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  1. jimmbob

    Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to PS4,XB,PC

    I'm a Prime customer. Not for much longer though! It's sold out in Argos, and seemingly everywhere else around here. In short, Amazon can suck my tits. Might try the old credit roulette and place an order with Shopto...
  2. jimmbob

    Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to PS4,XB,PC

    Yes, I got a "We're still trying to obtain the item(s) which you ordered", email about an hour ago. Fuckers.
  3. jimmbob

    Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to PS4,XB,PC

    Well Amazon have cocked up my preorder and are out of stock. Is there anywhere selling this cheaper than them?
  4. jimmbob

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    My fave Edge covers are both GameCube stuff.
  5. jimmbob

    Illustration Club

    Trying something other than comic book characters.
  6. jimmbob

    Venom - October 2018

    He sounds like Elmer Fudd.
  7. jimmbob

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    If there's a "giant fuckin' spider", at the end I'm all for it.
  8. jimmbob

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    There's a blood moon tonight at 20:50. FFS if you've got any old pets buried in your garden, be sure to grab a stick, korok leaf, or guardian sword from your shed before sundown.
  9. jimmbob

    The Making of Street Fighter: The Movie (1994)

    At his peak I'd be more surprised if Jean-Claude wasn't coked up to the eyeballs 100% of the time to be honest.
  10. jimmbob


    I'm a badger's ball hair from 2mil on chapter one. Like, so close I'm not sure I can let it rest, even though I know I'm rubbish and will only manage it with luck and partial drunkenness.
  11. jimmbob

    Nintendo Switch

    It's about £25/£30 on Amazon I think. Unless you're full digital, in which case it's your first born and a crate of Stella.
  12. jimmbob

    Nintendo Switch

    I think there's four. I've not unlocked them yet though.
  13. jimmbob

    Nintendo Switch

    Those who are yet to play Captain Toad, get on that right away. I was playing into the wee hours as my daughter decided that sleep was for pussys. It's great fun, perfect for a bit of wind down gaming.
  14. jimmbob

    Nintendo Switch

    If it's more than a tenner you might as well buy the official stand. Unless this does something drastically different?
  15. jimmbob

    Illustration Club

    Troll Toll (Boy's Hole)

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