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  1. Had massive problems over wifi at launch with lag and downloads. Went wired like you and it was ok. I believe their was an early firmware update to resolve issues with certain routers. Im also on BT. Quite likely it’s the cod servers unless it’s a PlayStation system message.
  2. Why are you in the queue ? You already have one you don’t want
  3. Interesting. I ordered a dualsense charge station from shopto on back order. They took the money via PayPal. I “sourced one from another retailer” and I cancelled the back order but haven’t gotten my money back yet. I messaged them via PayPal on Saturday and opened a ticket with them tonight. Need to keep an eye on them.
  4. I’m just really shocked that there has been very very few firmware updates given the problems. I guess they need to collect more and more data to address the issues but to me it looks like they think the layout of the GUI is bang on and things like deleted games sticking to the the menu bar or consistently starting up with no sound aren’t really problems worth bothering with....not to mention the features on the box that aren’t even available and no noise from Sony about when they might be. ...but it’s only been 4 months so it’s probably a bit harsh of me to expect it of the
  5. So after two phone calls and a total time of 90 minutes (excluding failed attempts) ive finally sent the PS5 and controller on their way. They got a little funny when I was trying to explain the stick drift on one of my controllers. Had to print out the labels and take it to the post office myself. I was under the impression an out of breath guy with no time to spare would come round and pick them up. Its going to be 14 days.
  6. I found a different number because the one the website wants me to ring is engaged and their voice Mail is full lol
  7. Errr so I’m trying to ring support with the number given by the website after you do the little “does this work now?” Questionnaire thing but it’s ringing like an actual phone and puts me through to voice mail. What’s going on?
  8. Was on hold to tech support for about 25 minutes and they are now closed I managed to fudge the PlayStation into working but as soon as you do anything to do with three dimensions it breaks. This is exactly how it first happened last week (only remembered today) and then last night and now forever... im pretty gutted to not be able to do the elusive contract. But it was worth a shot because there’s no way this is getting sorted before it expires.
  9. Doesn’t look good for them then. im not say their hard work isn’t worth anything but that game will be utterly dead by june
  10. I thought the clock speed was set in stone. Apart from backward compatibility. It’s the power delivery that has some weird stuff going on.
  11. I think we can safely say the power supplies are shit in these things ”we are currently experiencing exceptionally high volumes of calls , wait time is 30 minutes”
  12. So overnight I left it in rest mode downloading. it wouldn’t turn on so had to long press out if it. I tried loading Demons Souls and it started loading but before the splash screen was gone it had turned itself off .....so I’m now looking into support. Edit. Support page offers a few things I haven’t tried yet like a completely different power cable and reinstalling the firmware. Do I do these pointless things before I phone them or do I just lie and say i did them.
  13. It’s a game that can be finished in a weekend so the dev says. I take that to mean anywhere from 4-12 hours
  14. It’s a masterpiece. Thread over I don’t care if someone doesn’t enjoy it but to misrepresent it is kinda frustrating. You absolutely don’t sit there not pressing anything 50% of the time.
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