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  1. My bud got elite 2, not one card over 83.
  2. Sound advice Pants. Also in the news...It's not as good as Gooners but:
  3. He's now 2,200,000! 570,000 loss plus 5% Instincts are saying sell, but I know I'll do that and bam he goes up over the weekend.
  4. I was hoping once hes out of packs he will go up, and I think he will, if you have the balls to hold, or if coins dont matter much to you. Now I've just convinced myself to hold for a bit. I can't see him going lower than 2 million, at least not for a while. I think the week between this event and Futmus he will go up. 2.5 mill and hes gone.
  5. I'm already 471,000 worse off, then add the 5% on top.... Fuck it I'm selling and buying NIF Mbappe.
  6. Haha I did think that was a lot, I recalled looking it up before and never saw that sort of value.
  7. I'd sell 3 million for £1000 right now.
  8. You dont want to use hiim? Mate he is awesome, and thats me using him that cant even utilise him properly. As for selling, its up to you, hes getting lower each day as people are selling to get funds for the Messi POTM. I think (and hope) he will go up. There not many on the store and once hes out then I think he will go up, at least until Futmas.
  9. If hes ST then I'll get him, if hes RW then i'll prob pass.
  10. Me spending 2.7 million coins. Fucking EA.
  11. Yeah. Mbappe is 300k less than what I paid on the weekend. Didn't expect such a drop.
  12. There are lots mate, all depends on how fast you want to get the coinage. If you have money and you can live with wasting it, then buy packs. If you are the RTG type then you will need to follow trends, news, match results and fixtures to work out what players will be valuable at which times to then invest and resell. Or you can go middling and buy low Monday am (1/2am seems the sweet spot) and the resell Wed/Thur/Fri.
  13. Oi! Van Der Sar has been a great goalie for me, 10 x better than De Gea has been at least.
  14. I bought Mbappe for 2,770,000 today and I thought that was a good price. He's 2,585,000 now.
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