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  1. The base of Underworlds itself is only £40 and has everything you need in it.
  2. Me! Yes, it looks like a great value starter set (like Killteam) tbh. I want to have a good nosy and see how transferable warbands from Underworlds might be. I'm hoping "very" because that means I've got lots of compatible minis already. The magpies definitely play a part in the desire given the Killteam starter set sold out everywhere for a while too. That said I've not cracked open Shadowspear, Blackstone Fortress or Rogue Trader yet so might actually take a pass on this.
  3. Having finished Mollog's Mob up I decided to do some "proper" painting instead of focusing on contrasts. But then I got a DIY Funko Pop instead. So far I've based it yellow, blocked out some blacks and done a first pass at tidying up my crack handed skills.
  4. I've painted these in lots of small bursts so not really kept track. Mollog himself is...maybe 4 hours? Feels like an excessive estimate though. The others were maybe 90 minutes all in, at the very very most.
  5. 99% Contrast paints. Nearly there now.
  6. God no. The two models to the size of him are huge specials. Not sure what the orc is actually from, mind.
  7. Up to about 3 hours and I'm further along than I was when I layered it and gave up before stripping it. I'll have to do some traditional layering on this now to finish up some bits, and I'm not mad on the flesh tone on the front, but given it's 100% contrast so far I'm really pleased. It's up to 3 hours mainly because I made hard work of some bits and have been painting it in 10-15 minute bursts, so I reckon next time round I'd be faster.
  8. At most 90 minutes into this with contrast paints, but I think it's substantially less. The spots are Warithbone and Grey Seer base. Painted on a standard Citadel White spray primer.
  9. Contrast squig. Took about 15 minutes excluding drying time. I'm happy that I'm a good enough painter I wouldn't do everything in contrast (correcting and repainting is a PITA) but these have a place in my toolbox. Gonna try some more stuff. Doing my Sepulchral Guard at work - the contrasts are great on small, heavily sculpted pieces of fabric but less so on large billowing cloaks with flat areas.
  10. You can definitely play Zombicide with less than 6, but it gets tricky. Arkham Horror Card Game is solo-able, as is the Lord Of The Rings one I think. Gloomhaven is as well, and it'll definitely distract your mind from lots. Hostage Negotiator is a decent little cheap one as well. I'll dig through my piles tomorrow and chuck in a few more ideas as well.
  11. Aaanyway. I painted some skeletons. Start simple, I thought. I just chucked it on a big standard Citadel White base, which I sprayed on ages ago. I just used skeleton horde. I was initially disappointed. It just seemed like that sepia one we did, but thicker. I was just slapping it on from the pot, no real care. However, once it had dried later I could see how it had pulled away from the high points, which those washes don't. And, on the skulls, it had much more subtly settled into the smaller recesses like the brow. So, one paint tested, one paint liked. I'm looking at the rest of the Sepulchral Guard and thinking I probably wouldn't do all of the bits of them in contrast, but we'll see. Might be a nice experiment
  12. Oh they heard my screams and curses, don't worry about that. And then I asked when we'd have some more back in stock so I can carry on and they laughed and laughed and laughed. (joking pls don't fire me) Top Tip: Buy the little plastic paint holder trays and put the pot you are using in the middle of an otherwise empty one. Job done (I didn't do this job)
  13. I had a good go with a contrast paint today. Immediately knocked the pot over. It spills really quickly and and is a fucker to clean up and dyes your hands like baby poo. Fuck it. Fuck everything.
  14. And I didn't read any interviews with them at all. What do we do?
  15. Pre-order from an independent maybe?* It won't take long for stock to come through again, I wouldn't have thought. (I feel so dirty saying that)
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