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  1. I take this that watchdogs trailer was done by the same person who did episode 2 of Love Death & Robots?
  2. Hang on, there’s a Series S? Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One Xbox One s Xbox One x Xbox Series s Xbox Series X did I get that right? It’s absolute guff and before anyone says anything it really does matter. It’s Wii and Wii U levels of confusion.
  3. Xbox Series X is a bloody awful name for the next gen console. I still can’t grasp it correctly
  4. Mayday, emergency landing inevitable! My Mac isnt up for the challenge in the graphics department Unfortunately so I’ll have to wait for the console version. They better support pc sticks on Xbox series x.
  5. Yeah but naughty make similar games to the ones they made before. This looks very ...not Infamous.
  6. Currently in the final half of Kingdom Hearts 2. It’s quite a come down from the first game which was really good. This one is stop start stop start cut scene cut scene talky talky, tiny environments cut scene. Quite disappointed really. They kept all of the square Enix bullshitty bits out of the original and I was so happy to find it had no real text dialogue scenes but this one....it’s crept in a bit and the structure of the game isn’t very good overall.
  7. Bloody Sony, coming round here swingIng exclusiveS around Like it’s christmas..... smeh
  8. Great news? We need more publishers right? and it sounds like they might want to do actual games.
  9. Is there a thread for “Game of the generation” because while it might not win it The Last Guardian is a very special game. I think certainly in my top 5 this gen.
  10. That was one of the first experiences with VR. I threw the headset off when my stomach left my body on the drop. i didn’t realise it was basically a rollercoaster. Yes VR is amazing but I think it’s got a way to go.
  11. So what are you guys expecting from the GUI? I think I’m really happy for the dynamic scrollable game list to continue. It’s clean, neat, quick and really useful. I think the “capture gallery” and “library” and all the inbuilt stuff should be moved to the more static top bar in it’s own folder. The PlayStation Plus button can go, who uses that? Communities, surely thats due a massive massive update. Personally I would rather it got swapped out for the PlayStation blog as I don’t use it. Events? Does anyone really use that? How about it becomes a server browser. So you pick your game from the list which dynamically updates and you see real time info on player numbers on a server or what servers friends are on and from that you can just join a game rather than loading the game up to do the searching. That’s been a bit of a dream of mine for over a decade. They have to sort that store out, it’s just those Sony servers aren’t up to scratch so it’s a pretty horrible experience.
  12. samsung Q85r and.. VRR in hdmi 2.1 is different to freesync I think. I just hope Sony handle it better than they have the audio this gen for example and give us more menu options to hard toggle stuff.
  13. Season pass is 7.99 in the sale....is it worth it? Still yet to really start this game I bought a while back in a sale.
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