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  1. As a Blues fan I can't see much happening the next few weeks with the speculation of us being sold (though I take it with a pinch of salt). Should it turn out we are not being sold it's going to be another window of loads of loans and a couple of freebies (and in this event I see us going down next season). Bowyer has his hands tied at the moment and we have like one or two talented players on the books but we haven't got a full squad or any depth to the squad. I suspect we might see a couple of higher wage players move on (if anyone will have them).
  2. Honestly i played the gba versions and missed out on the ds one. Im contemplating it being one of the game i take away on holiday with me
  3. They never actually said this, an article appeared from gamedeveloper.com saying that reportedly Sony were telling developers that games over a certain amount must have a 2 hour demo / trial. This has never been confirmed by Sony and Sony's own announcements have only ever stated some games would have demos / trials. I do get the frustration but does the competition have anything similar? (meaning xbox).
  4. I know there seem's to be a lot of people who are finding flaws / gripes with this but as someone who had both ps now and plus anyway I'm kind of looking forward to it. There are some nice new additions that I am yet to play Demons Souls, Ghost of Tsushima (I have the PS4 version yet to play so I might sell this on), Returnal, AC Valhalla I let it go previously knowing the price would drop dramatically at some point (I have played this once but wouldn't mind jumping back in), Death Stranding I haven't played and I wouldn't mind replaying the first Spiderman (I have held off on buying this anticipating it will turn up). Having PS Now until January as well means I get to give the premium a good go until then I suspect however that I will only keep it on the middle tier, as much as I love my older games, I still have most of them and the consoles to hand so I don't necassarily feel the need to have access to them digitally (though my mind could yet be swayed).
  5. So I put this down a while back with all the issues I was having and just last week decided to jump back in with the PS5 version, what a difference! It's certainly playing better, looks great on the PS5 (I was on the PS4 version previously) and surprisingly I'm enjoying the haptic feedback on the controllers! Honestly each shoot out feel's tense and the way it feel's on the controllers is great. Looks like I know what I'm playing for the next month or so Edit - Thought I'd add some little things I have noticed regards the haptic feedback - - Obviously guns feel like they really pack a punch and you notice the differences between weapons, i.e. firing a shotgun and you can feel it kickback at you through the controller - When driving, you can feel the change in gears when acceleration, you can feel the change in road surface - Motorbikes, theres something noticeable in that it feel's a bit like feet moving (I imagine it's to get at feeling the air rush past you or something like that?) - You even notice when your character has opened a door These are only thing's i've noticed early on so not sure if there is more to come but it showcases the haptics quite well.
  6. So my impressions of this have been pretty positive It has already been updated to the black seraph android OS (surprised CEX allowed it to come in seeing as it's not the stock OS?). There are a couple of niggles which I am yet to work out with it (possibly because I haven't spent enough time with it yet) the first is the audio, it defaults to headphones despite there not being one connected or plugged in (apparently a common issue with the firmware when moving to the Black Seraph android update and should be solveable), the second I suspect is my unfamiliarity with android in that I put games on my SD card and can't find them through retroarch. I can find them through the file browser so have just copied over games I want to play onto the internal memory for now That aside, it's great, it's lovely and quick and it plays everything I wanted it for (mostly fire emblem games and GBA stuff, but it's really smooth and the screen is pretty good, it's a good size and the console is substantially more comfortable than the RG350 I had (I imagine mostly because it's just larger). Closed, it looks almost exactly like a large 3DS / DS. I might try DS games on it at some point but not in a rush for that at the moment I'm quite looking forward to taking it away on holiday later in the year when I will really get to spend some time gaming on it
  7. Unless it's a brand that already has a game, Konami's PES maybe? They may not be able to offer the cash up front but a percentage of profit deal may sound appealing to FIFA after losing EA's game. Konami have been branching out to find a new way to compete in the footballing game market with free to play etc so might not be too far a stretch. It's that or like others have said someone like Epic is throwing ridiculous amounts of money at it to try and create a real competitor to the EA game. If a viable alternative does come out from Fifa + other, EA Sports FC will really start to lose buyers, there has been such a downward trend in terms of quality and then there is the FUT / gambling aspect of it which keeps coming back as an issue that a lot of fans (especially as they get older) would be happy to try an alternative if there was one. So whilst it seems a huge own goal for Fifa at this stage it could really come back to bite EA yet (which wouldn't be good for them considering the cash cow that FUT is).
