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  1. I didn’t realise he was supposed to be doing a British accent until a character said something like “it was a French guy and a British guy”
  2. I really fancy this to keep the kids and myself active indoors but not prepared to spend £150 for it on eBay. I’ve set up some stock notifications but not holding my breath for anything to come up.
  3. Thanks Jon, have just posted a few bags of bells for your troubles.
  4. I’ll pop over thanks, anything you want? Fruit, iron nuggets, wood etc?
  5. I’ve got 20 you can take 7KJ6N Will be eating lunch so might not chat
  6. My turnip prices are rock bottom this morning 48 bells! Derwin the duck is currently unpacking in his new house, he seems nice. Had Flora the flamingo yesterday and she is utterly adorable!
  7. Going to open my gates for a while, I have 40 pears if anyone wants to bring other fruits for some Dodo code: GX8TP
  8. You can use the nook phone app and zoom in, a bit awkward but doable
  9. from the nook phone choose Passport. It’s funny when people are flying to your island it appears next to your name. I have Internet Trash but seems others have it so I’ll go for something more obscure
  10. Are turnip prices the same for everyone? Never really bothered with them in New Leaf
  11. Did everyone get Harv in their town this evening inviting you to his island? Or is it just random
  12. I have mate, is your gate open?
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