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  1. Yeah he's a really pro at the game now,and an absolute unit in defence. Ive got air roll right assigned to square but i never use it ,i just use my normal air roll button to correct myself
  2. Beautiful choice timmo,one of my favourite games,i never knew there was a demo,im guessing it was just the first island you start on??
  3. Dont forget about @wretcherd @Bennette98, who's arguably the best on the forum for your 3 shenanigans.
  4. Ahh man we had some good times on this bro,im not sure if i have any saves on my ps5 but ill have a look tomorrow see if i transfered them across Also ill need to know how to upload a save lol
  5. Hoping to get a good session on this tonight,please don't close the servers again
  6. Game servers are back up friday at some point which they haven't announced yet. Had a some great games last weekend though including this one where i nearlyyyy got 30 kills and 0 deaths but died on 29 kills
  7. earthen (green) is the faction you need to select so please join us
  8. Yeah i had to pay to change faction,nooo come and join me ill send you the 69p u tight sod Honestly thats the only thing ive paid for on the game everything else can be earned just by playing the game.
  9. Server shut down today, back up tomorrow at some point ,they haven't said a time yet,but they said it should be more stable. They are also extending the beta,presumably until they can handle all the players trying to get in and play. I've really enjoyed it over the weekend,classic halo vibes
  10. Anyone been playing the beta??,took an age to get into playing an actual game,but once i was in,its been a brilliant game Should be some big announcement today at some point
  11. I've read his both his abilities are like bloodhounds with some form of tracking,his ultimate is like one big tracking dome supposedly.sounds pretty useful in final circle situations. Had some back to back wins in duos last night 10 or more kills in a few games,getting back into the swing of things after a season break and really loving the game again
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