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  1. So not sure if I should put this in here or ask the forum as it's for my benefit but it might be of some to others, I need to reign in my spending for a couple of months so I'll be playing some of my backlog of games along with 1 game that's already been pre-ordered and paid for, however I like to constantly try games that i've never experienced before even if it's just to dip in and out of. By free I mean, you have to really experience the full game without spending a penny, i'm not going to restrict this to 1 console etc as other's might find this useful if we do keep it going. So games that are pay to win are no go's but game's where you buy camo's / skins etc are fine. So for me it was Apex Legends and I intend to go back to that shortly having not played it for a bit but i'm after some other suggestions. Is dauntless any good? I enjoyed planetside 2 way back, does it still have a decent following? Are any of the free to play mmo's worth a go?
  2. Listen for the music I think? Doesn't it change when you leave the 'base' area?
  3. I buckled and just bought it, will be picking it up on the way home from work (courtesy of a £10 argos voucher to soften the blow). Missus would kill me if she knew though so shhhhhhh
  4. Luseth

    Google Stadia

    I'm actually using this now to play Fallout 3 again. They have added the option with PS4 titles now to download just like the xbox game pass. The games library is still lacking and I feel they are merely keeping it alive for easy revenue, in fact quite often the 'new titles' are just games that have recently been on PS plus.... So if you're paying for both it's going to be a bit annoying / pointless. It still has some issues but not too bad. You are more likely to see the video downgrade rather than a lag in gameplay (though it does still crop up from time to time so I wouldn't stream multiplayer etc). I imagine when I get round to playing something that's offline it will seem like a better experience but again content is a real issue if they want to progress their alternative to the game pass.
  5. Why watch it if you don't like it?
  6. He's under 17 so didn't have a pro contract so there wasn't all that much we could do to stop them.
  7. I don't usually post photos of the little un and am generally against it but my wife was keen for me to upload this one to facebook yesterday so i'm going to put it in here as well. My little girl's not 3 months yet but the tv had her attention for a good portion of the game yesterday. I know it was probably more the colours / lights but i'd like to think she's already got her sights on the sport
  8. I thought it was a bit deceptive in the video where it had 4 screens showing the customization, felt like that was a split screen thing (that said imagine how tiny it would be on the switch playing portable ) I'm errrming and arring whether or not to get it day one at the moment. It looks fantastic and I loved the first but I've been playing less video games recently with the little un about. Might be the ideal switch title though to pick up and play
  9. So is it tied to playing with friends or can you join randoms? And i'm right in thinking you can't play split screen aren't I?
  10. Not sure if everyone will follow but I think women's football deserves it's own thread now Anyway's who's looking forward to this evening? What score are we thinking? We all know the U.S.A has the ability within the squad but I just don't see them finding it (they have been fairly mediocre all tournament) so I'm going with a 2 nil win to England (and have backed it up with a bet on England to make it to the final).
  11. Its a shame as I think the show is decent. Flintoff is striking me as picking on Chris (though my wife see's it as being 'banter') and I think Paddy plays up on it a bit because he's trying to 'impress' the big / cool guy of the group.
  12. Looking forward to it I'll be giving the Birmingham womens team much more attention this season (despite losing yet another gifted player in the last couple of days )
  13. To be fair loads of clubs have done that with the ground (Villa are due to be the latest I think?) so whilst it's 'dodgy' it evidently does the job. Che's confirmed as leaving (for 15 million by reports). I think we might see 2 or 3 million reinvested just as a token gesture. I have a horrible feeling they are banking on Vassell to do the business this season and I think that's a big ask of someone who's unproven at this level. On the other side of the coin, reports are that Southampton are paying Che 60k a week for the next 5 years. A striker that's unproven at premiership level. I hope he does well but that's a gamble in itself isn't it considering he's only had 1 good season in his career as of yet. Is this to do with a potential profit they could make through Liverpool down the road maybe?
  14. I think its the beginning of the end! We are selling our most valuable assets before they sell the club (and us getting relegated!)
  15. I've been nosing at photos of abandoned locations around the world and it got me wondering what the best abandoned / post apocalyptic setting is in a video game.... I'd be interested to know what makes them so great as well. Pittsburgh in the last of us maybe? The fact that it feels like humanity has avoided the area for some time, nature's come to reclaim the land. Hyrule on Breath of the wild? This game actually felt like a whole civilization had been lost and let you explore the remnants of such a civilization. Maybe even some of the settings in Uncharted? I always felt like the locations in the Uncharted series warranted more exploration. They looked like the sort of places you would love to explore in the real world, see remnants of what has come before, how people lived etc There are any number of locations in the Fallout games aren't there? What's the closest a game has come to you feeling like you are genuinely exploring an abandoned setting. A place you would love to go to if it really existed.
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