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  1. Can’t please everyone but what no Vigilante or Pacland?
  2. I don’t use the current switch as a handheld, like literally never. But whilst this new Lite version isn’t for me. I heard some mad claims that on lower spec games the battery can last between 6 and 7 hours. Which is good I guess! also... it’s just Nintendo that say no TV functionality. 3rd party people may find a way
  3. > Thread resurrection > Hey! forgot this thread was here totally The B-52's have just finished a few UK dates this month - I wonder if anyone here @linkster ?? went to the shows Really good and sadly billed as " Farewell Europe " tour Here we go, I went to Nottingham and Manchester this week! They've got to the stage where its " fuck it we are old " now, and the shows are far more relaxed and funny still rocking with their usual backing band though \m/ - Sterling & Tracy are ace on Drums / Bass. Apparently theres a Biography Book and Documentary well in progress. A new or last album would be most welcome too.
  4. I liked Liam’s jacket
  5. Mario Kart 9 you say? Leave the racing as it is and perk it up a bit here and there with new Characters and all that business. But we need an open world mode adding in a bit like Forza Horizon 4 if you like. Would be amazing to drive about the mushroom kingdom meeting other players, doing missions and gawd knows what else. The unlocks then get transferred over to the racing bit of the game. That kind of stuff!
  6. I have 4 PC Engines, 2 Turbo Grafx’s, a GT Engine handheld and A Pc Engine Duo. And shitloads of games. do I need this! Maybe
  7. I don't need conferences like this. Just Steam and my own choices. Consoles are dead. Because you are forced to have all that shit you just saw.
  8. My answer to every conference thus far is: " Fuck it I am getting a new 3DS "
  9. aye, they are obsessed with cyberpunky type situations!
  10. I think that Jedi game looks generic but good! and Flight Simulator was great. E3 has also pushed me even further to get an i9 gaming PC
  11. So I suppose most of that stuff is coming out for the PC too. Still thinking of a shiny new PC over any new console.
  12. So we have all these new games, but they will be old hat by 2020 when our new console is out. Why will it never change
  13. GAME will be accepting Xbox One X trade ins from TODAY
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