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  1. Yeah, also goes some way on how he is all in with this shit, he's already seen monsters and knows they are real. Tell ou what though, he is getting a massive side eye for going all out with Ji-Ah when all Leti got was sex on a bathroom sink and a car and she's the one saving the damn day. Do better Tic. Next weeks episode looks like it's going to be great though.
  2. That episode was dark as hell, loved it
  3. Damn having to wait a week for episode 5, that was good
  4. Some of the people on another forum I post on that are in the US said that after the ep, there was an ad that it will be available to stream on Friday night
  5. Episode four is this Friday, not Sunday
  6. I really liked episode 3, there is a lot to unpack
  7. I didn't mean you in particular Tell her to give the next ep a shot and see if she still doesn't want to watch it after that
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