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  1. Agreed with most of this, it is easy to be down because the end of the match was such a sickener, but I think there were still positives to take away.
  2. Yeah just seemed a slightly odd way of putting it, but carry on.
  3. Never seen such a dull 3-0 game. Can't see beyond Chelsea for the title really.
  4. Can't imagine Rice will start on Wednesday. Bit of a worry they seemed dead on their feet so early in the season. I knew it would be tough juggling prem with europa but I thought they'd get to Christmas anyway.
  5. You know we are playing European football already right?
  6. I just really don't think sticking a player on cold like that to take a penalty is ever really a wise move.
  7. Zouma was absolutely class though.
  8. Cresswell not reacting there for the rebound, just waving his arm for the offside. Poor.
  9. Souness sees Declan Rice as more of a centre back and "not a top top class midfielder" apparently
  10. My wife and I went to the Leicester City game, first time in years and years and first time at the new stadium, and it has ruined the season for us in terms of expectations, feel like we must win something this season especially with Rice almost certainly on his way out in the summer. We were sitting there, pinching ourselves, going "is this how West Ham play football now??" And watching last night it cemented the fact that we have a solid identity, philosophy, and plan. I find it hard to say that about virtually any other West Ham side in my lifetime tbh.
  11. I think what impresses me most at the moment is the depth in the squad. Moyes rings the changes but everyone seems to slot right in. Squad players like Fredericks get a chance and they look like they could play themselves into the first team. Bodes well.
  12. Listen to 95% of snooker players talk about the sport and it is obvious they have at best a love/hate relationship with it. It is so hard to play and you basically have to start by the age of 6 or you've got no chance.
  13. Diablo 2: Resurrected Forza Horizon 5 Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania Danganronpa Decadence Advance Wars 1 + 2 Metroid Dread Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Mario Party Superstars Shin Megami Tensei V
  14. ChewMagma


    Sure she said that...
  15. Just to prove I'm not going mad https://www.gamespot.com/articles/psa-dont-put-your-ps5-discs-in-the-wrong-way/1100-6484143/
  16. No, if you have your (original) PS4 vertical, then you insert the disc with the shiny side on the left, whereas if you have a PS5 vertical, the shiny side is on the right.
  17. For those wondering, the system transfer at initial setup moved all mine and my wife's data without any problems, apart from randomly failing to copy some DLC for some reason. I did think I had a dud disc drive for a minute or two though until I realised the discs have to be inserted the opposite way round to the PS4 . What else? Persona 5 looked horrible until we switched the HDR to "On When Supported", in case anyone is finding PS4 games look washed out.
  18. Ah no worries I'd already decided to get it for a month just to check it out anyway.
  19. Well I bought 1 month PS Plus because I assumed you'd get cloud saves for family members, but no apparently that is the one PS Plus feature you can't share, hey ho. So I will probably backup to USB to be on the safe side, then try and do a network transfer in the initial setup even though that is a pain in the arse having 2 consoles setup (again I have read you can only do a system transfer once on initial setup as well for reasons). For an industry where you are expected to change machine every few years they don't half make it a fucking palaver.
  20. Ok got one of these today, wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Now stupid question time: I have a PS4 with my data and my wife's data. I don't have PS Plus. I can see you can do a network transfer of data between PS4 and PS5 when you set it up. Will this copy all user data, inclusing my wife's, no fuss? Will it ask for other users to login? Will it wipe the data on the PS4? My wife is about 80 hours into Persona 5 you see and if I fuck it up I am a dead man.
  21. I don't think they need to stand at attention giving their little crypto-fascist salutes or whatever the fuck it is at the end of the game to their ultras after they've spent the game lobbing bottles at the opposition and doing monkey chants though. They could probably cut that out right? Not too much to ask is it?
  22. I've platinumed exactly 2 games in my entire life, Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne. When I got my Series S I thought "I am an adult now" and turned off achievement notifications. However I missed the ping of the achievements so swiftly turned them on again. I don't notice or care that achievements aren't a thing on Switch. Make of that what you will.
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