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  1. I would say the amount of protestations from PC gamers in this thread nicely encapsulates why console is the platform of choice for so many. The perception is that it's expensive, difficult, slow, takes up a lot of space and you can't play it sat on the sofa. It is, to your average console gamer, what gaming was to your average person in the days before PS1 made it socially acceptable. And I can't see that changing anytime soon. I suspect a big hurdle will be that that there isn't a single "PC" product and it doesn't have generations. There isn't the PC equivalent of a PS4, with a dedicated marketing team to promote it. You can't walk into Game and ask for the Call Of Duty PC bundle, with an extra controller. Let's face it, a console is just a (severely locked down and limited) PC in a nice looking box with a recognisable brand name on the front. And that's what most gamers want.
  2. Off the top of my head: one of the Donkey Kong Country games had a glitch that would literally render your game cart useless, GT2 couldn't be completed and frequently fields ineligible cars in races, meaning you can't win, GT3 had quite a few glitches and exploits, the original Xcom would crash every time you loaded a save when the game was saved under specific but very common conditions, the second Xcom has a research tree missing that meant it couldn't be completed, GTA 3 (iirc) also had a bug where saving at a certain point would cause your save to corrupt, San Andreas had an unwinnable mission that was vital to progression, one of the big PS2 titles (I want to say Tekken) would completely erase your memory card, Final Fantasy 7 had a notorious mistranslation very early on and I'm fairly certain had a bug where a plot vital event wouldn't trigger if you had a certain character in your party, in Settlers 2 on DS you can't get more than a mission or two into the game because an essential event never triggers, there was an Amiga football game (the first FIFA, maybe?) where the first half of every match you played would never end, one of the Tony Hawk's games in PS2 would crash on saving and corrupt your save, and I remember getting stuck on Robocop on the C64 because one level was always corrupted (I've looked into it since and this was every copy of the game, not just mine). Ghandi being psychotic in Civilization games was a bug that has become a staple of the series. There was a pre-internet era PC game that would wipe your hard drive when you uninstalled it - it was a relatively big rpg, iirc. Driv3r, just Driv3r. Off the top of my head. The period around the kinda PS2 / OG Xbox era was full of glitchy games as the scope and scale of games increased, and I remember most PC games I played in the 90s just being buggy as fuck, it just seemed accepted at the time.
  3. Is this better or worse than being stuck with a game breaking bug that can not or will not be patched? I was going to post that patches are a big plus these days...
  4. Constant autosaves. I've nearly fucked up a few times when playing retro stuff because I've gotten so used to the game just saving all the time that I've gone to switch the game off with hitting save (twice, obviously, just in case) first.
  5. I would disagree with this. The whole point of consoles is that you get a dedicated games machine that works out of the box. And you get a name brand machine so that you know you are part of that manufacturers ecosystem, so there is a presumed level of quality and support, same as paying to use a console online. You also know that, if you buy FIFA 2053 for your PlayStation 21, it'll work on your PlayStation 21 along with the Dual Shock 90 that came in the same box as the console. If it was purely down to specs and cost, Nintendo wouldn't have sold a console since the SNES.
  6. Chicken tikka kebabs and carrot biriyani (sp?) First time making the biriyani, it were lovely.
  7. Exactly this. You can never underestimate the power of convenience. While there are plenty of posts stating how easy it is the have a gaming PC, this forum is not really representative of the game buying public and the vast majority of people don't want to spend time on PartPicker or wherever getting the most for their money, or searching pre-built suppliers for the best spec for their budget, they want the Sony box, the Microsoft box or the Nintendo box that comes with everything they need to get going, at a set price. And they want to buy it from Argos or maybe Game. And then they want it to sit under the telly they already own, on the TV unit they have in the lounge. Plug it in, connect it to the telly and go. It's also quite telling that, even here, there is the perception that PC gaming is a hassle that requires specialist knowledge. You don't need to know how to use a PlayStation - you plug it in, put the game in the drive and off you go - but the perception is that this is not the case with PC. And I think that's enough to put people off.
  8. Aiming to go sometime soon, once I can arrange a date with a mate. Unless... Forum meet?
  9. Gave him a go last night, having previously dismissed him, for some reason. He's loads of fun to play as, I really wish I'd given him a go sooner. Tried Swamp Thing as well. He is not fun. I've got literally a couple of hundred loot boxes to open. I need to spend some time clearing put everyone's inventories first though. Weirdly, it's shaders um mostly after...
  10. I used to work with the producer on that. He's called Clint, after the famous cowboy fella.
  11. I have a rip of the "uncut" laserdisc, which I think is probably that version. Someone I know imported it r on Holland in the early 90s Its alright. At best. I maintain that Night 90 and Dawn 04 are good films on their own, though. The less said about Day 08, the better.
  12. Well, I'm a big fan of the original trilogy. I even have a couple of different cuts of Dawn. I also really like the '04 remake of Dawn. And Night '90.
  13. I find Harley Quinn is a great character, some great special moves and some really easy to pull off combos. I also quite like Black Canary, though she's a bit of a weak character. It's always worth getting the extra special moves for your characters. It's just a shame that these are only random drops in loot boxes.
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