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  1. I'm incredibly fond of this series and if the rumours of jak and daxter are true then these will be 2 games I pick up That said I thought the visuals were pretty, they showed a bunch of different worlds and suggested that you can almost instantaneously switch between worlds, no need for jumping in your spaceship whilst the next world loads etc which is great
  2. Just wanted to praise a couple of Birmingham city players at the moment. I imagine they are busy having returned from training but my dad's currently being treated for cancer and 3 of them have sent video messages wishing him well which has really helped boost his morale. Juke, Keiftenbeld and Odin Bailey Things like this show you sometimes that football isn't just solely money grabbing shits as it sometimes feels
  3. Having just started streaming yesterday, you guys got any tips for it? I ask because I do have a goal in mind to work towards as I would like to turn it into something that I can use to bring in extra income that I can donate to a charity close to my heart. I'm set up through just the PS4 for now and i've just had a camera turn up today so is there anything else that's a must get?
  4. It has quite the cult following doesn't it so I imagine even if they did it would still trun a profit. As much as I love the series Fallout 76 has left a sour taste moreso than Fallout 4 did and they need to take some big steps forward with the next one (especially after people have seen the recent unreal trailer)
  5. I did about a week and half ago Nevermind, hopefully get some people on here to play with online now
  6. So I got myself a Wii U recently with the intention to do this and play Xenoblade chronicles X, checked I have everything I need I'll be giving this a go tomorrow and see how I get on. I'll just do the temp option to begin with as I've never done any homebrew stuff before. Hopefully this doesn't end up being too taxing or frustrating.
  7. You guy's are scaring me, i'm just about to fight this guy, saved it last night ready to have a go at this evening
  8. I would go for the pro but I'm hesitant about buying the first model this time. I'm sick of first models of consoles having issues in recent times, 360 with it's red ring, PS4 with heating and fan / air flow issues and the switch with it's joycon drift. So I might give it a few months after release this time around and wait for the inevitable problems and see if they are things I can live with or not.
  9. So it looks like we have kick started Scott Hogan's career again Just in time for him to go back to villa next season and help them get promoted again..... That said, the Juke and Hogan partnership is flourishing. If we could sort out the leaking of silly goals and kept hold of Hogan next season could be tasty. Ah nevermind, maybe we'll swap Bellingham for Messi, Pique and Rakitic for next season
  10. You know your child better than us so your better placed than us to make the call. Personally I'd say 15 would be where i'd be more comfortable letting my kids play gta but that's me (a bit hypocritical as I played my first gta at about 12 I think, GTA 3 maybe?) But yeah it's going to be subjective to the kid somewhat depending on how grown up they are, how innocent they are etc etc
  11. I imagine it will come in as part of the xcloud service eventually? Microsoft will use game pass and their 1st party titles as a reason for you to choose one service over the other.
  12. Just to add to your post Broker in response to @mansizerooster , not only that but if we are being ethical and conscious of our impact on the environment i'm fairly sure that creating more and more little bits of plastic in the form of blu ray's and whatever's next if anything is probably heading in the wrong direction. We will be going full digital it's just a matter of when.
  13. So I've just set up on a website to help me track games I've played / yet to play as I need to reduce my outgoings for a while, so to minimise expenditure it groups the games into the below - Currently playing - Games i'm midway through Completed - Games played and all objectives that I want to achieve complete Played - Played and given up with for whatever reason Not played - Considered my backlog So it has only brought in games from psn, xbox, steam and gog so doesn't include nintendo stuff or pre PS3 - Xbox 360 stuff but you can add that manually so i'm yet to add that. It just picks up on titles that you have achievements with I think so despite not owning many of the games anymore it pulls them out and you can manually delete them or leave them in so you know what games you have played. So as of writing this I have a total of 562 games in this thing of which - Currently playing - 6 Completed - 59 (This doesn't surprise being so low as I get distracted easy and there are lots going on) Played - 235 Not played - 150 There are a lot more than I realised that I have / own and still want to play so at least now I have a checklist I can starting ticking stuff off and hopefully keep my expenditure down for a little while I've also spotted that I have or have owned the same game on many many systems I'm just going to get my 'currently played' stuff out the way for now and then will have to pick something out the backlog
  14. Your first line suggests you haven't read the posts above, I passed comment initially on a post where someone else said a similar thing. I have also said a couple of times and in the initial voting thread that I appreciate the work they put in and generally quite enjoy reading these threads. Second line - Yes maybe I should have but the thread was already on the topic and I replied to the posts literally immediately before mine.
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