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  1. GRRM is just telling Stephen King to hold his beer at this point.
  2. oh hell yes, how he got Brandy and especially the bit with his wife
  3. Hes brave as fuck. I used to get the sweats being the last squad member alive in Fortnite in a one on one and thst doesnt even count for shit.
  4. We have been loving this. Aabria is a great DM and everyone is actually excited to play unlike the damp squib that was the end of Campaign 2
  5. Oof at the scene between Pussycat and Cliff on the way to Spahn Ranch in the book. I was sick as hell yesterday so took the day off and read the whole book in between sleeping and then watched the movie again and came out with a greater appreciation of the movie with the added backstory bits. Also was in Sainsbury's earlier and they are selling it for £4.50
  6. I'm actually looking forward to the shitshow tonight. Paul is half a pound off the max and Mayweather was a whole five pounds under the minimum. I just want to see if Mayweather goes ahead and knocks him out in the first round or if he takes his time and humiliates him
  7. I’m off today and it was the first thing touted on Fire Tv when I turned it on so I signed up for the Shudder trial, blitzed through the first season and I’m on this episode now and it is fantastic. Bob Ross vs the Evil Dead he even beat the devil out the brush
  8. forget the eyes, look at the eyebrows! also Davidson never answered who she thought her father actually was. My manager and I have been taking the piss no commenting each other. She swears Carmichael is H and at first I was sure she was as well but now I’m just not sure. why did it take Kate so damned long to give up her gun?
  9. I don't think I've ever wanted to smack anyone as much as I want to slap Carmichael’s smug mug. Hastings is the gift that keeps giving
  10. NYC showed the fuck out for DMX’s memorial yesterday https://www.instagram.com/tv/CODpEpFFqd0/?igshid=18ys9fs42mm1q https://www.instagram.com/tv/CODpEpFFqd0/?igshid=12sovkkmkw2mo https://www.instagram.com/tv/CODpEpFFqd0/?igshid=43rvqlss17as
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