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  1. Netherlands seem to be doing an impression of early 2000s Arsenal as they try in vain to pass the ball into the net. They've scored one from an excellent piece of breakaway play, but otherwise they've been their own worst enemy. Instead of choosing to take a good shooting opportunity or easy pass, they're going for the needlessly flashy option that never works.
  2. That may be the case, but it looks like someone told both sides, "You need to win this or you're out!" It's been a high paced opening ten minutes with chances for both sides to score.
  3. The keepers are competing in who can rack up the best highlights reel so far in this Sweden vs Slovakia game.
  4. Game of the tournament so far?
  5. How many members of the Portal development team are still working at Valve? Especially those involved in it's story.
  6. I don't get this whole set up. Send people from the present into the future to help fight a war? Why not keep those people in the present and train/prepare for the war? How about using this time machine capability to keep sending back updated reports about how the fight is progressing, enemy weakness, and the timing of attacks? Doesn't sending people from the present into the future thin out the number of people who will be alive later to actually begin the fight against these aliens?
  7. It's certainly clear from this series that they're filming a group of tasks all together on one day. Mike and Greg were openly discussing it on the last episode when Mike talked about how one challenge had been filmed before his fart.
  8. Fun fact! The writers kind of thought so too. It had already been running the risk of getting cancelled after season 3, so when things looked even worse during season 4 they wrote an ending for the show just in case they didn't get a fifth season. It finally got renewed, but too late to change what had already been done for season 4. A reduced budget and lower episode count for season 5 don't help it much either. I vaguely remember season 5 ended up being quite cool with some interesting ideas of its own, but it was hard to pick up momentum again after season four's ending really f
  9. My favourite k-pop group bringing in the summer with their new release.
  10. Oh! I see we're missing a few recent notables. It's an oldie, but recently exploded in Korea off the back of a funny military stage performance video went viral and is now probably the most popular song in the country so far this year. More bright and peppy with Weeekly's new comeback that has a chorus that feels familiar, but I can't place where or why. Some quality city pop from earlier in the year.
  11. I loved the whole series to be honest. I know what you mean though as I remember it being jarring and sometimes a slog when a new book would drop us on a different continent with a completely new set of characters and I'd wonder where on earth the story is going. It normally paid off though and I thought the final book in the main series came to a really satisfying conclusion. I've also enjoyed Ian C Esslemont's later books adding more depth to the world following up on some sets of characters the main storyline left behind. I especially enjoyed his Path to Ascendancy trilogy fles
  12. Confused during Gardens of the Moon? Yes, absolutely. You've been dropped into the middle of a world at war with eons of history and backstory not yet touched upon and layered magical systems sitting on top of each other and weaving together. I think it's a universal feeling for all new readers. One of the pleasures of the series though is figuring out what's going on. Picking up on the clues and stories told between characters, learning the history of the different peoples and races, how they interact and what the hell Warrens are. I really liked how I felt I was learning and disc
  13. Yeah, that would be about my summary as well. Looked cool and held together enough to be more enjoyable than some of the bad sci-fi out there but its promise was let down by a simple cheesy script that hadn't been polished in regard to the other languages it was using and an unfortunate reliance on a weak extended cast that only have work in the Korean industry because they are foreigners and sometimes you need a foreign face to fill a role. I've watched a lot of Korean series and it's a common weakness. You can have a great show, tightly scripted and well acted, then suddenly this European
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