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  1. Calling this one done. I've actually built all my other Aeronautica Imperialis stuff as well, so maybe I'll do more than this too.
  2. 4/04: Call Of Duty MW (2019) (XBone) A very CoD CoD. Enjoyed it. Shot many men and often felt a bit bad about it. Very morally ambiguous. Pew pew.
  3. 2/04: Halo 2 (Xbone) Fucking awful. Never played it before but that was just utter bollocks. Don't get me started on the ending and whatever the fuck that plant was.
  4. Yeah it's frustrating. I'll give the Xbone app a crack and see if it's the same.
  5. 1/4: Quantum Break (XBone) I wanted so much from this but it always felt like it was giving me morsels when I wanted a full three course meal. The end battle against Serene in particular nearly had me smashing the TV in anger, introducing two new instadeath mechanics just for that fight. Ultimately, it wasn't that satisfying to play through but the powers were pretty cool. I have Control on PS4 (unplayed) so I'm hoping that's a bit more fleshed out as it looks similar. So want Alan Wake 2.
  6. Using the PS4 app - does anyone else get a fairly regular stutter? Have had it across both The Mandalorian and Agent Carter so far.
  7. Progress on my current project, to stave of insanity. Only blocking it in right now, still plenty to go on it.
  8. This looked like it's gone to an early digital release like some others.
  9. I think the value of the first starter set is so much higher than the second, purely because of the amount of scenery bundled in. Between that and a couple of standalone teams I bought, I don't think I'll ever need to buy more scenery again* You're effectively at a point in the games life where, between the core rulebook and the annual that released at Christmas, you can build a Killteam from almost any faction you want to (if you're going for what's cool vs what's competitive). *I clearly will
  10. I enjoyed this. The new Terminator was done superbly; his absolute singular focus on getting his target was chilling. Some properly tense sequences as well. Couple of shit bits. The entire humvee section was trash, but there you go. Dani was hopelessly miscast. But everyone else made up for them. Third best Terminator movie made.
  11. Managed half of episode 2. It's just awful. Everything interesting happens off screen. I'm oot.
  12. Episode 1 was guff. A 45 minute explanation as to why we're back in the same place but it's a bit different and the main actor is new. I really enjoyed S1 but this feels completely different. Didn't even recognise the planet!
  13. There were interviews at the time where Spielberg said they had to work hard to make it look like an Indy movie and then...well...it didn't for lots of it. That said, the fight in the rocket room is brilliant. Then the gophers happen.
  14. Stuffed Fables Played through the entire first story with Moose, Donk and my lad. It took aaaaages but only the last half hour or so dragged. Loved the way it introduced mechanics as you go through and while we definitely got some stuff wrong, we had fun. Christ knows when we'll play the next story - that's the first play through I've had and I think I've had it 2 or 3 years. Pandemic Rapid Response Played the intro game twice, beat it twice. I love this game, it's fun and tense and amusing. Time to add crisis cards now though. Photosynthesis Only my second game of this but I really like it. I'm also shit at it, and Donk went from 'I don't know what I'm doing' to creating masterful turns and burying us within 3 rounds. Hotel Tycoon Reprint of the late 80's classic for £4? Yes please. I smashed the family.
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