find a fuse. of course I just went in a murderous rampage afterwards and I’m sorry to say it but I think 47 is now dead.
  15. Personally I’m just interested in technology. I was expecting slightly more like a full 4k and it’s interesting to see it’s 1800p. It makes no difference really because I can’t tell the difference between 1800 and 1440. The HDR issue is a strange one and the more people that know about it the better, because it’s confusing and will make an obvious difference to most people with HDR TVs. I understand some people see this interest as some kind of call to arms to hold the developers accountable. That’s not for me. I often roll my eye when Alex from digital foundry strokes his obs
  16. It’s more of the same, which is no bad thing at all.
  17. This is what I was talking about earlier. Someone posted a video where they noticed the Xbox series S version didn’t have HDR. Could be bullshit because I don’t have an Xbox and it did seem super weird but it tally’s with what kryptonian is saying, as in maybe 1080p no HDR. 1:30
  18. Series x - 4k Series s - 1080p PS5 - 1800p I kinda feel like IO actually said themselves, in a video, it would run at 4k 60fps on next gen consoles. Not quite right. I’m not overly bothered but a little disappointed and suprised considering the power of these next gen consoles.
  19. In hitman 2 gamma didn’t do anything if you had HDR turned on. In hitman 3 it does actually do the gamma. I put the HDR up to full and left game on default. It could well do with a slight adjustment down but I’ll leave it.
  20. You guys with HDR problems are you on Xbox? The card system doesn’t work. It does nothing but load up the game when using it from the dashboard. When the games loaded you can use the card and it’ll take you right to that mission but what’s the point of that :S
  21. So just checking levels. All my levels seem to be there after I downloaded the content from the store page to unlock them. Unfortunately it hasn’t carried over my escalation stuff but never mind... All of my mission story progress has been reset. I noticed a lot of trophies are missing compared to hitman 2. There is a limit Sony allow. Anyway, it’s here and I’m all set to go. Still the HDR slider doesn’t go up far enough for my excellent TV but hey. The 4k makes no difference I don’t think. It looks different yet identical. Not so hot on the slight col
  22. Level mastery which then unlocks new starting points and gear...
  23. PS5 hardware excellent. PS5 controllers....already broken PS5 games nowhere to be seen. PS5 GUI absolutely awful, fuck me it’s irritating.
  24. Well I hope this freeze I had on the web page hasn’t completely ruined my progress
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