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  1. watched the first episode last night and it is good.
  2. Last night's episode for the first half was awful, they don't even seem to be into RPing
  3. If anything I'm looking forward to the four hour cut because for as long as the movie actually is, they cut out a lot of stuff and it actually managed to feel rushed. It was my transatlantic flight go to and there was never going to be a way to cram it into less than 6 hours spread over two movies.
  4. Beyond ropey. What the hell have they done to Contra
  5. Wait what, there is a rllmuk d&d podcast???
  6. plenty of time to read Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi then still one of the best books I’ve ever read about the case and was written by the guy that actually prosecuted the Manson Family.
  7. Wickedkitten


    I can't remember which song it is but there is one where swear to fuck it sounds like bits of It's over goodbye from the T2 soundtrack are weaved into the background and it's brilliant
  8. Wickedkitten


    Fuck yes
  9. They made a trailer for The one shot tonight that is like a DeBeers advert im so glad that arc over the last few episodes is done and they can get back to proper rp next week.
  10. He definitely got put back into the queue. Mind we watched Esfand and he got put back into the game so maybe it's just something that happened at the momenr
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