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  1. I'm aware this is a game I bang on about a lot, but: Gran Turismo 3 The first two games were the highest and third highest selling games, respectively, on the highest ever selling console (at the time). The next iteration had a lot to live up to. And, imo, it delivered. The graphics were amazing, and still stand up today. The physics felt spot on. There was tonnes and tonnes of content with a structure and difficulty curve that made it accessible, while still pandering to the nore hardcore. It was just a very, very good game. It has it's flaws - the AI is a bit shaky
  2. I've just started playing this in two player with the kids. Did I see it can be 3+ player?
  3. I don't think I've bought much multiple times UFO: Enemy Unknown / Xcom is probably the most. I got the original on PC on floppy disks, the same again on CD, the ps1 version and then the PC version again from gog. And I picked it up on Amiga at some point as well.
  4. Way back in the day, a friend of mine would just "aaaaaaaaaah" her way through the vocals of Rock Band and pretty much always got 100%.
  5. I feel his pen and paper list, written in fountain pen on 27 sheets of paper, annotated with a red biro, list was a better solution that what Serco has produced. For £12b
  6. When it came to games journalism, i spent a good chunk of my life thinking reviews were honest, if sometimes a little misguided. It was opinion, afterall, and there were times when I strongly disagreed with friends about how good a game was. I'd worked in the industry for best part of five years before I read a review where I realised the reviewer had clearly been paid to give a good review to a bad game. It was a game I worked on that mostly got 40-50% reviews, which was fair*. But one of the bigger magazines gave it 86%. Which was bullshit. Ypu could tell from the review that r
  7. Off topic, but my brother maintained a list of every game that Zzap scored 90% or higher. He'd update it every month without fail. We're talking pen and paper days as well. None of your fancy spreadsheet malarkey.
  8. Probably Streets of Rage IV. It's the first time in yonks that I've played a game through then immediately started a new game.
  9. There were PS360 versions of Speedball 2. Weirdly, the 360 version messed about with the graphics and stuff, but included a "classic mode" that put everything back the way it should be. Does Smash TV count as a futuristic sport? Mutant League Football? A couple of 16 bit crackers right there.
  10. Pretty much the same answer as in the other thread: Forza. Both Motorsport and Horizon. With Motorsport, I always just considered them a poor Gran Turismo clone, having only played the first one. Got a 360 after FM4 had been out for a while and discovered that it was better than the Gran Turismo equivalent. By s one way. Bought a wheel just for that game. With Forza Horizon, I'd never really been a fan of open world games, so hadn't really considered it. It came with the 360 I bought and remained unplayed until around the time the second was coming out (which also came
  11. Not really relevant to the thread, but my wife and I's first date was we went and saw The Crow. And it's an amazing film. Is it on Netflix or Prime?
  12. Can I be your mate? £90 for a birthday present is pretty generous! Speaking of which, it's just the price that's making me dither about getting one. I'm not sure I'd actually use it ninety quid's worth. Though I would have thought it'd inject a new lease of life into Forza 7 (and probably 5 and 6)...
  13. I was going to ask a similar question. It looks like it's compatible with the two wheels I have: MS Wireless wheel https://www.drivehubnow.com/microsoft-wheels Logitech Driving Force GT https://www.drivehubnow.com/logitech-wheels so I'm tempted to pick one up. But I'm wondering how well they actually work.
  14. In the PS1 games, you had to be able to play everything with a standard controller, is that not the case for PS2? I vaguely remember Endgame using the controller, but that might have just been because I was playing an early version. I have a G-Con 2 I have no use for, if you wanna buy it?
  15. Xbox360 would probably count. I was a PlayStation kinda guy from the PS1 days, through PS2 (which was pretty much my only console of that gen, other than a short dalliance with a Dreamcast*) and into the PS3. This was mostly driven (pun intended) by the one exclusive I was mad about - Gran Turismo. I didn't even consider the 360, really, I had everything I needed in Sony's box. I think it was actually after the Xbone launched, though it might have been a little bit before, that I bought a modded 360 off someone on here and suddenly realised I'd backed the wrong box. Be
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