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  1. I didn't play many hence not many making my list but Fire Emblem Awakening was well up there for me Saved the series as well!
  2. Any chance you can explain what you guys are on about for a newbie to wow @replicant & @disperse and recoagulate. I still haven't gotten out of the starting zones yet and havent played it before
  3. I do really enjoy these so mine is in the spoiler below -
  4. Why bother? The new consoles are due out soon and we will just get remasters of both for that
  5. So I don't know if this will turn into a long running thread but I had a shower thought just that generally applies to a lot of things but I consider it gaming related. Will future generations resent ours for taking up all the good usernames on playstation, nintendo, xbox & steam etc? While they are stuck with frodo3954e408902956n2np3fa80t7r9yhl.,znrwg982
  6. Once we know where people are at we could pick whoever has the most already on there and just the rest of us can switch? I currently have 2 - Both Luseth, Alliance on skullflame Horde on Firemaw Edit:- Is it worth setting up a rllmuk WoW discord?
  7. So i've had a few brief go's. Do we have a rllmuk guild and if so what server's it on? What side are you guy's playing alliance or horde? I seem to know so many people playing this and everyone's on different servers >.<
  8. What bugs the hell outta me is you can see the bags of talent we just aren't getting it right in terms of tactics and on the managerial side of things. When thing's click, they really click. I just think that most times Clotet is too afraid to go out for the win and is trying to shut up shop first and foremost and maybe nick the odd goal. If you look at our wins they have been when the crowd have really gotten behind the team or when we have gone a goal down at home and thus had nothing to lose. The big losses again have been because we have gone into games with 5 at the back and left our strikers completely isolated. We need to be looking to start Crowley as the few times he has played he has been immense on the attacking side of things and it was great for Bellingham. You could see what it meant to him when he darted over to our fans to celebrate. To think he's been with us since he was 7 and has had a chance to earn some experience so young. I'd love him to be our next big thing but sadly we know what our club's like and he'll be gone as soon as there is a decent offer
  9. That doesn't sound very fun..... I have had brief dips in and out and quite enjoying it as a first time player, so much so I'm contemplating a new laptop so I can sit downstairs playing it when keeping an eye on the little one. What I have played of it I've just dawdled about leasurely, I am going to take a look at addons though this weekend as notably there are no quest markers. It's generally not too difficult to work out where to go for things but it does slow the game down an awful lot, which is fine at times but I'd like the option to speed things up as and when I don't have a lot of time to play.
  10. Who foots the bill for the games on those services? Or is it a deal between Sony & Microsoft / Publishers? My favourite was the game of thrones one but it was so unfinished waiting for the second game It'll be interesting to see what direction they take it in.
  11. Good to hear, I wonder if we might see some original content, wasn't one of the big issues with their downfall the expensive licensing costs?
  12. So I quite enjoyed this when I played last night. I've been unable to get onto the PVP server I set my character up on since the first night so I've rolled my alliance character (Can't remember if it was Zandalar or Netherguard in the end) but I spent a few hours on and completed all the quests in the first area and ended up level 5 or 6 I grouped up with a few random people to do odd quests so it was good. Will need to double check which server and look for a friendly guild to join I don't think that's it works is it? I closed off WoW last night and went back in because the sound wasn't working and it logged me straight in rather than putting me back in the queue. I thought it kept your position for a short while?
  13. I will set up an alliance char on there as well at some point
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