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  1. Hitcher

    The Division 2

    Definitely worth it at that price, since Title Update 9.1 it's in a really good state which (hopefully) will get even better with TU10 soon. If you're on Xbox and want any help add me.
  2. Any holes in the walls?
  3. Hitcher

    Xbox Game Pass

    It'll still look better.
  4. I might actually enjoy it as well.
  5. And let's not forget Variable Rate Shading.
  6. Because it's not your primary Xbox you need to be signed in so she can play.
  7. Hitcher

    Xbox Game Pass

    As said, if you already have Ultimate it will convert to 2 more months.
  8. Hitcher

    Xbox Game Pass

  9. I guess I'm alone in hoping the combat is simple and doesn't involve timing your attacks. Also glad to see you can stealth it. Day one for me.
  10. Water looks shit though.
  11. If you know someone who also wants it you can game share and go halves.
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