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  1. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers. How do I convert my account to a family one?
  2. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    I’m really sorry if this has been asked a million times, but I’ve got a cloud save back up question... I have a Nintendo account, and my saves are backed up. My kids have there own user names on the Switch and their own saves. How can I get their saves backed up? It says their user names need to be linked to a Nintendo account. Can that be my account? Cheers
  3. The update looks great. With the new PvE content, there’s a whole lot of game there for free.
  4. I think I'd done the ones near me and there were no vehicles near. This was 30 minutes into the game. What determines where you spawn if you die in Plunder? Sometimes you spawn near where you died. Sometimes you spawn somewhere else.
  5. I had a plunder game where it dragged on for ages. It doesn't have a player count so you can't see how many are left. I'm pretty sure most of the lobby left because by the end I was just solo wandering around an empty map with nothing to do.
  6. This guy makes good settings videos Though it does highlight the advantages of playing on PC. He’s a controller player saying he’s choosing to play on pc to give him an advantage with 144fps and 94 fov. I don’t blame him and I’d do the same if I had a decent pc...But at least give console players the option of higher fov...
  7. Knights vs Ninjas with me as knight and 10 and 8 year old daughters are ninjas is amazing. 10 year old plays super aggressive, 8 year old is sneaky. It’s a great combo.
  8. While not relevant to this game, Apex doesn't have cross play but let's PC players use m&k or pads. Surprisingly, there are pro level players who use controllers... It's completely off topic, but this is a great clip of a long time Halo pro in a top level ranked game: https://clips.twitch.tv/TentativeAmericanAubergineCopyThis
  9. I'm hardly likely to be looking for excuses in a game mode I've not played yet. Anyway, if you can't notice the difference in FOV between 65 and 80, there's not much point in debating the advantages of it with you. All I want is a level playing field. That's hardly too much to ask.
  10. PC default FOV for MW is 80, 65 on console. So even not upping it your PC has a large advantage.
  11. And it doesn't have a FOV slider on PC... (but it's FOV is much larger on console and PC by default than CODs)
  12. I was using Apex to show that raising FOV need not kill rate rate on console. And anyway, Dead Silence on console MW noticeably ups FOV without seeming to hit performance. I'd take the higher Dead Silence FOV all the time given the choice. Wouldn't everyone? In any case, my original point was that cross play will put low FOV PS4 players against PC players who can up their FOV to 100+ (assuming they've got a reasonable PC and/or don't mind lowering visual settings to compensate). This gives a huge advantage to the PC player. PC players can also opt to lower visual quality to make players easier to see etc, again giving an advantage. If the servers are going to place me in matches with PC players, it's only fair that I have access to the same options. Close quarter battles between someone on 100 FOV and someone on 65 FOV aren't a fair fight...
  13. Tests on Apex (default console FOV 70, default PC FOV 90) showed that playing at 90 FOV on a base PS4 didn't affect frame rate significantly, and that playing at 110 FOV (Apex's max) didn't affect frame rate significantly. I play Apex at 100 FOV on a PS4 Pro and the frame rate is stable 60 fps. No streamer players console Apex at anything less than 100, and lots use 110. All PC streamers use 100+. And Dead Silence increases FOV (a bit, but it's clearly noticeable) on console in Modern Warfare and that doesn't kill the game. https://www.reddit.com/r/modernwarfare/comments/dm2u3u/console_will_not_have_fov_settings_but_using_dead/
  14. Looks good. I'll DLfor PS4 for sure. But cross play with PC players (I assume only controller ones?) seems a little unfair if PC can have a higher FOV and PS4 can't.
  15. Buy it! It’s really easy to make Towerfall accessible for gaming noobs as it has a wealth of handicapping options. I can play a pretty fair game with my 10 and 8 year old daughters. Also even at full price I’d say Towerfall is worth it for its single player content. £4 is a steal for a game this good.
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