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  1. Just watching the last 30 minutes of the set this evening. Seem to have got something in my eyes, but of dust or some hay fever, must be…
  2. Finally catching the Macca set today. Had a big smile on my face the whole way through so far, great to see an old pro smash out of the park, and boy he’s still got it.
  3. Well I don’t know what to say. Thank god Jo Wiley was there at the end to sum it up fucking shittily for me
  4. Fuck me this is incredible. Just keeps building in intensity and emotion and power.
  5. Also, love his trousers. And his dancers
  6. When is Kendrick kicking off on live coverage? Delay again? ignore
  7. Highlights for me, Kendrick aside (we’ll see), is Khruangbin/Leon Bridges, Eilish, Idles and Confidence Man I think. Seems like a really strong and diverse line up this year. Not too much indie grok.
  8. I am VERY much looking forward to Kendrick. He’s got a very deep and diverse back catalogue - just can’t see it being anything other than amazing
  9. Oh well, Megan Thee Stallion will have to do. Whoah. She is not messing about is she?
  10. Where’s the Macca set on iPlayer. Was looking forward to settling down with a G&T and watching this evening, but nuffin. Booo
  11. My wife walked down the aisle to Leon Bridges yesterday so he now has a huge place in my heart. Loved the tracks he did with Khruangbin.
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