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  1. Its probably the best competitive game ive ever played,just pure fun,scoring goals is still as fun as it was five years ago.
  2. Keep us posted @Pug.I've been looking at them and wondered if its worth the price,but like you said its getting really positive reviews so it must be doing something right,its a shame you can't go somewhere and try them out.
  3. Well said @gospvg ,we have been spoiled as gamers this gen whatever you play on. Although I'm ashamed to say I've not even played zero dawn or god of war Maybe ill get round to them on the ps5
  4. One day gooner.....it took u one day lol Where's ur restraint man
  5. Don't forget to farm the innocents. God 5 was so good imo,hope 6 can build on all the good stuff they added,hope it comes to other consoles one day,have they all not been on sony consoles?? I remember playing a few on the vita
  6. Switch exclusive!!! Urghhhhh Loved 5 on the ps4,the best one yet
  7. Simply games emailed me saying i can pre order the ps5 now,but only with their bundles I get why they do it,but only so many people are gonna buy their bundles for £500+ for stuff they might not really want or need just to get the console. What @Thor said
  8. Its not no ,its been shit,but some people,myself included just like buying new things and the ps4 launch was just as crap,but in the end it was my favourite console ive ever owned. Ive got my pre order through..... And ill be installing apex legends,Fall guys,rocket league,cod modern warfare and fifa 21 when i get it,im still excited to get it tho even tho ill be playing nothing new on it. Let everyone just enjoy whatever they want to play on whatever console
  9. Bro who u kidding lol,you will be sat there at crimbo playing ur ultimate edition fifa 21 on the ps5 or xbox lol Guarantee
  10. Im off to meadowhall to see if the game has any left to pre order in store. Wish me luck
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