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  1. By reserve do you mean you can hold a piece back in reserve or keep a slot ready for when your next I piece turns up? Edit: Doh, I only just realised you can do that. If I had realised that last night I'd have smashed so many more games
  2. Yeah I hit 2nd last night but my god this game was getting annoying towards the end. With normal tetris I like to build up enough to get 4 rows etc and quite often I work my way up to the top and then work my way back down to nothing. This is unforgiving there, if you have 3/4 up the screen then your done for because so many people just go for the ko option. In fact at a couple of points last night I had 6 players attacking me and the screen was only half full (so presumably because I was the closest to "losing"). That said, it's nice when you just attack your attackers and get a couple of lines of 4 and smash them all back
  3. Luseth

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Aside from Stu's point being my main one I can list a couple of others off the top of my head - I'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong - Vita version doesn't have the extra's i.e. double speed or skip battle animations to streamline the game somewhat. The character models have been improved somewhat The simplistic factor that I now don't have so many consoles laid out in what is an already restricted room. Baring in mind I don't have a Vita anymore as it bit the dust, it's much cheaper to buy FF9 and FF7 on here than to buy a vita currently and as the PS1 era Final Fantasy's are some of my favourite all time games I do play them regularly. It continues to show companies that there is an audience for JRPG title's on the Switch and it's worth investing / continuing to invest in. The PS Vita version is basically an emulated PS1 version, the current gen consoles do have marginally better visuals The price is simply the going rate on PS4 as well and only marginally (£1 more than PC) and for many (not including myself here) they may have not played the title's since the originals or may have chosen not too. From a personal perspective, my vita broke, I don't want another one. I already have a Switch, the Switch will allow me to play the games where I want. My only other option to do that currently is my mobile phone and that's not going to be a comfortable experience.
  4. Luseth

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm not really convinced this will be their first priority. If you know it's going to take so long to turn on then you should put it on charge earlier or not shove it in a draw and forget about it for a few months.... Mine's only ever gone flat once or twice and I don't recall it taking so long, it's supposed to need 5% to start up which should work out to be just over 10 minutes when you consider 4 hours are needed for a full charge. Are you using the nintendo charger or are you using something 3rd party i.e. phone charger? Have you tried hard resetting it at all?
  5. Luseth

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Just watched it and there's a bunch of things standing out for me so I think i'll be investing more in my Switch games than I thought this year. Final Fantasy VII & IX i'm sure I will buy as I own them on every format possible so far. Fire Emblem I always buy, I absolutely love the series though the idea of it being based around a school seems an odd move, we'll see Ultimate alliance 3 I will pick up with the inevitable price drop. I will give tetris a go, I enjoy the game anyway's so this could be fun. Will need to renew my subscription though come payday! Links awakening I never played so will pick that up And I think I will pick up the assassins creed game with an inevitable price drop as well (I love the series but don't think anyone could warrant paying what will probably be the price of it brand new back at the original release) Dragon quest builders 2 as well Astral chain looks intriguing Oninaki will probably get a look in too at some point
  6. Thanks @mackenie and @Theholyhogg last night, they were some decent games. 2 wins out of what 5 or 6 games? Give me a nudge next time you are both on
  7. Luseth

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    Agree with both of the above. It might not be quite as good as the original trilogy but the game is still thoroughly enjoyable
  8. Aw man that's absolutely savage but really clever dropping all the loot in to draw them in
  9. Sorry I didn't come on last night @Theholyhogg I went on about half 7 to have a few games and won my first game straight away so thought I would stop playing for the night and leave it on a high 1 out of 1 That said I matched with 2 randoms on mic. 1 of whom told us he mostly played fornite. He died really quickly and we picked up his banner, then he left.... I'm guessing he didn't realise we could revive him? The other guy though was great, he died not long after but he stuck around giving me advice and that and somehow I managed to win it on my own with his vocal support Got to a point where the circle closed in and the gunfire was coming from the other side of the mountains, circle closed in to the point where they had to come to me in a small pass. The first guy came round the corner and I shot at him, destroyed his shield and he ran away (don't know if they thought they could get round the mountain the other side before the circle closed) but it was too late. Next thing you know the circle's closed and I haven't won, I thought oh crap did they make it round so turned around and started running to the other side of the circle expecting to be ambushed. A few seconds later 'Player's name eliminated' popped up on the screen and I won! Made me smile after a tough day lol Won't be on it again till Thursday now
  10. Thanks. I briefly tried Fortnite but it was never for me. I'm enjoying this though. I've played with Vin a few times :) That said you ditched us on fifa the other night to play this without us so maybe we'll go elsewhere.... jokes :) Just drop me an invite when your about :)
  11. I've played this a few times now and really have been enjoying it. Do the maps ever change on these battle royale games or is this it now for the life of the game? Anyway's will go through and add a few people for tonight and see if I can join a few of you.
  12. Thanks guys, enjoyed seeing the results There's a couple of games that have piqued my interest.
  13. Luseth

    Playstation Now

    The majority of the games I intend to use it for look like they are downloadable (Are all PS4 games downloadable on there now?) so I don't forsee that being an issue ^_^ I'm thinking of using the trial in the next couple of weeks (once i've cleared one of my current main games hopefully).
  14. Luseth

    Playstation Now

    Thinking of getting this in the next week or so having a browse through the current titles there's plenty for me to sink my teeth into. I think my initial look though, it seem's a bit clunky to navigate, is that the case? Also I don't suppose if anyone has any news on upcoming titles? Or is it always quiet until the name drops if you like.
  15. Luseth

    Battlefield V

    But at this rate I could sell it now and pick it up again in a month for a fiver.... I haven't played it for the last 2 weeks as it is

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