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  1. I had otw de jong and he was brilliant ,i only sold him cos i made 100k profit on him,but im saving to buy him back nowbig mistake. I also had modric but he was slow and very weak,i feel like hes a 90 rated because he is modric, his stats other than passing are pretty standard
  2. Planet twinsun more specifically Citadel Island and just live out my days exploring the island.
  3. I dont get all the negativity about this,this is the first fifa ive been enjoying in years.that might be because ive started playing online and doing the weekend league and actually doing fairly well.
  4. Varane has been an amazing addition to my squad.
  5. My fave is trying to select a defender for a simple standing tackle and it scrolls through the other 10 players before reaching him,which at this point potm aubameyang has already moonwalked past my defender through the big gap and passed it into the net. ive conceded so many goals this way lol
  6. Mackenie has never spent any money on packs,he just works from home and has more time on the game to make money on good trades,which gets from watching people on twitch.he just had great pack luck this year.
  7. Williams with a sniper on is just the best
  8. U can gooner.....do it then record the pack openings Love watching pack openings lol Made about 100k with my rewards nothing great but some high priced cards.
  9. Brilliant nice one lads Might try sniping some players with this. Never knew about this
  10. Been trying to get a shadow card on the transfer market for hours,2 or 3 every min selling out instantly then theres nothing again for a few min.why is there no cards on the market,there should be hundreds like all the other chemistry cards.
  11. I got elite 1 and got fuck all
  12. Ive been using this for the cls objective and the all gold under 83 rating so im doing 2 in one. Just swap the keeper and the lb and rb whej you start and you are good to go.
  13. Nice pull,dembele is amazing ,i was saving for bale but theres no way hes replacing dembele.
  14. Yeah @Timmo i keep swapping between him and rodrigo,both great players but dont seam to score as many with them both,maybe i just use my right striker more ...
  15. My team so far ,trying a new formation 352 after watching some vids on youtube,seams to be working nicely,might try a 433 at some point. Also shoutout to inaki williams,who has been brilliant for me,94 pace and with a sniper has 99 finishing and 90+dribbling,still trying to find someone as good as him to go alongside him.
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