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  1. Laughable picks for my Gold 3. Biscuits from my packs. Overall, not worth the agro. Again.
  2. I sold mine. I found his card to be shit. His 89 was a wonder for me, this one didn't do anything other than fall over a lot. Went with Hazard, he's be good so far.
  3. Moore? I packed his Prime yesterday, sold for 290k. Unreal price. Hes meant to be a good CDM.
  4. He's good. Always hard to play against.
  5. Nice bro, thats an end game team up to TOTS. I've upgraded too:
  6. Anyway, can you guys do me a favour? Below are 2 vids of sequential matches I played tonight. First match I got fucking smashed, second I won. Now if anyone is that bored (like me) in home isolation, please have a butchers and let me know what the funk I was doing wrong, because to me it seemed the guy was all over me, it didn't matter who I passed it to, they where either there to cut it out or on me a split second later, jostling me off of the ball with ease. Please also note the first red was bullshit, the second was a mistake. As for the second vid, I can clearly see hes a less skilled player with a worse team, but is that all it was that allowed me to claim an easy victory??? Vid 1 Vid 2
  7. Oh my god is it your time of the month or something??? I did not moan about packing Neymar, I moaned that I'd opened loads of packs and there were zero icons, of course after watching Castro, Bateson and the others pack 3 each.
  8. 2 games and Petit is no where to be seen, hes going.
  9. Hmm just played a game and didnt really notice him tbh. I need a good formation. Playing 4231(2) and its ok but it just doesn't like my players are pushing up when I'm making runs with the wingers etc.
  10. Yeah man was going to write how disappointed I was with Moments Seedorf last Fifa, he did ok, but not worth what I would call a "Moments" icon. He was oafish and a bit tanky. Managed to get 90 Petit for 890,000. Prices have gone up quiet a bit for these guys.
  11. Prime Icon Pack - Barnes. Stuck him and Puyol into Mid Icon Pack - Crespo. I think I'm done with this fucking game now.
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