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  1. Yeh I had the same. Lol maybe in hindsight it should be obvious but he is a lying cunt and I am so used to never killing NPCs. If you look around you will see he is actually on the upper level of the boss room. From are the absolute best/worst.
  2. Well a bit disappointed. Guess we still have house of pain.
  3. I dunno man. I love Dan and I really like @Pockets. Maybe I just like Irish people.
  4. Her soul gives you the soul arrow btw. Which is really cool
  5. I agree drawing definitive conclusions on impact of the price on sales is difficult with the information we have. However, anecdotally, I would have bought returnal digitally at any price below £50. Issue for me was the combination of the price and a genre I don’t always enjoy. If one of those two had been different I would have jumped in to see the cool graphics on my new console I got 3 weeks ago.
  6. So the odd boss I was taking about earlier. From analysing dark souls now I feel they thought a lot of these boss concepts did not work well and ditched them in favour of more traditional boss battles. I actually think they left something quite awesome behind. This is just so fucking creative. It is quite amazing really. What a game.
  7. I killed a false god dragon now. I have been going back and doing pure white world tendency events in the worlds that I could. I did one pure black tendency event in the mines killing a black phantom who was kind of hard. I am starting to worry I have seen almost all of the game. I have really loved it so far. I will need a lot more of this, either in new game plus or running builds. Someone give blue point bloodborne for fucks sake.
  8. Yes you get one chance. normally enemies have aggro areas which mean you can pull them one at a time. You can parry which gives you health back and invisibility frames to deal with multiple enemies as well. You need an item before you can parry. Some enemies aggro faster than others which is another way to deal with them one at a time. Use the hardening function as often as available. Try to learn to use it mid swing. I don’t think the bosses are particularly difficult once you get hardening down. The first section is just a hub between the actual 4-5 sections the game has. There are no real
  9. I just got my first archdemon soul. I am rather confused by what just happened.
  10. I mean sometimes I watch things like this and I retain some hope that Jeff can carry this thing forward alone. He is still very entertaining in his own right.
  11. but what would we call the wall in this case? if the first person character talks and addresses the character who is controlling them.
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