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  1. Episode two of The Fate of Atlantis, I don’t know who the fuck is chopping onions but I wish they would stop
  2. You said racism is an integral part of his character because he has put on a Chinese accent in his streams.
  3. Im sorry what? What relevance could that possibly have to do with whether I’m a bad person or not?
  4. I posted a video of him at the Espys and said I can’t take him seriously when he is in character, I never said he hasn’t done things that are problematic as fuck about things whilst in that character. Nesquests is the one saying it’s an integral part of his character which it isn’t.
  5. Right because all he does is sit around being racist?
  6. Yeah the spartan kick is brilliant, especially for forts. finished the legacy of the first blade and goddamn Melissanthi Mahui is good the Fate of Atlantis is looooooooong so you may want to do first blade first
  7. , You reaaaaaally can’t take him seriously when he is in character.
  8. Guy Beahm cheated on his wife, he also apologised to his wife, his family, and Dr Disrespects fans for letting them all down and took time off to work on both himself and his relationship so that when Dr Disrespect did come back, it was with his wife’s full consent and she is a hell of a lot more involved in thing she than she was before.
  9. Lol ”and if I see that dude at Whole Foods I'm still going to slap him up because I don't like him”
  10. Ufc was fucking amazing last night. Nunes is going to be champ for a very very long time. It's like the minute she sees weakness, it just makes her go super saiyan and fight harder. That fucking knee though, holy shit. Askren deserved that shit because he let his mouth write cheques his face couldn't cash
  11. They both are so nice and wholesome it makes my teeth hurt. Jason Mewes is another one who is nice as all hell
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