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  1. Like the rest of my games I will buy it full price at launch and never play it.
  2. Resident evil 6 is the reason that 7 basically had nothing to do with the franchise apart from an umbrella logo at the end. It’s Resident evil made by a committee. I liked it in co-op because even dreadful games are fantastic with a good mate to giggle with. But on its own, it’s pretty dodgy tbh.
  3. Are these likely to be readily available any time soon? I’ve been after a XSX for ages. I read tales of people pissing on them, and it sounds tremendous. It seems they’re all there for the taking if you want to get one on the knock and never, but buying one outright, at least in the places I’m looking, seems an impossibility.
  4. I’ve taken my craft beer wankery to the next level by getting my own artwork put on a beer glass. And I don’t care, I flippin’ love it.
  5. jimmbob


    You are of course absolutely right. In my defence I wanted to see what was going on when you “plunged”. Plus it’s a perfect size, and, unlike every other cup in the house it isn’t on the floor of my daughter’s bedroom creating it’s own eco system. But yes, lesson learned.
  6. jimmbob


    I’ve bought an aeropress. Flippin’ hell it’s brilliant. I’d heard great things, I’m really enjoying experimenting with it. No idea what I’m doing and I can’t have more than two coffees before I start to shake like a shitting dog, but none the less. Great stuff. I just made this flat white sort of thing. I don’t know what it is. T’was nice though.
  7. Alan Wake. That’s a game I’ve not thought about in a long time. That’s the one where a guy who wears 3 jackets at the same time is chased through the woods by ghost farmers isn’t it?
  8. You did. That must be where I remember it from! I never played it, the 360 pile of shame was immense. I was too busy with Mindjack and the First Templar. Astonishing games BTW.
  9. I was thinking of Dark Sector. A game where you play as Goth with a boomerang or something.
  10. I can’t remember if I’ve played Dark Void. Which probably tells me everything I need to know about Dark Void.
  11. I like your thinking. I could have two Xbox's I don't have time to play.
  12. Series S in stock at Amazon. No good to me as I'm waiting for an X, but there you go... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Xbox-RRT-00007-Series-X/dp/B08GD9MNZB?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1
  13. jimmbob

    Dishonored 2

    I have a new copy of this for Xbox. if anyone doesn’t have gamepass, and wants it for free, let me know before it becomes a beer coaster.
  14. All the positivity of the last few pages has got me excited to play this. If anyone fancies selling their copy to me let me know via pm before I give my money to the usual crooks.
  15. I most certainly do. Somewhere. Drop me a PM with your address and I will sort it out.
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