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  1. Your team looks pretty similar to mine @AlfromSleep. moved jesus to the bench since i got lukaku and hes been brilliant scored 14 in 9 games,its nice to win headers since jesus never did.
  2. Ffs gooner how much u spending on packs bro???
  3. Took the packs in the rivals rewards and got lukaku,fits in perfectly up front in my brazil/prem hybrid so ill keep him and switch between him and jesus when needed
  4. Niceeee my OTW anderson gets an added boost right??
  5. Got 30-2 last night,which was pretty sweet,some camping involved but still sweet.
  6. I reached level 55 last night then prestiged,i was trying to figure out how to use my unlock token and i thought i had to use the fresh start icon so clicked that Just sent me back to rank 1 prestige 0 A few people of reddit have done the same as me. Still dont know how use the token to unlock a weapon once ive prestiged lol
  7. My face when he was moaning he only got 34-3 Hes a pro man
  8. Ohhhh shittt nice,Only 3 on market Lowest 650k Nice tidy profit there Ahhh now i wanna spend some coins on packs. But we all know what gonna happen Edit: spent 50k got nothing
  9. What happens black friday?? Cheep packs ,more cards on the market pushing prices down???
  10. Theholyhogg

    The random discussion thread

    Its dead guys Lets play some black ops,apart from @Sladey19 who got every killcam at the end of the games despite me getting 4 kills within a second That man was on fire
  11. Theholyhogg

    The random discussion thread

    Hes right u know
  12. Yer ill be on soon ,rl not been getting the love it deserves atm ,with black ops and fifa its been getting shoved out a bit

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