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  1. Who knows about sports climbing? In the bouldering, I watched the women's qualifying and they had to do the boulders totally sight unseen, but today I'm watching the mens final and they have been given 6 mins to assess the boulders. What gives? Also 3 boulders rather than 4?
  2. Something hilarious about Discovery paying all that money for the rights and then just forgetting to tell anyone about it. They could have driven so many subscriptions, £4 Olympics special, job's a good un. Hopefully they have a re-think for 2024. IOC greedy as fuck though.
  3. The best thing about the Olympics full stop is seeing the moment when people realise what they have achieved and that is why I try to watch as much as possible. It is a good positive thing to experience even if only vicariously.
  4. We got two more sailing golds this morning so yeah we should easily hit that 14 gold target, might end up being closer to 20.
  5. Team GB will almost certainly not achieve as much as they did at Rio, their greatests ever games. Rowing has already been a disaster and we are very unlikely to do as well in the track cycling.
  6. Right, but obviously no Biles, only got their first athletics gold today, Women's Football team out, Baseball team out at quarter finals, Hannah Roberts was supposed to be nailed on for BMX, don't seem to be doing anything on the track, didn't do much in skateboarding. Maybe it is just the sports I happen to be watching but they seem much less dominant to me.
  7. Why is the USA struggling so much in this Olympics? Inability to stay motivated without crowds? Simone Biles situation unsettling the team as a whole?
  8. I'm not into skateboarding and I found it incredibly impressive.
  9. When it comes to judging the quality of the skateboarding some of you have been playing waaaaay to much Tony Hawks imo.
  10. I think this looks cool. Sounds the business as well.
  11. I thought this was decent, very good for an hour or so, ran out of ideas towards the end. Ray Winstone was entertainingly shit.
  12. Now you mention, it is a bit reminiscent of Skies of Arcadia.
  13. Just finished Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (Switch) in ~40 hours - it's an action JRPG where you are shipwrecked on an island and have to rescue other castaways and plot your escape whilst uncovering the mysteries of the island. It is a weird one to talk about. I really enjoyed it but hard to put my finger on why. The writing is bad, the over-arching plot is very tropey with some dumb but entertaining twists, the graphics, particularly the environments, are pretty bad (not surprising as it started life on PS Vita) but the character and monster designs are pretty cool. What it comes down to is very satisfying combat; smooth progression that can be done in 20-30 minute chunks with no need to grind if your exploration is relatively thorough; and the loop of uncovering different parts of the island to find new survivors to give you new abilities to access further parts of the island is pretty compelling. And 40 hours is relatively brief for a JRPG these days! Maybe one for the JRPG heads only, but a solid 7/10 if you are.
  14. Ok "elite football" then, but any modern elite sportsperson pursues the optimal strategy that minimises risk and maximises opportunity for reward based on the actual rules of their chosen sport. As an aside I don't know what a more satisfactory and practicable alternative to penalties would be though.
  15. I wasn't trying to be harsh! I'm just not sure that in a Euros final, a thing England have never experienced, there was some magic tactical key that Southgate just needed to find to unlock the game. It might have taken every last piece of the English players' skill just to keep the Italians at bay. From the touchline, Southgate could have sensed that his players had nothing left, trying to change things might only upset the apple cart, and a penalty shootout was the only realistic chance to pinch it. We can all say he should be braver, maybe even that it is better to die 3-1 by the sword than live through the agony of penalties, but elite sport can't think like that, it has to keep alive the opportunity for the victory as long as it can.
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