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  1. ScouserInExile

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Ironically, this might make me buy one. I might hang on and see if I can use my DS3 though...
  2. ScouserInExile

    Currently playing...

    Gave this a good go last night. It's not great. It has some interesting bits in it, like you can be stunned and, most interestingly, you can do a move where you drive enemies into the ground then repeatedly kick them in the face. It has problems, though. There's just not the variation in the enemies to make it worth sticking with. Related to this, the difficulty is just annoying - it just throws dozens of the same enemies at you, rather than doing anything interesting. The bosses aren't very interesting either. And they raise a difficulty issue as well - later ones are easier than earlier ones. I gave up after a while. I actually went on a bit of a MAME binge last night. My word, I have some serious rose tinted spectacles. And arcade game difficulty was just a complete bastard. Like just about every game I played (I was on a light gun game trip) had a point where you literally couldn't get through it without losing a credit or two. Not just a bit of life, but you'd get hammered to game over, with no chance of avoiding it. They may as well have just stopped the game and said "insert coins to continue". How did we put up with that shit?
  3. We were "doing research". We also played a lot of Gran Turismo and Tony Hawk's, for some reason. It was Starsky and Hutch - an arcade driving and shooting game that we wanted to pack loads of stunt driving in.
  4. I have very little to add to the discussion, other than to say that I own, and love, all the Burnout games. They have given me hours and hours of arcade racing joy, so thanks @CrashedAlex In fact, I was working as a designer on a driving game when Burnout 2 came out. We put it on the team's PS2 to give it a "quick go" to see if there was anything we could nick from it. A couple of days later, a rather irate producer told us to stop playing it and do some actual work. I will say, though, I can see the point about licenced cars. Having actual recognisable cars, rather than "that car looks just like a ..." really adds something to a game. It's completely illogical in an arcade racer, but it definitely makes a difference.
  5. ScouserInExile

    Brand loyalty

    Couldn't think of a better title that didn't include "fanboy". When it comes to gaming, are you loyal to any brand? As well as the Sony / Microsoft / Nintendo / PC hardware side of things, do you buy the output of a particular designer, developer or publisher? Do you pick up all the games in a series, no matter what? For me, I stuck with Sony for three generations from PS1 to PS3 (I don't really do handheld gaming) mostly due to the Gran Turismo series, which I bought all of, including the glorified demos. Though there was some loyalty there because I used to work for them. I swapped sides after getting a 360 late in its life and discovered I liked Forza more than GT. I now get every game in that series (including the two versions of Forza Horizon 2). I also can't seem to help buying: Burnout games Mortal Kombat - including stuff like Vs DC and all those pseudo RPG ones on PS2 Tony Hawk's. I even own THPS5... It's one of the worst games I've ever played
  6. ScouserInExile

    Microsoft Rewards

    Same here
  7. ScouserInExile

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    The Game advert for this one Facebook has some pretty scathing comments. I'd be interested to see how well this is selling
  8. ScouserInExile

    Microsoft Rewards

    What was this 5k for?
  9. ScouserInExile

    Who here doesn't care about the Switch and why?

    Of the games you mention, I quite like Mario Kart, though playing through all of them up to Wii has put me off wanting to play another one for a while. Other than that, there's nothing there that interests me. But I have a fairly narrow range of games I play, so I'm not exactly representative of gamers. So no. No interest in Switch. Or PS4, for that matter. Couldn't justify a gaming PC either. Bone has the exclusives (Forza) and multi platform stuff I want. If there was something I really wanted to play on Switch, I'd get one, but that hasn't happened yet.
  10. ScouserInExile

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Like if he's got a door that needs holding open or some paper that keeps getting blown away? That sort of thing?
  11. ScouserInExile

    Rllmuk's Retro Valuation Thread

    My post quoted above is probably your best bet with this stuff - find a specialist group on Facebook or the like and ask there.
  12. ScouserInExile

    Retro Game Podcast Recommendations

    Giving the Run and Gun episode a listen. One of the hosts (?) mentions testing Rapid Reload for Sony, which means I must have worked with him in the 90s. No idea who he is, though...
  13. ScouserInExile

    MAME controller help needed

    Uh, I set mine up in the general options. I've found changing stuff like that seems to confuse it
  14. ScouserInExile

    Retro Game Podcast Recommendations

    My brother used to work with him at Sony. I don't mind him, except for the fact he has repeatedly referred to "QA" as "Q and A", which is a completely different thing.
  15. ScouserInExile

    Retro Game Podcast Recommendations

    Bump. Very nearly started a new thread about podcasts, but found this thread first. As well as the already mentioned Amigarama, Retrnauts and Retro Asylum, I can recommend: Amigos As the name implies, this is an Amiga centric podcast. It's essentially a bit of news, then a game review. They also do a non-amiga "insert disk 2" episode every so often. I really like the two guys who do it, they really seem to enjoy doing it and playing the games. The Retro Hour Weekly one hour (duh!) podcast where they do a news section, then some really interesting interviews. Not just gaming this one. The guys who present this sound like they should be on commercial radio, they sound properly professional. They know what they're about as well. I always look forward to this one. Retro Game Discussion Show One of those "single subject" podcasts where they pick a topic nd talk about it for an hour or two. Can be a bit hit and miss, I find. Cane And Rinse Not strictly retro, but they take an in depth look at various games and game series that are often in the retro bracket. Can be a little dry, I find. Any others people can recommend?

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