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  1. I was in the beta on Android, it seems to ask me to sign up to GPU but I am already a member.
  2. How do i get this to work? I tried to use it last night and it said i needed an invite?
  3. Thanks to anybody who backed this, it smashed the goal in the end and reached the stage to unlock the first stretch goal.
  4. No worries dude, i thought it was acting very odd when i spectated you
  5. This is the worst fifa for gameplay ever in my opinion, i don't like the dribbling, the controls have got way too complex for a game that has such awful input response, it's no longer about outplaying somebody by spotting runs or having a better football brain, now it's all super cancelling skill moves, directional nutmegs and bridges past static defenders because if your server connection is bad your AI do not move at all, it's beyond a joke.
  6. luckily I did as soon as it came out and only lost 59k on him. SBC was completed easily with all the fodder I’ve built up from tots and fut champs.
  7. you can only enter champs after it starts on a Friday dude. Figo is alright, he doesn’t score or assist much but he rarely misplaces a pass, not as good as Lucas Vasquez but very handy to give CR7 chem. moments Thierry Henry is way better than I could have hoped
  8. Sold everything and bought moments Henry.
  9. It’s more about the fact that it’s a true 10 bit panel and an OLED.
  10. My reds were terrible, but i did get a tradeable Marcus Acuna in my packs
  11. Sony must have done something at SDK level and system firmware to allow PS4 games to support 120fps modes as Warzone has just had a patch which enables 4k@120hz via hdmi 2.1 or 1080p@120hz over hdmi 2.0, previously PS4 games were not able to be patched to support this.
  12. Thanks dude, I'm disappointed they aren't going for RT reflections during gameplay though, at least on the Series X.
  13. Is it just FUD or is it true that Horizon 5 only has raytracing on ForzaVista (Photomode) ???
  14. only to then get a shotgun and decide to pull out my Pickaxe instead of firing it.
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