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  1. Turn-based tactics games - tend to be easy to pick up and put down, but normally have systems that are challenging and/or fun to master: Into the Breach Darkest Dungeon Steamworld Heist Mario vs Rabbids Fire Emblem Awakening Xcom 1 and 2 Divinity Original Sin Advance Wars Frozen Synapse
  2. ChewMagma

    Gaming Webstores We Love

    I've always been very happy with Element Games. Took delivery of a box of goodies from them just today in fact!
  3. I thought this was really, really enjoyable, having gone in with lowered expectations, especially as I have always struggled with her comics. I actually thought it was better than Black Panther. Started a little slow / confusing, but Brie Larson really grew on me and the relationship between her and Fury was great. My two criticisms were:
  4. ChewMagma

    Your gaming regrets

    Yeah I am a bit like this. I used to love playing local multiplayer in the 16-bit era but I find the online experience nowadays weirdly dissatisfying in comparison. I have friends who play online and have encouraged me to purchase stuff to play with them, but it always seems to be that our schedules never sync up enough to actually play; or other people in the group are absurdly good/take the whole thing too seriously for it to be enjoyable; or I'm just bad at the game; or they don't actually play it as much as they thought they were going to before moving on to the next thing; or some combination of these things. It just seems like the stars would have to align before I could find a decent online group who want to play the games I want to play when I want to play them in a serious enough way so that it is competitive and fun but not so much that everyone stops being at the same relative skill level and it doesn't feel like a work conference call half the time. When I was 12 and could spend an entire Saturday playing SNES games with the same 3 or 4 friends this all just sorted itself out.
  5. ChewMagma

    Do you cheat on games?

    I'm guilty of save-scumming and sometimes use guides, but generally only to either get tips on a particularly challenging boss fight or build advice or the like or if I'm stuck on some obtuse videogame logic environment puzzle that is holding me up in what is otherwise a non-puzzle action game. Also if I am starting a very long game, I normally do look up the Kotaku beginners tips or the like because I want to avoid making a silly permanent decision early on (accidentally picking an annoying class/weapon selection, poorly spend xp points, etc) that means I quit or restart after sinking a few hours into a game. I'd love to say I played through every game overcoming every challenge myself, but the truth is I tried to do that as a kid and the number of games I finished before getting bored I could count on the fingers of one hand. Ultimately I'd rather see the end of more games, even if I need a little help getting there.
  6. Game of the Year A1. Monster Hunter: World A2. Into the Breach A3. Cultist Simulator Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Playstation Classic Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. Nintendo Switch Best Supported Game (released pre 2018) of the Year B1. Splatoon 2 Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2017 or earlier) X1. Offworld Trading Company
  7. ChewMagma

    Ever been totally hooked on one game?

    250+ hours on Monster Hunter World this year is probably a personal post-teen record. A couple of the Souls games and Skyrim I've put 100+ hours into, but for most games that grab me 60-80 is the maximum and generally I'd rather do 20-30 or less.
  8. 01 - SOPHIE - OIL OF EVERY PEARL'S UN-INSIDES 02 - Skee Mask - Compro 03 - Aisha Devi - DNA Feelings 04 - Low - Double Negative 05 - Vein - Errorzone 06 - Hilary Woods - Colt 07 - Forma - Semblance 08 - Steve Hauschildt - Dissolvi 09 - Space Afrika - Somewhere Decent to Live 10 - Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy Honourable mentions: Pig Destroyer - Head Cage The Hirs Collective - Friends. Lovers. Favorites YOB - Our Raw Heart Tangents - New Bodies Proc Fiskal - Insula Tess Roby - Beacon Virginia Wing - Ecstatic Arrow Rival Consoles - Persona Ross from Friends - Family Portrait DJ Richard - Dies Irae Xerox
  9. ChewMagma

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Nah mate, I'm a West Ham fan, trust me it is wretched. @Adrock
  10. ChewMagma

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I don't think you have to take my comments as a personal slight to be honest, it is just an observation. Of course this thread has been a lot of fun, I wouldn't be here otherwise. But specifically when it comes to England sometimes people can't see the wood for the trees.
  11. ChewMagma

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Not knocking anyone specifically, but my mind is always blown coming into this thread after England have put on another assured and effective performance and done exactly what has been asked of them to find people nitpicking and carping. This is the World Cup Quarter Finals for god sake. Of course your opponents are going to create some chances or they wouldn't have got this far and that is what your keeper is there for. We just comfortably beat Sweden, an extremely effective side right through qualifying, who won their Group that included Germany, in a World Cup Quarter Final whilst keeping a clean sheet and we never looked like breaking a sweat. I swear if we somehow win this thing, the day after I'm going to come in here, and people will be going "oh well there is an asterisk over this because we only won coming through the "easy" half of the draw" or "yeah fine but we should have scored more goals from open play" or "drop Sterling for the next tournament though cos he missed that one against Sweden" or "Kane doesn't deserve Golden Boot because he scored too many penalties" etc etc It is why I can't follow club football any more, just miserable, miserable takes. Absolutely no fun allowed.
  12. ChewMagma

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Glad Denmark are out frankly - can't have long thrown-in merchants stinking up the tournament. Obviously yes, let's ditch the tiki-taka nonsense that's blighted football for years, but that doesn't mean we should go totally mad the other way either.
  13. ChewMagma

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Nah I still think you play to win, the confidence and momentum is more important for a young team than trying to second guess who you might face in the quarter finals. Besides I don't think any side has looked unbeatable yet.

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