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  1. Apparently carry capacity is denoted by lights on the back of the truck. 40 hours spent now, and deep in chapter six. Just find it very easy to get distracted by building infrastructure and relationships with settlements. Think this afternoon will be a big push to finish chapter six then go back to sodding about.
  2. Sorry. I’ve done that. But mainly as I did t realise you could. And every time I felt bad. How do you throw the rope back. I bet it’s stupidly bloody obvious
  3. Think I’m approaching the end of the third chapter, and it’s still hitting with great moments of isolation, tension and excitement. Managed to participate in a road linking up a great big stretch of the second area, started getting some Legend deliveries and hit something like lvl 150 for my character. GOTY contender definitely.
  4. I can see why people liked it more after it opens up, but it is much more “regular open world game” now. Which is a nice change of pace, but it does slightly lack the tension of the early game
  5. You need plenty of grenades (three or four packs maybe) and a couple of blood bags. Just take the fuckers out.
  6. Just finished a mission, then received over 6000 likes in one go. No idea what for, it went from bridge link lvl 24 -> 48 in one go
  7. Question. When you take out a bunch of MULEs, do they stay took out?
  8. Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve never properly played a Kojima game. Aside from about three hours of MGS5. Which I didn’t like at all. I can’t disagree with any of the negative reviews I’ve seen. It is boring. It is fiddly. But can’t stop playing it
  9. Ermmmm. I appear to have just played for ten hours. jesus
  10. Just finished chapter two, after a very tense hike through mountains taking out BTs. Then as I descended to my goal music kicked in and I had a genuine OMFG moment I can totally understand people not liking this. But fuck me I love it.
  11. Just finished chapter one. Fuck me that was tense. Absolutely love it.
  12. Little indication it's got under my skin... itching to get home from work and get in to it. *looks at watch* ONLY 10:40....
  13. Dunno. Defence over offence I guess. Just more my personality.
  14. Blue. That’s it. Last one I played. Might be in this time though. Shield I think
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