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  1. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    I'm not on this week night shifts good luck guys
  2. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    I'm happy to go cdm if u wanna swap whatever people wanna do
  3. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    Sorry I missed it guys emergency in theatre had to stay late good work on getting our first points of the season.
  4. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    I'm happy playing anywhere
  5. BAP Season 36

  6. RPL Wanderers - Season 35

    I will play anywhere doesn't really bother me
  7. RPL Wanderers - Season 35

    Yeah I'm back and can be on for any time tonight if u guys wanna play a couple before
  8. Portugal 1 Ireland 3 not much to be said on this one not a good tournament for Portugal and looking forward to the end of this FIFA lol well deserved from Ireland good luck mate
  9. Group F buchy portugal 1 Sean Slovakia 1 Sean Slovakia 3 Buchy Portugal 0 well played mate never really got going in either game great finishing from Sean in the second
  10. Kl should be on tonight see u there jus after 8
  11. Group F Buchy Portugal 2 Fennas Austria 1 Fennas Austria 2 Buchy Portugal 3 Fennas played really well both games lack of depth in the Austria squad showed and despite not playing well managed to steal the wins in most part thanks to ronaldo

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