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  1. TurningMonster

    Darkest Dungeon 2

    I hope this gets a mobile release out the gate and this time properly worked for touchscreen controls.
  2. TurningMonster

    Das Boot TV sequel coming to Sky

    I’m only up to episode 4 but I have really been enjoying this so far.
  3. TurningMonster

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I loved this, lots of laughs in every episode, touching, and some great music.
  4. TurningMonster

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    So, the Hyundai commercial with Jason Bateman was pretty good, right?
  5. TurningMonster

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

  6. TurningMonster

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

  7. TurningMonster

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Fuck yeah!
  8. TurningMonster

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Let's do this Rams
  9. TurningMonster

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    It’s a great doc.
  10. TurningMonster

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    This is going to be wonderful, I can feel it.
  11. TurningMonster

    What books did you read in 2019?

    3. 1984 - George Orwell (Audiobook, read by Simon Prebble) It's hard to know where to start with this one, it certainly feels particularly poignant to experience the book for the first time with what's going on in the world right now. It's a depressing read and rarely does it seem that far fetched, which is the really scary part. I found the first half the most interesting, with all the world building and the plot moving along, while the second half is just relentlessly brutal, which makes sense, but man it's hard work. I hadn't realized quite how far the book has reached in to popular culture, things like the concept of room 101, I had no idea were from the book. It feels good to be slowly filling in the blanks of my huge back catalog. 4. Theft by Finding - David Sedaris (Audiobook, read by David Sedaris) This is my first David Sedaris book, although I'm quite familiar with his work having listened to him on various radio shows. t's probably a bit of a weird one to start with, as these are entries from his diaries, dating from 1977 to 2002. It starts kinda slow but as he starts to find his writing voice, it becomes a real joy to listen to and made all the better having him read it.
  12. TurningMonster

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    Just one word of caution, the recipe says smoked paprika can be used instead of regular paprika, if you go that route, I would half the quantity used.
  13. TurningMonster

    Which classics have you still not seen?

    Have you posted your thoughts on Citizen Kane anywhere? Would be curious to hear what you think. I watched it for the first time earlier, in part due to this thread. I’m not sure what I think about the story, on the technical side I thought it was incredible and it’s beautifully shot. The last classic I watched for the first time was Casablanca and that really blew me away. I now consider it to be one of my favorite movies and not just in a ‘I can appreciate the impact it made when it came out’ kinda way. I was hoping CK would have the same impact and maybe it will in time or with a repeat viewing.

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