  8. @Benny I did make a minor amendment, I swapped number 9 pokemon yellow for pokemon Red and blue so it ties in with other people's votes i.e. the original rather than a variation of the game
  9. 1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 2. Final Fantasy IX 3. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 4. Chrono Trigger 5. Mass Effect 2 6. Dragon Quest XI 7. Fire Emblem Awakening 8. The Last of Us 9. Pokémon Red and Blue 10. Golden Sun 11. Shining Force 12. Fable II 13. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 14. Final Fantasy VII 15. Fallout 4 16. Stardew Valley 17. Kingdom Hearts 18. Fire Emblem: Three Houses 19. Suikoden 20. Dragon Age: Origins EDIT: I have swapped pokemon yellow for the original blue / red games as they are pretty much the same and that appears to be the variant that everyone has gone with
  10. To me I see a number of things that stand out - - Some jealousy of the father, he has a hobby that he share's with his son but she doesn't.... - She wants them to sacrifice time spent with their hobby to come and spend it on her's but there is a reluctance from her to also sacrifice time with her hobbies to come and join in with theirs.... - When she say's she wants them to spend time doing other things (family time) she seem's to be somewhat disregarding the fact she just goes into her own room of an evening and watches tv... (How is their hobby any different?) If she was suggesting they get together and play board games or something that is different.... - I think she is approaching it the wrong way, if she wants to spend more time with him, maybe find something to entice him to do just that, they could go out for a family meal or to the park or even spend time in the garden. Why has it all got to revolve around media? - It's not all her though, he doesn't seem particularly bothered that she's not happy its more a case of well I do my bit now leave me alone. I think just based on that articles, he doesn't really like her.... So maybe they need to reassess their relationship...
  11. As someone who feels they have had their moneys worth from ps now its likely to be a step up from that so more than happy to stack up where possible
  12. So for me, my playstation plus runs out in 4 days it seems, so if I pick up a 12 month ps plus and apply it next month then I will have about 10 months of the top tier for that price won't I from what I have read? (My playstation Now is due for renewal in October) Unsurprising about the stacking up of subs when it comes to Sony, it's the one thing that has always let the company down, but when they are so on top in the console war so to speak they can kind of get away with it. I don't see everyone suddenly switching to the other options out there.
  13. I have 2 3ds's and honestly I think they will be true collectors consoles one day, I know there are an abundance of games available but like others have said, the consoles themselves are quite spot on with their portability and have some fantastic games. I have a Pikachu 3DS XL which sit's nicely with my GBC Pikachu edition and then the new 3ds (ambassador edition), I wouldn't mind picking up a new 2ds XL when finances are a bit better later in the year but I don't think I will be hacking them as I typically like my consoles untouched in that regard unless I've bought one specifically for it. That said I have started picking up the odd game for the DS / 3DS as I can see a fair few titles becoming expensive before long, the latest addition I have coming is Golden Sun Dark Dawn
  14. I always thought that was the point, when I read the first book (or rather was read it by our teacher) I was in year 3 at school, the books sort of grew with my age bracket and by the end it was like reading an adults book. I have never once been back to the early books because they are read much more like children's books.
  15. Thank you Robo I have actually ordered one, they must have had an xd plus in yesterday as it came up on their website this morning so have ordered that as it has better specs and was only released, 4 years ago I think? So should have a bit of life in it yet, have you ever tried putting Cleanrom on the device? I'm contemplating that, there's only a handful of games that I want to use it for (all titles I own, I just find it cumbersome to keep taking out and putting away old consoles when I have little time, and space for that matter). The more I was looking the original GPD Win looked a bad shout and everyone was suggesting moving onto the 2nd version as soon as possible due to battery issues and the such
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