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  1. I agree. Now that my internal resolution is a bit higher it looks night and day even on the same screen.
  2. Thing is my monitor is only 1440p. Card seems to be chewing it up at 70-80 FPS. Maybe if I take the PC to the living room (which I intend to do at some point) I will run it at 4K and drop down a bunch of things. What do you guys think?
  3. Every now and then I leave the channel open on the big monitor and my daughter (now 7 by the way if you can believe it) comes in and reads the chat. I am not always proud of my own content. I have learned to appreciate things like clean podcasts and asterisk use on the chat. Growing up she will run into cunts often though so I might as well prepare her for what they should be called.
  4. No shit. Though I knew the size, seeing it in person shocked me still. btw really appreciate your efforts in keeping the thread clean.
  5. it’s been a truly terrible year. But today I am finally having a good day. I bought this for cyberpunk in November and it finally arrived today. Give me all the rays please.
  6. So I have absolutely zero intention of providing river any nookie. Yet I find myself here, I wore the skimpy outfit, and I will string him the fuck along for as long as I am entertained by this. Finally on the other side of this stupid fucking little scenario
  7. This is the one I had to do 3 times. To have saves after each choice. After she dies, for whatever reason? the game stays in a combat state so I could not save after beating her. I got really good at the encounter by the end.
  8. I can't wait to see the end. But at my current pace the game will be bug free before I hit act 3. My V is something of a vigilante as well and must get involved in all crimes reported in the city.
  9. Where I stand on this at present: remote QA is not as effective so a percentage of the problem will be attributable to that. Based on your experience a low percentage. I get it. In my opinion, when a project goes tits up I can tell you for sure that management was shit but maybe the team is also bad. Let's face it some people are just not good at their jobs (executives, managers, engineers, testers, etc) and some teams are full of bad people. I don't think we can tell for sure from the outside. Maybe their testers are shit (as well). Anyway, this w
  10. but you are saying it is harder then yes? so some things could have been missed? or is it not even that much harder. Honestly curious not trolling.
  11. Because he said at the start that it was not the team's fault, when he mentioned QA I understood that the tools for testing were not working properly. Are you saying this is not possible in your experience? Even with COVID and working from home? He is only saying that some things were not found and not that the QA process was a bust. From a consumer perspective you can see this with everything released this year. The PS5 operating system for example had also poor QA. To my uneducated mind it sounds like testing software from home is somehow not as effective. It is not
  12. oh shit. now I started reading your post in that Russian accent.
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