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  1. Pixel Pro Golf came out this week. Free with a .99c iap to remove ads and another .99c to unlock all courses.
  2. I had completely forgot about the 9700 Pro, I just Googled it for nostalgia and came across this review on CNET I was going to say simpler times, but rose tinted specs aside, it really wasn’t. PC building and gaming was hugely exciting though, nothing can take that away.
  3. Finally worked out that the actor who plays Sue was also in Shane Meadows’ The Virtues, as Dinah. It was driving me nuts.
  4. People are speculating the use of Pink Floyd for the trailer is a nod to Jodorowsky's Dune. Not sure I believe that, but I guess it's possible.
  5. Thought the first episode was very good, excited to see where the rest of the season goes.
  6. Love the look of this. Is there any possibility of a solo variant?
  7. This can fuck off. The original is a straight 10/10 movie.
  8. It’s been removed from the Play Store, too, apparently.
  9. Some live jazz for Friday. Ahmad Jamal, Outertimeinnerspace, live at Montreux Jazz Festival from 1971. Just sublime. There's also another album titled Freeflight which has other songs from the same set if you dig this one. Both are available to stream. Here's the album art -
  10. I love Louis when he’s with Buckles, this is one of my favorite bits
  11. This album is just a joy from start to finish, in fact it's so good, it's distracting me from my work because I have to do some air keys when Herbie is doing his thing. Killer album art, too.
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