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  1. Yeah, powerline will limit bandwidth, and mine also caps out at around 30mbit. But I’d rather have less ping and packet loss (WiFi is also bad for packet loss - and it can depend on things like your neighbours using a microwave). It’s not like I need more than 30mbit for PS4.
  2. I'm buying for my pokemon crazy 10 year old daughter. As long as she likes it (it is aimed at her rather than me, right?), that's all I care. (I'll play too obviously)
  3. Ping is generally a measure of how far you are away from the server, not a measure of bandwidth. Though saying that 60ms of ping from Sweden to CODs European servers sounds on the high side (I'm in London and ping 10-15ms to London servers, 80ms to NYC servers). Based on testing of my kit, Wifi might add 20ms of ping though. More if you use a mesh network or other wifi extender set up (add roughly 25ms per extra node between your console and router). @koefoed What about powerline? I recently got a TP-Link TL-WPA9610KIT (more reliable than older models in my house's not great wiring). I ping 35ms to Apex's London servers via Wifi, 15ms using the powerline.
  4. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    Have you played Limbo and Inside? I played those travelling recently and thought they were amazing. Art of Balance is a nice relaxing game to play on a flight too. Same with Baba is You, or Bad North. And if you haven't played Into the Breach - then just get that.
  5. @CheekyLeeLast time I preloaded a game and tried at midnight, it wasn't available until the afternoon of the next day. That was an indie title that I had preorded to show support for and I was up at that time rather than specifically staying up for it. Perhaps they'll get their shit together for a big release like this.
  6. That's a pretty bad bug. That will be patched quickly I bet
  7. I've only recently started ranked. Will hit Gold next time I play I think. I found Bronze and Silver to be noticeably easier than casual lobbies.
  8. Is the in game invite friends function broken? I could see from the PS4 home screen that @Minion was playing last night, but he wasn't showing on the Apex friends list at all - let alone on the "online" list. In perhaps sad news, this game's FOV setting has ruined other console shooters for me. COD feels so weird at console FOV compared to the 100 FOV I play Apex on. Still, I love Apex so it doesn't matter too much.
  9. The new map is lovely. Looking forward to games with you all
  10. I loved it, and completed all the levels on Normal and then again on Hardcore. Took 20 hours I think.
  11. I love Celeste. I bought the T shirt below and wore it to work. A lady from accounts said "I wish I could get my husband to wear t shirts like that". Then on holiday, while wearing it, a stranger came up to me and asked me if I was one of the developers of Celeste. The stranger said that he could complete the whole game in an hour and I shook his hand. Celeste and Towerfall are both on sale. Buy them.
  12. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    It's light and fluffy and has drop in and out multiplayer for up to 4. It's almost impossible to die, and even then you can be revived. I would think it very dull as a 1p game for an adult, but I've had hours and hours of fun with it with my two daughters (and sometimes wife) in 3p or 4p - and it was a great gateway game to "proper" platforming titles like Mario Maker 2 and NSMBU.
  13. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    Not answering your question, but have you looked at Kirby Star Allies? There's a demo I think and it's great for young kids.
  14. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve had the same issue in the past. Mine are fine now, but went through a phase of not syncing. I’ve found it helpful to give the switch a full power off and restart. Then I turn off the 8Bitdo by holding start+select for 5 or so seconds. Then restart pad in switch mode by holding start+Y and pairing. Once paired, I try to keep the pad in switch mode and this seems to work. I realse you you are probably doing all that, but no harm me posting what worked for me.
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