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  1. Quite simply, change his position to striker and play him instead of Cavani who is shit in comparison.
  2. I got gold 1 with 5 games to spare and chucked it away to prove a point to a dickhead
  3. I only got 4 fut swaps or something swapped for a pack week 1
  4. Maldini is the best centre back on the game end of gg @hannay
  5. I packed Mbappe from the rare mega pack in the Riyad Mahrez flashback sbc, in the excitement I forgot I had Mahrez and have only just put him in my squad
  6. I got Benitez, should have known I packed his totw (86) twice a few weeks ago
  7. At the start of this gen it was the other way round, I don’t know how or why it swapped, I can only assume they didn’t compress the updates at the start and have started to now?
  8. I done 6 81+ Ligue 1 packs and got nothing.
  9. You’re looking at it in a very simple way. It will be a new platform, however it will share the same architecture, so backwards compatibility won’t be an issue. I wouldn’t expect project Scarlett games to run on an Xbox One X or otherwise.
  10. Oh you're so naive, there is no penalty for quitting, infact if you're drawing in FUT Champs and you decide you'd rather the guy not get a win out of you you can quit and the other guy wont even get a win.
  11. Oh nice! I thought the majority of fifa was produced in Canada! What part of it are you involved with?
  12. I lost 4 out of my first 5 games which is a first for me then I bought tots Lacazette and haven’t lost since. Unreal how p2w this game has become. i could get gold 1 with a silver team on 18.
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