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  1. a 500gb SSD is around 70 quid on Amazon which i suppose is ok
  2. Looking at the list i suppose the most " next genny " thing is surely going to be Assassins Creed Viking Attack? any chance of that on gamepass?
  3. Well, a semi-success I managed to get the 1.00 upgrade from my PC Game Pass to Ultimate and then it set itself to auto renew on 23rd November. So I got a 21 pounds 3 month Ultimate pass and now i'm ok until the end of February 2021. I will more than likely top it up later before the new year. Happy days!
  4. I use my gaming PC to tinker and get strange stuff from Steam etc... I shall use my new Xbox Series S to play something big. Just need to see which game turns out well.
  5. it just wasnt Sega Rally to me, just another racer.
  6. I hated Sega Rally Revo. SHIT!! As bad as Daytona USA Championship Edition
  7. Will be amazing, Just like Crucible and New World are....
  8. Game, Electronics Boutique, Gamestation, CEX, Gamestop etc... Grainger games for some of you.... I haven't bought anything from those shops since the Xbox 360 and PS3 era too. Amazon are my go-to people now, and Shop-To now and again. How are they all still in business??? ( apart from CEX which of course is more or less Cash Convertors for Geeks! )
  9. It really confirms that Microsoft are clever. Make the money off the big one first, even though the little brother is virtually identical
  10. It just becomes a blue button with CHOOSE YOUR CONFIGURATION! on it the wordy bastards
  11. Anyone know the price of those special memory expansion thingies for the Xbox Series S?
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