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  1. Hitcher

    Nintendo Switch

    This is Nintendo there will always be a better version.
  2. Nice, sounds very similar to Survival which is a good thing.
  3. Maybe my Pro, but after Death Stranding, as it never gets used due to my disappointment with its exclusives which I sold literally the same week I brought them.
  4. It's under a year and from experience Amazon are great at returns.
  5. I was hoping the OG Splinter Cells would have been reduced more; next time maybe.
  6. Marathon Marrakesh session over the last 2 days -
  7. I think you're wrong they'll never go yearly because that would a sure fire way to lose subscribers. In fact all of these services need to keep the costs relatively low to be able to compete.
  8. Then why on earth are you paying for it? I stopped years ago so my Prime (£79/y) and Premium Netflix (£5/m - used a VPN to sign up from Turkey) is still less than the cost of a TV licence. Both are shared with my 3 sons and my dad. I see no-one has mentions the thing a lot of people do with these streaming services and that's buy a month to binge certain shows and then cancel until the next lot they want to watch is available.
  9. Is this meant to be out on Xbox today?
  10. Hitcher

    Nintendo Switch

    Now try putting the Switch in your jeans pocket!
  11. Hitcher

    Nintendo Switch

    They should have gone with this design and price to start with and those who wanted to play docked could spend the extra for the dock and a controller.
  12. Hitcher

    Nintendo Switch

    So can the Switch.
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