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  1. It's Aeronautica Imperialis day! Whoop whoop. Need to go and get my pre-order from the shop, but I'm genuinely excited and looking forward to figuring out what extra tiny tiny planes I should buy how to actually play it.
  2. Aaand finished a quick and dirty piece of scenery. Can't even be bothered to varnish it.
  3. Machi Koro, Sushi Go, Exploding Kittens, Super Rhino Hero, Dr Eureka, Odins Raven, Coconuts are much better starting places for gaming than 40k. That said, get him some cheap figures and some paints and you'd have a wonderful weekend just making a mess.
  4. 40k takes too long with any reasonable sized force, and there are chunky periods of time sitting around doing nothing in which you'll lose his interest (most likely). Killteam is a much better starting point for the universe - self contained but expandable, faster paced, easier to learn/explain and more interactivity between players. Plus, you could house rule it to oblivion to ensure it's fun and engaging (ie not reading lots of tables, and instead "hits on a 5 or 6")
  5. Interesting. Hopefully it means it's super different from X-Wing then. The challenge this weekend is going to be not pre-ordering all of it, especially as I don't actually know why I'd need extra tiny planes right now. Loads of bonkers announcements from Nova over night. The Ossiarch Bonereapers may be enough to get me into an AoS army, where even the Nighthaunt had only tempted me previously. So much stuff.
  6. Got it. The boy and I played the basic game twice. Really like it, he thinks it's ace despite me beating him both times. Good job!
  7. I'm so excited for it, it looks wonderful. Did the original 2007 release work on a hex based board as well?
  8. Be interesting to see what the build options are for it. DAY ONE BABY
  10. It's also driven by buyer and seller behaviour though - the simple fact is new stuff sells at higher volumes, so reprints are inherently risky because you can't be particularly certain that the demand exists for it, you won't have a marketing cycle geared up to tell people it's available and trade stockists may not even be interested in it anyway because it won't sell through in high enough volume (particularly in comparison to a new expansion where the demand is far more measurable and certain). What neither FFG nor retailers want is stock sitting on a shelf, whether that's in a shop or or a warehouse.
  11. I'll be interested to see the new Codex. Given I have a SW Codex, plus extra datacards from models not in it, plus all the changes across the board and now these new models, it's definitely needed. I haven't been here for previous editions, but suspect the expanding SM Primaris range is the driving force behind it - as a force they need to be easier to play. I'm interested to see what (if anything) gets put in there from the Vigilus books. Wasn't initially mad keen on the mechsuit but I have to admit it's really growing on me now. I love that it has the detail of having sound suppressors so it can operate in stealth. Alternatively, in the grim darkness of the future there is only noise so nobody notices it anyway.
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