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  1. The fact that Blops4 is effectively three separate games is crazy from a dev point of view. I've played hundreds of games of Blackout, 3 multiplayer games and not even loaded zombies.
  2. Huge drop off I bet. I was playing a fair bit of Blackout prior to Apex, and since Apex I've played mostly that with a few games of Blackout. I didn't find switching between the two hard and having different games to suit different moods is great. I'm interested to try the Hardcore Blackout mode. It's not coming today, but it's on the road map. It will be very slow and campy but might be a good change of pace to play occasionally.
  3. Big content update coming 19 Feb https://www.treyarch.com/blog/2019-02/operation_grand_heist_overview
  4. I read it as the opposite. Whenever I am matched with a high ranked player, I expect them to go for the hottest zone there is
  5. From reddit, about playing with randoms:
  6. Who's to say that wackier skins aren't coming? Maybe they don't want to blow their load on exciting skins in month 1.
  7. If you are in a party, it is great - and the short time between games is great (why does Blackout have the deployment "repeatedly be punched in the face" delay I do not know). But telling players what their friends are doing in game at the point of invite has been pretty much a standard feature of online games on console since Halo 2 in 2004 (at least that was the first time I noticed it). Blackout tells you exactly what a friend is doing and exactly where there in the match (e.g. playing solos, 95 players left). I'm not going to invite a friend who is in a match in the last 5, but I might invite someone who has just started a game. I'm sure this feature will come: just surprised that a feature I have come to take for granted is not present in such an otherwise polished game.
  8. I’ve said it before, but the lobby UI still grates. It very annoying that the lobby screen showing friends doesn’t give you an indication of how long they have left in a game or whether they are already in a party. Is there some way of seeing this info that I’m missing?
  9. Has anyone got access to a frame rate tester? I'd love to see an analysis of how different FoVs affect frame rate on console (ideally PS4 Pro). Console default is 70, whereas PC default is 90. A lot of streamers are recommending console players use at least 90, but I'd be interested to see if that means frame rate takes a hit.
  10. I may have cheered loudly to myself...
  11. I had a game this morning with randoms and managed to win as kill leader. For the final kill I had picked up a gold Kraber sniper rifle from a care package. I’ve never used the gun before, and I saw the last guy running left to right in the distance. I made a complete guess at how much I needed to account for leading my target and bullet drop and lucked out with a headshot.
  12. Soi

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I’ve played hours and hours of single player. I love it.
  13. p = pellet, for the shotguns. So the EVA does 7 damage per pellet, with 9 pellets per shot. r = round, for the burst guns. So the Hemlock is a 3 round burst, with each bullet in the burst doing 18.
  14. Given that maximum HP for any character is 200 (100 base health plus 25 health for each level of shield up to four, for Puple/Gold shields), that really shows up how small mag sizes are. Take the Prowler. It's mag size is 20, which means 4 5-round bursts before reloading. If the enemy has white armour (i.e. 100 + 50 health), then the Prowler needs a minimum of 3 body shots to kill. The Prowler is a two 5-round burst kill on a white armour enemy if 8 out of 10 bullets in the two 5-round bursts are headshots. Under most circumstances, if you miss two bursts with your Prowler, you aren't killing anyone without a reload...

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