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  1. Your first line suggests you haven't read the posts above, I passed comment initially on a post where someone else said a similar thing. I have also said a couple of times and in the initial voting thread that I appreciate the work they put in and generally quite enjoy reading these threads. Second line - Yes maybe I should have but the thread was already on the topic and I replied to the posts literally immediately before mine.
  2. Imagine being on an internet forum to discuss and give your opinions on things only for people on that forum to pass snide remarks and try to make you feel silly for having an opinion....
  3. If you are being serious I don't mind giving it a go if @Treble isn't keen. I'm not really much of a writer so it probably won't flow as well as the original post though. I'll give it a go this evening once the little un's gone to bed.
  4. The idea that we are getting snarky and yet your acting the same way because we are just voicing our opinions. I just thought the whole point of this was to celebrate the games of the year. It's not just the negative review of Gears (In fact since I did my vote i'm not sure it would still be in my top 5) but there are the snide comments in a couple of them such as the perversion in Fire emblem and the war crimes denier in dragon quest (note the latter I didn't vote for so it's not that i'm just miffed that the ones I voted for received some negative comments). I don Maybe I'm missing the point of awards, I just always thought the point was celebrating something rather than pointing out the flaws. Maybe when the oscars are held in the coming weeks we should all be digging up dirt on the nominee's so it can be flagged up when they go up to receive their rewards? That said, you've openly admitted that's the one game you weren't positive about, so why single it out in the first instance? It's fine, I'll bow out, you evidently don't like our comments so I'll just steer clear of your future awards.
  5. That may be but then it's being done partly for their own benefit as well. I never asked them to do it, I've never felt they are obligated to do it, and I have for a while now added my contributions but I do appreciate they are using their own free time to produce this. But I'll reiterate it doesn't read like an awards thing it reads like a bunch of reviews requested by the forum. It feels very much like we have all just voted for the top 20 titles of the year that we want them to review..... So i'll repeat, if I had known that I would have chosen 20 titles I want to read reviews on I have no issue with their thoughts / opinions on games and reading them apart from the concept of the thread they are enjoyable reads but it's not really what the thread was about I don't feel. So I'll give this a miss going forwards then which probably doesn't help with the dwindling number of voters this year. I will continue to read them going forwards for their opinions and without my vote i'm more likely to see titles I may have missed throughout the year and read reviews upon them.
  6. Have to agree with @dreamylittledream here i think. Currently some of the posts dont read like we are awarding titles the top 20 games of the year. It just reads more like these are the 20 games we want you to review.... If I had known that my choices might have been different (i.e I probably wouldnt have bothered choosing titles I have played)
  7. Im playing through currently just pursuing some treasure hunts. Its taking me an age with a little un. I miss the days where i could get lost in this and similar games :(
  8. I've seen mine and very happy, frostpunk which I have tried before and absolutely love so now I can sink some real hours into it! The second was shieldwall chronicles which looks exactly my sort of game so i have both of these downloading and will be giving them a go tomorrow. Thanks @JPR as always and thanks to my SS.
  9. I did and still stand by my point. Most games start to fall in value at about a month - 2 months after release date. Look at death stranding, admittedly sales have started but you can now pick that up for £30 if you know where to look as opposed to the £45-£50 it would have been at launch. So within a month and a half that's what almost a 40% drop already? Again refer to my point, games a year old generally have dropped dramatically in value, particularly for younger audiences, they want to play the latest and greatest, the games that are trending etc etc. So name me something that has been a big third party title on another service that has been put on the service immediately on launch. I do think the subscription services will really stifle the industry but it's somewhat consumer driven. I imagine there are many on here who pay for subscriptions and feel it's enough value now to not warrant buying new titles as and when they come out but really we should look at them as a way to supplement the big titles you continue to buy.
  10. Just to note the game pass titles you have mentioned - Phoenix point - Kickstarter Infinifactory - Released 4 years ago Witcher 3 - Released 4 years ago Pillars of eternity - Released 4 years ago PES - A struggling game series that hasn't really been hitting the numbers it needs for a while I imagine Untitled goose game - I imagine a relatively small budget game I think you are looking at these services wrong. Aside from first party content generally the titles that hit these services (particularly big budget titles) are games that have had most of their sales and are now looking for new audiences in anticipation of future titles. It works like your netflix's / amazon prime etc etc. The games have earned most of their money and this is their last big hurrah if you will. CD Projekt will have made a few quid out of the Witcher 3 for example and note there's a possibility the deal is time limited.
  11. I think mine's as up to date as it will be. I don't forsee me playing anything new until Biomutant now in January (I think).
  12. I haven't played all the stuff from last year yet I don't think but put me down anyways!
  13. Luseth

    Apple TV +

    Could you not use ipad / iphone? Or the roku and amazon smart sticks can download the apple tv app and various smart tv's can download the app to, samsung, LG, sony etc
  14. Luseth

    Apple TV +

    So is this any good? I've just realised I have it with my apple tv student, so is there anything on there worth watching?
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