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  1. sbrandon111

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Just ordered this, I currently have an on going monthly sub for game pass, will the 6 month code supercede this and the sub revert back to monthly after that?
  2. sbrandon111

    Destiny 2 PC players

    What time are you starting? I need to finish the warmind stuff!
  3. I'm back if needed!
  4. sbrandon111

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Possibly, even for the nightfall if we cant get enough for a raid.
  5. That FUTbin site is a godsend for this, still havent got any special cards butgot an Isco from a pack No way i'm going online to play people though, i'd get hammered.
  6. Ah thanks, i'll check that site out
  7. so I've started Ultimate Team, loving it. Question though, the SBC seem impossible, should I be sending all the players I dont want to my club? Or selling them? I want some icons but can never save enough money to buy them.
  8. sbrandon111

    Destiny 2

    How is the new update? I haven’t tried it yet but will have a go tonight. Is it likely to bring any players back to the game?
  9. sbrandon111

    Destiny 2

    Dont mind at all mate, was very kind of you to do so. Thanks everyone for your kind messages, i have passed them on to Alan and his family.
  10. sbrandon111

    Destiny 2

    Was a shocker, totally devastated, More so for his family. He was a good friend of mine for years, and former colleague. Was only playing D2 with him a week or so ago. He will be sorely missed and would be totally humbled by your kind words. RIP big man.
  11. sbrandon111

    Elite Dangerous - Beyond - Ch.2 out 28th June 2018

    Is this reasonably easy to get in to? I’m pretty rubbish at aerial combat games but like the idea of trading and mining.
  12. sbrandon111


    It says I have a 45min queue on Xbox.....what?
  13. sbrandon111

    Xbox One Console Thread

    This is exactly where I am at the moment with PS4. Thankfully I have a level headed wife that’s stopped me selling it more than once recently. I’m almost exclusively Xbox just now with a bit of switch.
  14. sbrandon111


    I just cannot win gunfights in this game, I’m usually finishing top 25 but lose 9/10 gun battles. What makes it worse is I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.
  15. sbrandon111

    PS4 Eater of Worlds

    I can be on as a sub if needed.

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