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  1. I've finished the second series now. It's actually pretty good. It does suffer quite badly from the horror cliché of characters needed to do stupid things to create danger and there's a couple of bits where characters do something utterly ridiculous and it's never explained why. It is all entirely reliant on the idea that everyone is an awful human being and, in the event of an apocalyptic event, will revert to tribalism and try to kill everyone they encounter. But, y'know: America, fuck yeah! I know it's low budget, but I was surprised they left in a bit where the camera blatantly
  2. Anyone watching the second series? I'm a few episodes in and really enjoying it I love the way the episodes are like a series of overlapping stories. I also like that you could almost take the zombies out of the equation and it'd still be good horror.
  3. There's always a point with any game I play where either interest naturally wanes or my skill runs out to the point that I can't get any further and I'll drop it. I don't really play anything story based, so it's not like I've ever felt like I wanted to know what happens at the end. I often find that the earlier stages of things like racing and sports / fighting games are the more enjoyable, so would rather start again and redo the easy bits than spend time trying to "git gud" and not really getting anywhere. I will admit to playing stuff I'm not necessarily enjoying in order to r
  4. Prompted by this thread, I decided to dig out the psp stuff I've basically never done anything with. And I found this: Am I right in thinking that, along with the corresponding video cable, this will allow me to play psp games on a vga monitor? Curently charging the two psps I have.
  5. Will that work to extend an existing sub?
  6. Presumably, this will be day one on Game Pass? So I'd only need the dlc? I haven't made it into current gen, but might later I the year. I'll need to buy the dlc twice, won't I? Yeah, I have really bad FOMO, but I was stung by both FH4 almost immediately putting the dlc on sale and MK11 going "oh you bought the Ultimate version, did you? Well that's not the actual Ultimate version, we're realising a More Ultimate version now". So I think I'm going to hold off actually paying for anything for a while.
  7. I know it's essentially "let's all laugh at uncle knobhead as he thrashes about and mucks up the simplest of tasks" but, rather ridiculously, I found this both entertaining and informative. Being a proper city boy, I was startled at the cost and effort involved in farming, all of which can be undone by unavoidable risks. And, despite the fact we all know he's a dick, Clarkson is always funny to watch. I'm liking it so far. That tractor is too big.
  8. There's been a lot of talk about C16 emulation on the Facebook groups, but I doubt it'll happen. If they released a straight up TheC16, I'd be very happy with that.
  9. Just the C64 Maxi for me. It scratches the itch I've had for years to own a C64, which has been prevented by the practicalities of using one with a modern display. I never got on with emulating micros because of the differing keyboard layouts. I don't see the need for a mini or a Vic20, since I have no nostalgia for it. Though if they brought out a C16 version...
  10. This video seems to have some decent ones, though it's more aimed at getting 1000 gamerscore than getting individual achievements.
  11. I had a realisation earlier - I hardly ever bother with the daily 50pts for getting an achievement. This means I'm leaving more than 1500 points a month unclaimed, so I'm digging into the easiest achievements, now I've pretty much rinsed Killer Instinct...
  12. On the phone thing - having a phone in a prison is a serious offence. Five years ago (I remember exactly when it was, it was on my 39th birthday) I was nearly arrested for having a phone in HMP Liverpool - where I think a good bit of this was filmed, it was actually mentioned by the welsh fella under it's old name "Walton". It was only because I was in to see the Head of Security and had gone in through the employees entrance, but hadn't been told to stick my phone in a locker, that I wasn't. When I told my father in law this (he's a magistrate), he told me that day he'd added 18 months onto s
  13. I actually have seven now. Well, eight and an Apocalypse branded one, but that and one of the PS ones have been promised to someone else...
  14. We watched Greenland then Geostorm a week apart. I can't remember which was which, since they've merged into one pretty awful disaster. I seem to remember one of them being full of "why would you do that, other than to inject some drama?"
  15. There's a really easy 100 points in the console app. Just click on four Battlefield games and you're done.
  16. Anyone watched this? Three parter by Jimmy McGovern. I'll always say Stephen Graham is never bad in anything, and this is no different. Sean Bean is brilliant as well. It's not the cheeriest of things but we'll worth a watch. It was slightly odd watching it because there were loads of places I recognised. Not least Walton nick...
  17. When I had actual physical retro games I used Really Useful Boxes. They come in a variety of sizes for boxed or cart only. They completely seal so they're dry (especially if you stick one of those silica gel bags in) and free from dust. Plus they do dark ones, which will keep a bit of the sunlight off them. Now? All my retro games are on hard disks or pen drives. And torrent sites.
  18. This worked for me today and said I got the achievement for climbing 100m on Wednesday. Weird. I didn't get my free sweepstake entries from the 2000 point thing though.
  19. Forzas - both flavours - are a little guilty of this. Horizon especially. Motorsport will always start you off with a race that achieves essentially nothing, Horizon will have the pointless story before you actually get to start the game proper. You could also say the PS1 & PS2 Gran Turismo games. "want to do that racing thing you bought the game for? Here's a bunch of hoops to jump through for an hour or so first"
  20. I had two copies of that, I reckon I gave one away to my cousin's son (he got a Playstation with money he'd saved up, then couldn't afford any games. Me and my brother worked for Sony at this point, so had tonnes of games we'd been given. He wanted to buy some off us. We filled a tesco bag with kid suitable games and gave them to him). The other went in a stack of games I sold to a video shop, so they could rent them out, for a quid each. I've told the story of testing the German version, haven't I...?
  21. For some reason, this isn't counting towards certain achievements. Like the climbing, jumping and walking ones aren't increasing as I play, but the drowning one is and gave me the achievement. Any ideas how to sort this?
  22. The rewards hunter video says the FIFA21 one has to be on Xbox One, unlike the rest.
  23. Anyone tried the Human Fall Flat quest? I'm following this one and it's not counting how much I've climbed Annoyingly, doing this should get me an achievement as well - there's one for climbing 100m and I'm currently at 80m.
  24. No, you just need to click on the Donate button and it'll complete it. Are there any really easy achievements for Gears 5? I seem to think I've already done some.
  25. Ah. I thought I'd get a lump at the end of the month. Ta.
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