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  1. @Rob RuleThat looks good. What is the multiplayer like? EDIT: any while on the subject of Switch top down racers, have you tried Mantis Burn Racing or Table Top Racing? Again, most interested in the multiplayer
  2. This thread keeps making me disappointed. I keep seeing good Indie games (Ultimate Racing 2D looks great) and being sad that they aren't on Switch yet...
  3. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    A more robust, kid friendly, cheaper portable only machine in time for Pokemon in November... Prints money etc
  4. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    I don't care about size or joycon detachability. But I would like the option of buying a cheaper one for my daughter. She'd never use it in docked mode anyway.
  5. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    Mmm. Compare their Nintendo Switch EVA Carrybag: http://www.honsoncn.com/nintendoswitch/carry bag/nintendo-switch-eva-carrybag-black.Html to the mini version http://www.honsoncn.com/nintendo switch mini/carry bag/nintendo-switch-mini-eva-carry-bag-.Html Is it me, or are they the same dimensions?
  6. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    Where are these mock-ups from?
  7. Different characters change how the game is played. One turns the game turn-based, with the enemies moving after you move. That mode alone is worth £4 imo
  8. Picked up Crypt of the Necrodancer for £3.50 or whatever it is right now. Hard as nails, but instantly clicked. Going to stick to playing as the Bard (turns the game turn based instead of rhythm based) until I get more familiar with the weapons and enemy patterns.
  9. I’d like to play RE4 again. It it may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m not sure I could stomach the controls again though. I’d pay £30 for RE4 with BOTW’s control scheme in a flash...
  10. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers all. I love multiplayer shooters... Sticks to aim or gyro?
  11. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    I've had a Switch for a few months, but not picked up Splatoon 2. What makes it so good?
  12. Towerfall is just about my perfect game.
  13. It's awesome. Buy Towerfall too. That's also on sale for £9.
  14. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    For him to play, or for you both to play together? I had a lot of fun playing through Kirby in co-op with my daughters (9 and 7) and occasionally with my wife too. It's not a game I'd play on my own, but we've rinced it as a group. I've not played Yoshi, but I've read that it's better in SP than co-op.
  15. It’s the best game for kids I’ve ever played.
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