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  1. Working my way through
  2. Think I’ve collected 20 so far, so it’s good to know I’ve a few more to catch. I assume they’re seasonal like other creatures though so must be close to what’s available now.
  3. Open btw. It’s actually sunny for a change
  4. spanx

    Xbox Series X

    I’m sort of tempted with a Series S as a cheap PS5 companion, although I am upgrading to a 4K set at the same time. Obvs won’t get the full 4K glory but it should still be good right?
  5. I sort of did, but only in a
  6. Made it to I have to agree with the “hive mind” here; I’ve come straight from my first play through of the first game and the combat is far more natural and pacey, little things like the auto-aim for bricks & bottles, going prone, the layout of the combat areas being amenable to using it to hide and flank enemies. It feels like a level up in polish.
  7. Oh man this is so good. Nailed my first 500m on world tour on my 4th or 5th attempt. I love how on the edge you have to be to move quickly enough not to run out of air. Nice to play it in English too, some of it actually makes sense now Going to be some hours sunk in to this I reckon.
  8. Cheers @Sabes - dropped you a 300k tip as a thanks
  9. Cheers @Sabes - will you be online a bit later? Working right now but should be finishing mid-afternoon
  10. Bugger. Missed it. I’m doing one more turnip sell off to hit the 10m goal. If anyone else gets a good price let me know
  11. Aannnd onward to Day Three The last hour or two was so good. Got stuck on one bit for about five deaths then nailed it and swept through the rest. No idea how far in I am but it only feels like it started to properly get going, so plenty left yet I assume. What a game
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