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  1. Nosejam

    The Good Place

    Chuck from BCS and Janet kicking ass The last 2 episodes have been great.
  2. Nosejam

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    It's great to be back into this and it really does run very nicely on Switch. Works surprisingly well in handheld mode too. Haven't played seasons before and like the format, having the little quests to reward you with a set piece is a great way to remind you of what you should be doing next. Only played a crusader to 70 so far but quite fancy sticking with that for a while before spending hundreds of hours on other classes.
  3. Nosejam

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah credit card or PayPal works fine. You can add an amount to top up or choose exact amount only.
  4. Nosejam

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    Just accidentally ordered this for Switch from Amazon, it's coming this evening.
  5. Nosejam

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    I really shouldn't but quite fancy a triple dip on this. Does it require Nintendos online subscription thing?
  6. Nosejam

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'm rocking a level 7 pencil moustache and bald on top. I shave the chin and chops everyday unless I'm on a hunting or fishing trip for a few days in which case I'll get a shave and haircut in Valentine along with an assisted bath in the hotel.
  7. I did the Uncle mission first so have this bug. Fortunately I hadn't done much else so going to restart. Hopefully this time I shall not be accidentally blowing people's heads off.
  8. Nosejam

    Inside No.9

    Wow that was mental
  9. Nosejam

    Inside No.9

    Some serious trolling here
  10. Nosejam

    Inside No.9

    Holy shit. Thought the sound loss was part of the show the first time. Poor buggers
  11. Nosejam

    Formula One - 2018 Season

  12. Nosejam

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    World Championship parking space lol
  13. Nosejam

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Didn't see Lewis before the race, what ridiculous hairstyle is he rocking today
  14. Nosejam

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    11 retirements out of 23 races, Jesus christ

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