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  1. I know its meant to be one of the worst movies of all time but I actually really liked Hudson Hawk
  2. She's been pretty much banned from everything to do with the apprentice for being ignorant. Apparently she is a school librarian rather than an actual one.
  3. Yeah she's actually from Taunton. They actually cut her off when she was talking about there being shooting.at her ladies club which actually already exists apaprently. Still don't believe she is actually a librarian though
  4. So Carina actually put her business plan in with more shops and that isn't even putting Alan's money in. She's going to win this shit Got me tearing up here
  5. Shit, going by that clip of Claude telling that in some ways she's a remarkable woman and that's the nicest thing he is going to tell her today, perhaps not I'm not even in these interviews and I'm scared
  6. It almost feels silly being this giddy about an episode of the apprentice, but the interviews really are the best bit
  7. Yeah they took it down because some critters were mad that Wendy's fucks over tomato farmers. We watched about two hours of it, figured we could watch the rest on the recap and went to sleep, and its achieved near mythic status in our heads since because we were never able to finish it. Episode 87 was good and I am reaaaaaaally looking forward to Thursday now
  8. the one shot that they took down is out there
  9. There was an article in the newspapers about her actually photoshopping her instagram pics and getting caught out because Dean posted the same picture that she did and it was different. I have to keep reminding myself sometimes that she is only 19, but then I wonder is she really a librarian or does she just have a lot of bookcases in her parents house
  10. I play Fortnite with Jay and they are actually still roadshowing it across the US and Canada at the moment although they took time off for thanksgiving. Clerks 3 is getting made actually.
  11. eau de parfam that mountain Carina is really handling Lottie
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