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  1. Well if it works like the last time in F18 then its a broken move.
  2. Low Driven was a bullshit trick shot that was unstoppable. If its gone then I for one am glad.
  3. So the game hasn't changed that much then?
  4. Just some people have EA luck. Mostly Youtubers.
  5. Yeah I've seen loads, its just so all us poor suckers see it and think "Damn if he can get one, so can I!" and we spend stupid amounts of money to do it, and we don't get those pulls. I got a 91 Ronaldinho Icon, prob my best pull in F18, but it wasn't cheap.
  6. I think he said they were his "Promo" packs. Hes one of the top Youtubers for Fifa, no surprise his free EA packs had that inside.
  7. How have you guys got so many Golds already? I got fuck all to put a team together with?!
  8. Same, ended up paying just under £10 cash for it as I had vouchers. Just need to not buy thousands of pounds worth of Fifa points, thats the hard part. This is like an ex Alcoholic walking into a newly refurbished Weatherspoons.
  9. Haha yay Im not alone in this madness!
  10. Are there decent boss characters from Spidey universe or just these janky looking masked dudes?
  11. Jerec

    GTA Online: Gay Tony is back!

    Guys is there a RLLMUK group to join? Does anyone still play? Been getting right into GTAO, but think some of the missions will be much better with some buddies!
  12. Jerec

    Destiny 2: Forsaken. No raid spoilers please.

    Just ordered GTA V again. This week has loads of GTA Online freebies when you login, plus Amazon just chucked me $1,350,000 free Online dollars. And BF1 Season Pass is free from 11th Sept, so much stuff to do!!!!!
  13. Jerec

    Destiny 2: Forsaken. No raid spoilers please.

    Ah man every time I read this thread I want to play Destiny 2 and think that I'm missing out on loads of cool new stuff! Then 3 days later I realise why I stopped... Not even touched the second campaign mode yet! Hmm maybe a quick go won't hurt...

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