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  1. Nosejam

    Xbox Game Pass

    I think I lasted 15 minutes with DR4. If I had spent real money on it though, I almost certainly would of given it more of a go.
  2. I pre ordered this a while back and had somehow convinced myself that release date was this Friday I’ve not watched any videos other than last years E3 announcement.
  3. What the fuck is going on I gave up on the cricket and watched the Tennis, so England got exactly the same score?
  4. What a race, incredible battle between Ferrari and Red Bull until Vettlol’s schoolboy error! Max & Charles share the driver of the day for me.
  5. Seems like a lot of people in the stands, great to see that in practice
  6. Just finished this off. Thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Considering how long the game is it never got boring or repetitive and I genuinely wanted to see where the story went. My only real criticism is that it just needed a bit more dev time to iron out some of the glitches, slight performance issues and a touch more polish. As good as Spider-Man/10
  7. Damn episode 4 was amazing, as good as the show has ever been. The scene in the sauna was incredible.
  8. I’ve watched 3 and enjoying so far. Seems a bit more gory than previous seasons? No bad thing
  9. Here’s my top 5 for a new group of players: Carcassonne Ticket to Ride: Europe Forbidden Island Azul King of Tokyo Can’t go wrong with Sushi Go Party, Codenames and 7 Wonders either.
  10. Detroit is ace, my non gaming wife completed it and really enjoyed it.
  11. Haven’t played this since Friday and there’s an 18.5gb patch!
  12. The Dark Zones in The Division and especially TD2. So eerie and atmospheric and of all the post apocalyptic scenarios, surely the most believable.
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