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  1. I saw Castles of Mad King Ludwig on sale on iOS today, 99p https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/castles-of-mad-king-ludwig/id1100292960
  2. I recently upgraded my PC to Windows 10 so I could finally play some Game pass games and this was first on the list. I’m sat at my desk now watching the credits roll and feel pretty confident that this is one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played. A lot of people said they got emotional after playing Journey but that left me cold. Despite this being the latest in a genre that’s ‘really not my thing’ it hit me right in the feels. Superb puzzles - at just the right level of difficulty and playing through is just so relaxing and pleasing. I also had the pleasure of playing with a decent set of headphones and the soundtrack is utterly incredible. This would have been my goty 2019, had I played it 2 months ago. Wonderful stuff. Edit: Just realised it came out in 2018!
  3. I’ve decided against watching the direct. I want to discover all the little details and collectibles for myself. If it was a few minutes then I probably would, but half an hour is going to spoil so much stuff.
  4. Cracking episode anyway!
  5. Nosejam

    Xbox Game Pass

    I was enjoying A Plague Tale, but having got to chapter 5 it’s already starting to feel repetitive and boring. Looks very pretty though. Might take a break and see if it grabs me again in the future. Also played a few hours of Alien Isolation and it still holds up very well, can see myself playing through it again. Such a great game.
  6. Nosejam

    Nintendo Switch

    I played Mutant Year Zero on Xbox One and it is very good indeed. Not sure on the Switch port but well worth checking out. Mario and Rabbids is a top tier game and should be in everyone’s collection.
  7. I’m looking to buy Camel Up (2nd Edition) if anyone is looking to sell? All the usual places are out of stock!
  8. Nosejam

    Nintendo Switch

    Player 1 there has clearly found his identical hand twin!
  9. It’s now supported on GeForce now.
  10. I almost always go physical with games when possible but that cd keys offer and the fact this game will consume me is too tempting.
  11. Good episode, Pemberton was amazing. Also
  12. Anyone else watching The Stranger? Didn’t realise it was a British show. 2 episodes in and it’s very intriguing!
  13. Good Time is on Netflix and it’s extremely good
  14. Really enjoying this. For anyone playing on Switch, what’s the performance like? Can’t say I’m a fan of the stuttering I’m getting on the Xbox One S and would buy it for Switch if it runs ok.
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