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  1. Just to add to the TV willy waving. I had a really decent Sony set that did just about everything, including ntsc and teletext, in 1995. But we used to get them in the staff graded sale for something stupid like £30. My grandparents set, which I think they got in the late 80s, would accept any input you could name as well. I sold it last year, purely because of the space it took up, but it worked really well for everything up the the ps360 hdmi generation.
  2. Didn't realise that The Shield has only just started St arrived on Prime. We were casting about for something to watch and stumbled on it. Only a couple of episodes in and its good so far. If a bit dated.
  3. I found that I really couldn't see the roads I'd missed on my aging plasma TV. Switched to the kids newer lcd and they were really obvious. Maybe it's a contrast thing?
  4. Might be a rose-tint moment, but I seem to remember Doom running fine on just about anything that had 4mb RAM. I think the PC I played it on was something like 486 DX50 and it ran fine, full screen right up until the end boss, when it dropped to seconds per frame. I seem to remember someone I knew ran it on a 386 with 2mb of RAM, with some clever config.sys and autoexec.bat trickery.
  5. Yeah, I really like Injustice 2. It's a fun fighting game, without being too "fighting game"
  6. 139 minutes sounds familiar. I also had a UK video release that was so cut, it was about 10 minutes long.
  7. I used to have a copy of one of the laserdisk versions, I think it was from Holland. I wonder which ones of these it was, if any?
  8. Soul I really enjoyed this one. Its no Coco, but it's hot a decent enough story. I thought the visuals and music (ironically, not the jazz bits) were absolutely fantastic. Really, really good film. 4/5
  9. Funnily enough, I nearly started a "Xbox 360 appreciation" thread yesterday, but thought it'd just end up being a massive argument about whether it's retro or not.
  10. Do we know what kinda generation the Pi 400 will emulate up to? I'm thinking about getting one almost entirely for MAME and console emulation. Maybe Amiga since I've seen Dan Wood has fine a video about how to get it all set up. Would it do Dreamcast, for example?
  11. When you say "converts to game pass", how does that work? Do trade one for the other or what?
  12. This gave me an achievement just now st for loading it up for the first time
  13. There's an achievements app?
  14. RPGs. I just can never workout what I'm supposed to be doing. I have a terrible memory for names, which doesn't help.
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