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  1. Ahh fantastic,i wasnt going to do it if i couldnt play online.can i also buy games on the store as normal? Ill be using pc
  2. Im getting a cheap wii u tomorrow and was wanting to do the hack,can i still play online (mario kart 8) once it is hacked? Also what size sd card do i need,is it just used to install the hack and i keep all my games on a usb stick/drive?
  3. Theholyhogg

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    2 mates with mic and this game is totally different.
  4. Theholyhogg

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    I think @Mr Tony missed out on some last time?
  5. Ahhh another great game I game share with mackenie so at 11 quid ill take a chance on it,i assume ill love it as i do with most turn based jrpgs.
  6. Theholyhogg

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    I played last night and it just felt a bit laggy,not smooth at all,still love this game tho but it wasnt as enjoyable last night. Anyone else had this problem? @Sladey19, @sjvinnie how was it for you last night??
  7. Anyone on the ps4 completed this and really enjoyed it?? I know you got it @Luseth,what u think?
  8. This is on sale on the ps4,did they patch it to sort the music issue out? Tempted to get it regardless,need a good turn based jrpg to get stuck into.
  9. I was out the second i found out it wasnt turn based
  10. Ive not been on the xbox for a couple of years so i wouldnt know,i hope they have tho as it was slim pickings on the 360 apart from last odyssey Oh of course,but i dont play much on pc as most my friends are on ps4.but you're totally right.but as a ps4 vs xb1,the ps4 was more appealing to me.
  11. For me its persona 5,the digimon series,yakuza games,up untill last week final fantasy x,the disgaea games,natural doctrine and some of the best classic ps2 jrpgs like star ocean and dark cloud.im not slating the xbox as i had one and enjoyed it for sometime.but if you are a jrpg fan the ps4 is the console you need.
  12. Only way ill be switching consoles and losing all my ps4 games is if phil spencer walks on stage in silence,whispers"nuts and bolts 2 on release",drops the mic and walks off again. Untill then ill stick with the ps5,this generation is the first time ive been able buy games as and when i want(i was at school when i had the 360).so microsoft are gonna have to do something special to win me over. I think we're all gonna be in for a treat though,we are in the golden age of gaming and we should all just enjoy it.
  13. This...all day long.
  14. Theholyhogg

    The Golf Club 2

    Have you played the golf club 2019,just wondered how it played?
  15. Theholyhogg

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    I dont know how people get kills with a 3x scope up close range,it takes ages to move from left to right and by the time im actually pointing at them they have put a full round in me. @sjvinnie does it "like a boss" but its hard to watch for me.

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