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  1. Finished this today on Experienced on Series S, enjoyed it a lot to be honest even if the side missions were a bit of a drag towards the end and the final boss was a pita because it forced me to play with the name characters rather than the random uber Heavy character I had who'd let me stomp through the game relatively unhindered up to that point. This is probably sacrilege but stripping Xcom of the strategy layer kind of suits me tbh.
  2. Put it this way, in the hell future, which is rapidly hurtling towards us, in which corporations replace governments and make all our decisions for us, Nintendo is literally the only corporation I would die in a trench for. j/k obviously lol
  3. Yeah I must say I'm feeling very smug and wise to have swerved the Wii U, the only Nintendo home console I have never owned.
  4. I mean Nintendo could just not let people publish shovelware on their platform no? Then everyone wins.
  5. Lol nm I did it on the very next attempt.
  6. A very interesting and thoughtful essay, thank you. Two things I would say: 1. There is an implication that "increasing sales" should be a developer's primary goal but I'm not sure it should be. 2. Some of this discussion seems to revolve around whether you see games as art to be experienced or a product to be consumed.
  7. I mean you can do this if you read a book but what have you got out of the experience if you do? Why not read a book that you don't find boring or impenetrable?
  8. I was firmly in the "no easy mode" camp, but some of these posts, jfc.
  9. Yes the Persona 4 Golden sliders are excellent and everyone should up the Exp received one to avoid pointless grinding frustration. Soulsborne games are skill-based though. I don't know if giving people more health or xp would necessarily help them in that regard if they really struggle with them. I have learnt to accept that I am bad at many, many types of game (driving sims, online FPS, fighting games) though, I don't ask that those games are made easier to accommodate me, and maybe Soulsborne games aren't for people if they find the way they are designed too difficul
  10. Soulsborne games do have an easy mode of course, which people tend to overlook and that is the ability to summon other players to beat the bosses for you.
  11. I've been playing Paper Mario: The Origami King, which my wife bought me for Christmas. Really fantastic, think I probably would have had it in my top games list if I had played it sooner.
  12. Hard to pick between Persona 4 Golden, Stellaris and New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.
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