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  1. So I still play frequently with Kerraig, Kriess and a bunch of others and the other night I had started feeling a bit burnt out by this game, thinking I need a break before the next one.... Then I played a sesson and I have a fondness for the swords they brought in previously and for a particular round it brought immense fun as I ran around for almost a whole round chopping people up Finishing on 28-1 with only 4 kills being with a gun.... But yeah if anyone want's a watch.
  2. I wouldn't feel so beat up about last night, If anything I would be optimistic about the next euro's, we still have some fantastic young talent to come in and I don't doubt we'll be a better team all round next time for their experience of this and the world cup to come.
  3. I agree with most of what you said but he did get the decisions on the night wrong and there is nothing wrong with saying that and he has admitted as much himself. That doesn't mean everyone thinks he's terrible and it doesn't mean everyone doesn't appreciate his efforts throughout the tournament. I think a lot of people can acknowledge we would not have gotten there without him. Moving forwards, he fully deserves to carry on, he has brought the team on leaps and bounds and one thing for me is the unity of the team, something I haven't really seen for a long time on the English stage. I just would really like to see Southgate not persist with his favourites when it is evident it isn't working Sterling and Kane were not doing so well at the end of the evening and in fact Sterling looked dead on his feet late on in the game. You could see Italy were well on top second half and it needed Southgate to do something to counter this which he left and left until it was too late and we conceded. He has such great talent on the bench, Grealish could have come on, Sancho could have come on, 2 players who can play on the big stage, Saka is still very young and inexperienced on this sort of field and to ask him to come on and win you a final is a bit much. For me the worst part of this loss and this tournament is how the minority group of English fans have behaved, booing national anthems, the laser pen, breaking into the stadium and now the racism, I think a lot of this show's a lot of the issues we have seen within England over recent years and I fear it will only get worse. There is loads of cause for optimism, we beat Germany, we competed with Italy, we beat a tough Denmark side and we had one of the lowest average ages, we have the likes of Jude Bellingham to come through, a bit more experience for Sancho / Saka and we'll be doing very well for a few years to come
  4. Not my sort of games but there is tennis world tour & instant tennis, 2 different styles so maybe one of them will appeal to you?
  5. Yeah no need to upgrade mine I'd have seriously considered a pro with my daughter getting closer to the age of wanting to play my gadgets, would have been ideal to giver her the older model. Well she'll have to wait a bit longer till the next Switch now
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if it's an intentional decision rather than because of hardware limitations etc, I did read something a while back that sony charge for cross play which is why so few games do include it yet continue to be a feature on the xbox and pc where it's free. So yeah my guess is just another way for them to take an additional bit of income, the only way people are likely to upgrade is through the store rather than buying physical where sony take a sizeable cut.
  7. Oh man I completely forgot about this and I don't know if anyone knows of it but the sequel to baldies as well - Skull caps Man I'd love to play these again today Oh and @Benny brilliant post
  8. So my list like I said is going to be heavily geared towards rpg's as that's always my go to genre and I'm picking from games i've played rather than 15 games that are the best of the era Also I was only born in 1990 so played some of these a bit later on i.e. as I hit my teen years. 1 - Final fantasy IX - Still my favourite game to date and whilst there is nothing overly new it has such a charm to it that I didn't feel many other games could match at the time. 2 - Chrono Trigger - Surprised this isn't in more people's lists even if you aren't a fan of the genre 3 - Final Fantasy Tactics war of the lions - I didn't play this until very late really but it was a great game, much better than the ds / gba variations 4 - Pokemon Red / Blue - I dread to think how many hours I put into this series, I still have the original games and a lovely boxed pokemon yellow 5 - Secret of Mana - One I have such a fondness for and still have a boxed copy on my shelf, have just ordered the switch collection, just so colourful and fun 6 - Zelda a link to the past - Another I have a copy of, probably still the only zelda I've completed 7 - Final Fantasy Vii - I mean being a jrpg fan it was going to crop up somewhere... I'm planning to replay the original in the coming weeks. 8 - Age of empires 2 - My first forray into rts games and played the hd version loads (though i'm rubbish online), in fact there was a fantastic game of thrones mod I absolutely loved 9 - Diablo - I mean this has had a lot of influence over the years and is still good fun today. 10 - Suikoden 2 - Has a game had so much choice in your first team outside of fifa? Was a brilliant game 11 - Wild arms - Western style shooting in a jrpg, what's not to love 12 - Alundra - A charming little game that I don't think many have really enjoyed but it has a brilliant story 13 - Command & Conquer - Loved these games, though none of my friends were aware of them back at school 14 - Settlers - Like any of them, such a chilled out game but it looks wonderful and plays well 15 - Theme Hospital - Some much wanted humour in amonst all my serious choices
  9. I mean they have a pretty decent list there tbf, I'll have a think on mine and imagine it will be jrpg focused, i'm surprised final fantasy VII was the choice over Chrono Trigger, that was 1995 wasn't it? @Wiper good choice with shining force, I loved those games, though admittedly have never played the third one
  10. Yeah if you catch them in the open they are done, I did find myself getting into trouble hunting some down and then I realised they were practically in their spawn, reached them just as 15 odd guys spawn in and wipe me out
  11. So I had my first go yesterday and absolutely loved it, was really racking up kills and actually came top few a couple of times. But my god someone need's to grab the archers and put them in a pit of burning oil for all eternity. It's like using a gun in a boxing game ffs One thing I couldn't work out and might be me being a bit saft, can you change the default loadouts of your classes? Or is it just the 4 default options based on level? Also, shields, I saw so many people running with them and the only time I got one was picking it up off the floor, can you equip them by default as well? That said, my go to was the knight with a longsword and I was making mincemeat of a lot of people, 1 v 1's almost always in my favour. I couldn't manage many fights where there was more than 1 though, that's a tough go at it especially if they know what they are doing and one moves round to your flank or something.
  12. Thank you @Benny I will take a look on my lunch break see if there's anything on it If not i'll just accept paying the extra tenner.
  13. Ah I don't have to pretend I know you do I No on a serious note is it easy enough to squad up cross platform? I'm persuading my brothers to jump in but looking at it, it's a tenner saving if I buy it on pc instead But they will be on xbox
  14. So I saw this yesterday and it's got my interest, are there many xbox players here if I picked it up?
  15. I probably haven't followed this as closely as others but I don't think there is a Switch Pro, more of a revamped switch so the drop of price might account for this Maybe a "New Nintendo Switch".... That said I don't feel any need to upgrade mine provided future games continue to work on it.
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