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  1. After struggling with that final horde, took a couple of days break from it, came back yesterday and pissed it first time! The rest of the game was pretty easy after that. That was excellent. Much much better than all the average reviews made out, so glad I took a punt. Problem now is I can't find a game I want to play to follow it, so spent this afternoon just mopping up bits on this. Not sure I'll rinse it for the platinum; after this and AC:Odyssey maybe a bit of a lighter palette cleanser is in order. But I reckon I'll be in for any story DLC.
  2. Yeah, or you spoil that tranquility by accidentally blowing off someone's head instead of saying hello. Seriously, so many bloody times....
  3. I’d probably echo RDR2 as a recent one. There were several occasions whilst slowly trotting through those northern forests, just as dawn breaks, where the drizzle and greyness but arrival of daytime felt incredibly evocative of living wild, surviving another night against the elements (and locals). Heading in to a small town where it genuinely felt like people were awakening and going about their business. A lot of smoke and mirrors I know, but when it worked it was incredible.
  4. 1. Spider-Man (7th Jan) 2. Devil May Cry 5 (14th March) 3. The Witness (17th March) 4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (27th April) 5. Days Gone (13th July) Just got got better and better. A nice change of pace after AC, and some thrilling set pieces. A bit ropey in places on my vanilla PS4, particularly frame rates. But yeah. Solid 8/10. Glad I ignore the reviews
  5. Precisely how I felt. It's SO close to Origins in structure and feel, but they've just polished out a lot of the irritations, made everything a bit more fun. It's just a bit gooder across the board, and whereas Origins outstayed its welcome, I could easily and happily sink another 50 hours in to Odyssey. Really excited for the next installment...
  6. It’s real fucking big
  7. I reckon it’s somewhere around a quarter of the map, probably a bit less. It’s a good sized game, plenty to explore.
  8. I’ve reached the story mission where you
  9. Yeah, I like my interactions with the general populace to be either helpful, or pointy. Followy can fuck off.
  10. Just did my first horde, the Chemult one. What a rush! The throw some attractors then lay down a wall of grenades and napalm, wait 10 seconds then repeat trick did the job beautifully. Only had 20 or so stragglers to mop up after. Still, really exciting.
  11. Looks like there’s a new challenge/survival mode in the latest update. Looks rock hard, but maybe good horse practice seeing as I panic as soon as I come across them in the main game
  12. Oh shit, wow! I'd assumed I was closeish to the end. Excellent :)
  13. As many have said here, it’s a game that the first few hours really doesn’t do justice. The variation in missions, regular pace changes, and the world are all very good. As I said before, coming off the back of AC:Odyssey was initially a bit disappointing, but now I’m in its groove, it’s definitely a solid 8/10 for me Incidentally have just
  14. I wish he wouldn’t do that irritating high pitched mocking voice. It makes me want to claw my ears from my head. But fair point. EA have got some fucking balls huh
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