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  1. Stuffed Fables Played through the entire first story with Moose, Donk and my lad. It took aaaaages but only the last half hour or so dragged. Loved the way it introduced mechanics as you go through and while we definitely got some stuff wrong, we had fun. Christ knows when we'll play the next story - that's the first play through I've had and I think I've had it 2 or 3 years. Pandemic Rapid Response Played the intro game twice, beat it twice. I love this game, it's fun and tense and amusing. Time to add crisis cards now though. Photosynthesis Only my second game of this but I really like it. I'm also shit at it, and Donk went from 'I don't know what I'm doing' to creating masterful turns and burying us within 3 rounds. Hotel Tycoon Reprint of the late 80's classic for £4? Yes please. I smashed the family.
  2. I found a complete copy of this in a charity shop a few years ago for a few quid. Kept it a while and played it with the family before selling it on for an obscene profit. Snagged a copy of Hotel Tycoon on monday from the same shop for £4, a recent Asmodee reprint of Hotel, complete and with all its 3D buildings. Thankfully it's stood the test of time as a fun and amusing alternative to Monopoly's staleness, and I smashed the family to pieces.
  3. I can't make the northern meet but I'll be buying that.
  4. They look awesome. I bought some Chibis. Figured if I bought 5 I'd have a reasonable chance of getting a Battle Sister (number one on my list) and might avoid getting a Grey Knight (don't like it). Maths defeated me, however...
  5. It's got paint in there as well, so around a 50% discount all in. That's probably the lowest saving so far from a cursory glance. The first 3 issues were absolutely bonkers, mind. Forbidden Planet have a load of stuff listed: https://forbiddenplanet.com/catalog/?q=mortal realms&page=1
  6. There was one opportunity as part of Kinsey's character arc in the first 5 episodes where they really could have gone to town on the horror element, and it was dealt with off screen. It's not much more scary than Lemony Snicket, really. I do disagree with the point up thread that the kids are seemingly unaffected by the family tragedy though. That's absolutely not the case.
  7. Take back what I said about Rufus. I thought it was a young actor doing a terrible job of portraying an autistic character. Turns out it's an autistic actor playing an autistic character.
  8. Conversely, as someone with no awareness of the source material and who also has an 11 year old boy this is a great watch. We're trying to unravel the mystery of what's going on and the keys are really cool. We are up to episode 5 and it's starting to drop in more sinister stuff and I'm loving how they're enabling the characters to change. Rufus is unfortunate in having the world's worst actor playing him though.
  9. But...but...if the holder was holding the holdee and the holder got sprayed, what held the holder?
  10. OMG what have you done to the left hand butt plug? YOU MONSTER.
  11. Brave choice to recast Bryan.
  12. I've never played Halo 2 before bar the opening couple of levels, as I got caught in the great bannening that came against chipped consoles just after it was released. Playing through it now and I'm in the middle of a...uh...civil war, I think? A bug daft slime monster grabbed me from some water and because I'd forgotten what happened to Chief while I played as an Elite, i dunno what's going on any more. But, more to the point, Bungie really didn't listen to any of the feedback about the Halo CE level design, did they? I always thought maybe there was an unfair backlash against #2 but, woah, it's fucking awful.
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