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  1. I start him at right back so he gets the full stat boosts from the shadow card, I then move semedo to right back and Ramos to centre back dude! I’m taking the hit on semedo’s boosts instead of Ramos.
  2. He’s ridiculous, I don’t know how you could defend him, no matter what foot you show him on the shooting is brutally powerful and accurate, he’s got so many goals in 7 games.
  3. Sold blanc, sold my 91 Mbappe, sold ucl Allan, done Ramos, and got Fut Birthday Mbappe.
  4. It's been horrendous for me this evening.
  5. It's normally around May anyway dude!
  6. The only other thing is enable voice chat, i personally have it set to mute all except party.
  7. On PS4 in the game go to the account tab and enable cross platform communications.
  8. Change region to Americas and start the download from scratch, it will work fine mate.
  9. I've been bashing it pretty hard @Jamin I'm on PC though it's too noisy on my PS4, add me as a friend in game manlikegoonz#4913815 got an immense solo squads win last night.
  10. 9 depth as in pressing crazy high! it makes the game sort of fun at least.
  11. Honestly, this is actually the best game that's been released for such a long time and it's free.
  12. My pal dropped out before the gas started closing in on the first circle, I had a pistol at that point because I was on the phone, I scrabbled around, picked up a green m4, found a loadout drop, killed a squad near it, got in a truck, drove fully across the map from bottom left to top right, took the highest ground possible round the quarry, and won with 8 kills as a solo on squads. Dropped from above onto the last trio and killed them all for the dub.
  13. It's because of the overall deal Activision signed with Sony, bit shit, I want it on PC.
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