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  1. Theholyhogg

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    I did pretty well on trackmania turbo,at one point i was number one in the world on some of the tracks.
  2. No theres only one seal and thats on the top ,but ive not touched that.there never was a seal on the bottom on any new xbox i dont think.
  3. £30,i bought it to sell on thats why i asked
  4. How do you know what it is ?
  5. Never even thought really.i assume cos its new it will work lol,cheers.
  6. Would u get it all out and test it ??
  7. Bought a brand new sealed xbox today ,with a brand new xbox live starter kit and brute force,all new and sealed. How much is a brand new xbox worth?? When i lifted that bottom bit of the box open it had that fresh bend feel,i dunno why i love it so much
  8. Theholyhogg


    Its for when they make the new xbox ,they will make nuts and bolts 2 and all will be forgiven. Simple
  9. Theholyhogg


    They also made nuts and bolts guys,one of the greatest games ever made. Lets not forget that!
  10. Theholyhogg

    Do minigames add anything to a game?

    I spent a long time on blitzball on ffx getting the best team to level 99 and getting all the moves for tidus and wakka,hundreds lf not thousands of hours spent playing it. Even won the first game which is so hard to win
  11. Theholyhogg

    Your Most Anticipated of 2019

    Whattttt??? Last remant a few weeks back and now this??? How do i not know about these
  12. Theholyhogg

    Your Most Anticipated of 2019

    What jrpg??
  13. The first time playing little big adventure 2 I thought i was too late and that they had died.
  14. Theholyhogg

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Worth a go??,i never played it on the ps3 and i really love jrpgs or turn based kinda games,currently playing last remnant remastered which was released a couple of week back.
  15. Theholyhogg

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    @wretcherd nearly as much as me lol. I loved dc universe and played it since the ps3. And fifa 17 i was on clubs most night with the rllmuk crew. Over 5800 hours jesus...

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