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  1. 8 but it was a huge mismatch team wise
  2. I’ve never ever been good at Hitman, I followed a walk through of one where I had to make an experimental jet explode to kill the test pilot and managed to cock it up.
  3. gooner4life

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    It was probably the last football game that didn’t have momentum, you were rewarded for keeping possession of the ball and using teammate contain to press etc, but mainly it was the fact people couldn’t stop me scoring, I could tell you I was going to score and you wouldn’t stop me.
  4. gooner4life

    Battlefield V

    Dice are absolutely awesome developers.
  5. gooner4life

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    PES6 over 800 games online on xbox 360 without losing, all the more impressive given the fact people could make the game freeze in the pause menu to make you quit, I left my console on for 3 days once.
  6. I’ve queried the community guys and they literally have no answer, they are so out of touch. that SBC is ridiculous, he’s high rated yes, but it’s not Toty rated and it’s got no benefits of icons, so it’s about 10x too expensive than it should be.
  7. gooner4life

    Is the Razer Turret pay to win?

    No it supports all kB/m the razer one just supports chroma lighting to match the game and is wireless.
  8. Futbin is wank when the market goes mad, it showed me I had a load of silvers that were selling at 8k earlier, then I checked them in game and they were 300 coins.
  9. gooner4life

    The random discussion thread

    Always imagined @GrahamDunn was taller
  10. they are showing the cards because we all got them to vote on the 12th player

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