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  1. Was that the version with cardboard players, or the one with the polystyrene pitch?
  2. Undoubtedly. GT3 is the game I have played most in my life, but quite some way. Of all the GT games, it has the best game structure and is the most playable as a result. I recently got a decent wheel and discovered it's even better, because you can be competitive with the CPU cars without resorting to "bringing a gun to a knife fight". GT4 just didn't have the same feeling to it, not helped by the fact you could virtually complete it without actually driving any races yourself. And 5 & 6 were not only just vanity pieces, but are now literally unplayable since the servers have been shut down.
  3. I didn't know these existed. It looks like I could use both my Logitech Driving Force GT and my Microsoft wireless wheel (with the PC adapter thing) working on my XBone. Interesting... Could really do with a stand that folds away and works with them both, though.
  4. From a mate's Facebook post, it would appear that Codies are dumping a load of, mostly support, staff.
  5. I'd stay with cousins in Swanage, Dorset at least once a year. After I got it, my SNES would always go with me, though the has a Megadrive at the time. And a Spectrum then a C64 prior to that.
  6. Does the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection count as retro? Mostly playing SFII Championship Edition. Struggling to pull off fireballs and especially Dragon Punches with the XBone pad, meaning I get my ass handed to me by Zangief on a regular basis. Considering buying one of those 360 to XBone converters, so I can use my Hori pad.
  7. I do most of it on my phone - Bing app for mobile points, Chrome in desktop mode for desktop, Edge app for the last 12. Do the set of three every day (I sometimes forget at weekends). Then there's the Xbox app & launch a game, the weekly rewards on the Xbox app and the weekly and monthly challenges in the Game Pass app. S one are easy (there's always one that is essentially "launch this game), some less so. But there are always guides on Reddit for the trickier ones. Don't forget that the daily 50 points for an achievement (when it works) is across Xbox, PC and Android/iOS games, so there's some stupidly easy ones on non Xbox games.
  8. It's really,, really good as well. We watched it years ago and loved it. Was a bit nervous about going back to it, but it's as good as I remember.
  9. Motherfucker I was about ten episodes into the first season of Friday Night Lights, it was as good as I remembered, and suddenly I have too pay for it. Fuck that, I'm pirating it. Does this happen a lot? It's the first time I've experienced something suddenly becoming paid for.
  10. I like games centred around mining and crafting, like Terraria and My Time at Portia (I'm sure there are other games where you the whole aim is to mine stuff and then craft things out of it and you can mine and craft to your hearts content, but I can't think of one right now), but I'm not really a fan where it's just been shoehorned in.
  11. That's a doctor / surgeon, shirley?
  12. Nah, it's shit, mate. The fantastic graphics and stunning lighting effects - Shit The fighting mechanics that you get straight away, then fall into a deep hole of possibilities - Shit The brilliant pacing, varied enemies and really fun bosses - Shit Literally the first time in 40 years of gaming that I've heard a non-licenced soundtrack and thought "that's properly amazing, I actually want to listen to it" - Shit The fact it's on Game Pass, so I haven't had to pay for one of the best games I've ever played - that's the shittest thing if all The story is alright, though.
  13. Mortal Kombat without the gore - just the characters and gameplay.
  14. My Game Pass subscription says it runs out on 01/05/22. I had it in my head it runs out in January, so is that an American format date, do I have four months more than I thought.
  15. Is there an easy way to keep an eye out for this? I don't think mine runs out for another 18 months or so, but I'd like to extend that as cheaply as possible.
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