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  1. any of the old crew tempted to double dip and bring your guardian into the future (or rather present) on PC? I miss you lot.
  2. It's just the bounties they are selling. They are not special. They are just arc-themed. Or something is loosely related to arc within them. sometimes. some of them.
  3. also matchmaking is taking ages.... game is being weird....
  4. Anyone else get the feeling that lag in crucible is way more frequent and noticeable? It is back at destiny one levels of weirdness. Wondering if it is just my internet that is acting up.
  5. Post procedural anti-aliasing is even worse on PC than it in on console in my opinion. Particularly at 1440p. Maybe less so at 1080p. I am now brutforcing by running it at 4k when I am home on a 1440p monitor which looks sharp as fuck.
  6. That is not water on titan. It is liquid methane.
  7. Oz

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Maybe the link expired let me try again https://discord.gg
  8. Oz

    Destiny 2 PC players

    here are some of the resources we we all use. https://app.destinyitemmanager.com/ https://destinytracker.com/ https://guardian.gg/2 https://www.wastedondestiny.com/ https://www.light.gg/collection/ http://www.destinylfg.net/
  9. Oz

    Destiny 2 PC players

    it does not normally take forever. reset your router maybe? the game is significantly larger than hearthstone mind. join us on discord for coordination and high jinxs. https://discord.gg/jrQjbA
  10. here's the game guide. https://www.destinythegame.com/game
  11. It does have the new weapon system and bounties and thriumps and beefed up year one exotic and faster crucible. Not sure if it has random rolls. Hopefully it is enough to make a good first impression. The campaign was not really what people complained about at the time. Pity they cannot see the dreaming city which is the absolute dog's bollocks.
  12. I wouldn't mind the game going free to play at some point after development finishes. The game is in such a great state at the moment. I kind of wish more of my friends had it or played it. Wow is free as well up to a point.
  13. Destiny on PC has higher frame rate, faster loading times, interface is easier to navigate, player population is less toxic, discorc communities are the dog's bollocks, has clan chat in game, location based chat in game, and it is 100% cheaper than on console. Do yourselves a favour and start over! AND 100% more @Siri
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