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  1. They have to have an upgrade route or hardly anyone is going to experience Spider-Man’s remastered stuff. You should get a free upgrade when you buy the new game on ps5 at the very least.
  2. If they don’t I’ll be pissed off. If I can think of it and Microsoft can do it then Sony will be forced to by the time firmware 2.0 happens
  3. Of course. That’s the perfect compromise and exactly what I want both consoles to do. They might even benefit from a little speed bump now the system supports those bus speeds. I’m thinking a cheap 500 gig ssd with usb cable Genius.
  4. I’m not really sure what Sony have done wrong to deserve this but you are correct in what you say about Gamepass. I believe it’ll turn the game industry into something like the music industry. I see a future where barely anyone gets past the second level because they just flipped over to something else in the same way people don’t listen to albums anymore. Gamepass comes across as a great deal and it is if your coming in fresh. Someone like myself who has a firm hold of this generations titles has already played and owns most of the decent games, the more I look into what Xbox are of
  5. Maybe next time you should just put your email in anytime you damn well like leading up to the pre orders going live and then you get a text and email invite that lasts 1 hour. I thought they were going to do that and that was the point of registering your interest. if Carlsberg did ore orders...
  6. So who had the best pre order experience?. Sony or Microsoft
  7. The series S still being available only confirms that the whole rule about how much a console should cost is nonsense. It could be 599 and it would still be sold out.
  8. The website broke anyway. I can say I tried. Oh well, what will be will be.
  9. I’m sat in the Game queue for a pass console. I’m still not sure if I want one.
  10. Can I just ask in the hope of getting a quick easy answer but how would one do the monthly thing where you get the console and Gamepass? Is that only available through Microsoft?
  11. I’ve just had it confirmed by a source that Elder Scrolls 6 will use the Halo Infinite engine.
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