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  1. Headache

    K-Pop, J-Pop and C-Pop

    Musically this one was a grower on me, although I liked the MV from the first time I saw it. Playing with being shitfaced after a bad night out as a 'concept' made me laugh, I don't think you'd see most polished K-Pop groups doing that.
  2. Headache

    K-Pop, J-Pop and C-Pop

    I've just 'found' Bol4 aka BolBBalgan4 and even though most of their songs aren't new, they're new to me! It I feels like I've already found some of my favourite jams of 2019. And one a little more chill I'm sure if you've been listening to K-Pop that you're familiar with IU as well, but since we've not shared anything by her I almost feel duty bound to add a couple of my favourites from her too.
  3. Headache


    I was going to recommend Eyeshield 21, and Slam Dunk is another excellent choice. Don't go for Bleach, it's great to start with, but loses itself in an increasingly ridiculously repetitive cycle of bigger and bader boss fights that gets really boring after a while. You can't do better than One Piece for solid Shonen fair, and for something a little different with a great self-contained story, Bakuman is something I highly recommend.
  4. Headache

    Aladdin - Live Action

    A Disney Princess movie without talking animals? What madness is this?
  5. Headache

    Any Fantasy recommendations?

    Good to know! Hmmm... I'm not that bothered by hearing that news. Karsa's an interesting one to focus a book on, I found him hit and miss in the main series. Boring and annoying at first, growing to be more interesting as his character and story developed, and then well used towards the end as a force of nature that came along and blew up everyone else's plans. I don't really know what story there is left to tell about him. I'll probably still buy and read it to find out though.
  6. Headache

    Any Fantasy recommendations?

    The Dancer's Lament trilogy takes place in the leadup to Gardens of the Moon so you could read those before the main series. They're shorter and more focused books than the main series with its epic sweep, huge cast, and massive page count. As a lead in to the Malazan world it's not bad, although I think learning about how the Malazan Empire began, and especially Kellanved and Dancer, is best done through the main series. It's like layers being peeled away and you feel like you're constantly learning more and more, discovering for yourself, and figuring out what's going on. I know Gardens especially can be a frustrating book for many people because it makes you work (and then book 2 drops you in a new part of the world and you have to go through all that work again!) I loved it though. Reading the prequels now fleshes out and explains things I'd been curious about all along. I think if I'd read them first I might have not been so drawn into the series as the mystery behind the Malazans and their old ruler just wouldn't have been there. Seriously can't wait for Kellanved's Reach which is due early next year. I've been looking forward to the third part of this trilogy much more than I have for Erikson's final part of his Ascendancy trilogy.
  7. Headache

    Any Fantasy recommendations?

    Worth it though, loved the series and even ICE's extra books expanding the world. His recent trilogy starting with Dancer's Lament have been brilliant.
  8. After that Swansea game would be great thanks!
  9. Headache

    K-Pop, J-Pop and C-Pop

    No fun music videos from me I'm afraid. My introduction to K-Pop and K-err music, in general, has been through the soundtracks of various K-Dramas I've got myself hooked on (which probably deserves its own Film&TV folder thread). So here's some of the tunes that have got stuck in my head even after the series has ended. 'A Korean Odyssey' on Netflix - Ghosts, Gods, magic, and romance. Honestly wasn't that great, but I liked this track. From 'Your House Helper' - A chill show about house cleaning and sorting your shit out. 'Suspicious Partner' - Fun and nonsense with a serial killer in the background. 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo' - Athletics students falling in love and being cute. 'While You Were Sleeping' - Seeing dream that come true can really mess with you. I Am Not A Robot - Pretend to be a robot to earn some quick cash, what could possibly go wrong? (Hands down my favourite show)
  10. Headache


    I just can't get over how consistently good One Piece is.
  11. Headache

    Holmes and Watson - Ferrell and Reilly

    It looks ridiculous, stupid, and it made me laugh. I'm gonna watch it.
  12. Headache

    The Dragon Prince - Netflix animated series

    Yeah, I know what you mean. It's really annoying.
  13. Headache

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Pretty good, just got my draft summary email back and was given a B+ rating with a projected we record of 9-5. Here's my main picks.
  14. Headache

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    About to take part in my first NFL Fantasy Draft this evening. I've been casually watching for a couple of years now so I'm familiar with most of the big name players I think, but picking out a squad is going to be tough. Any advice or recommendations for players to try and grab would be most helpful!

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