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  1. They all have, I've been doing the same thing you were doing with Ben Yedder but with Ilkay Gundogan, buying between 2.7and 3.5k on open bid and sold about 250 of them since yesterday for 6.5k each.
  2. I play Fortnite and COD Modern Warfare on a 5 year old gaming PC over my Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, mainly for performance and noise reasons, I own MW on PS4, Xbox One and PC and the PS4 Pro sounds like a jet engine, the Xbox One X stutters and crashes on Modern Warfare and I get better FPS on PC than I do on either console as well. Fifa I play on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.
  3. I done fucked up, went to compare Mbappe’s price and listed him for 3 days way above his normal price, so no Mbappe for fut champs, luckily I hadn’t redeemed my points yet.
  4. Cheers for pointing out the Toty Ronaldo objective @Timmo I never even bother looking at them and that’s a nice one to have for friendlies. I also levelled up my season level and got a guaranteed 82/88 pack so I’ll hold it for headliners tomorrow. What do we all reckon on Neymar getting one? I’m not sure whether to sell my TOTY Nominee Neymar, I bought way too high at 1.6mil and could sell for about 1.3mil at the moment but I suspect a headliner one makes him drop again.
  5. In reality it's not that parents would get confused about which console, it's the perception from casuals that it's a 'new console' the Wii U naming convention didn't get that across, people thought it was an add on for the Wii. The fact we've had mid generation refreshes could harm Microsoft because people may think Series X is just another upgraded Xbox One (which it is from a hardware pov in the same way PS5 is just an upgraded PS4 as the architecture is the same) and they may not see the value in an immediate upgrade, especially if there are no exclusive games. So you go into Game or browse Amazon... How does it work? do Series X games have their own boxes? would the discs work if you stuck it into an Xbox One X? what if you bought Halo Infinite or whatever it's called on Xbox One disc, would that work in Series X with Series X graphics? have they explained this yet? they said there wont be exclusive games, but will there be unique SKU's for Xbox One/XSX on the shelves? If it's just Xbox games work on all Xbox consoles that could let Sony get a damaging lead in which case the additional power for XSX (if it is indeed the most powerful) wont get used by devs because they will be targeting the PlayStation market because that's where the majority of the consumers are.
  6. Forza Horizon 2 was actually pretty incredible on the Xbox 360, 720p native @ 30fps and it had the same size map as the Xbox One version, but if I recall correctly it didn't have the cross country events and there were large un-driveable areas due to ram constraints on the 360. But driving games can scale well, they aren't as CPU intensive for thing's like AI where it's typically scripted on rails stuff, the 360 version was missing the drivatars but it's a pretty huge achievement technically and was probably the best Forza Horizon game to date. Infact due to the poor CPU's this entire gen for both PS4 and Xbox One were little more than shinier versions of last gen games, it's why PC Gaming has had such a resurgence as you could put a new GPU in an old system and suddenly start playing most new games at 1080p 60hz with ultra settings, RAM was the most significant change and is the only reason why something like Fortnite couldn't be done on a 360/PS3, they absolutely have GPU's capable enough to deliver Fortnite at 720p native.
  7. By me not enjoying Rare Replay and pointing out the fact that Microsoft Game Studios have not been good enough I'm impacting your enjoyment of your Xbox am I? and I'm not embarrasing myself at all, Uncharted 2 and 3 are two of the most critically acclaimed games ever, name me a better game than either of them that's on Gamepass? you cant. Grow up, stop being a man baby, I've paid my money, I continue to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold via GamePass Ultimate, I've been a Gold member since the beta, this isn't some fanboy shit, I just find Microsoft's output this generation to be not good enough. And I couldn't care less where the games get released, I just care if they're good or not.
  8. You’re the insecure one, if I’m a fanboy I’m doing it wrong because I’ve spent a shit ton of money on the Xbox since the very first one, I just don’t think Microsoft have made a good game yet. Gears of War aside but that was Epic Games. As for Rare Replay, I didn’t play it much but I did play it as per the screenshot. Banjo and PDZ were average on the 360 it didn’t do much for me getting to play them again but on the Xbox One.
  9. I'd buy a cheap PC, honestly the Microsoft Exclusives are built to an Xbox One Baseline so can run on a toaster, I've played Sunset Overdrive on a 7 year old laptop.
  10. Honestly, the exclusives aren't very good, and there is only 11 of them. Crimson Dragon not tried it. Dance Central Spotlight 5/10 - my daughter liked it for a week or so. Fighter Within - not tried it. Forza Motorsport 5 - was like an annoying episode of Top Gear that wouldn't let you fast forward past Clarkson speaking and it's genuinely Clarkson speaking. Fru (video game) not tried it. Halo 5: Guardians 7/10 nothing wrong with it except the fact the series leaves me cold. Kinect Sports Rivals - 6/10 was quite fun for an afternoon. Powerstar Golf - 2/10 rubbish Rare Replay - 3/10 a bunch of Rare Games from the Xbox 360, we all played them and decided they were average then, but then they released them as a collection. Shape Up (video game) not tried it Xbox Fitness not tried it. The other's like Sunset Overdrive etc can be played on a pretty average pc/laptop.
  11. That looks more like an Xbox One S, the PS2 was a lot taller and thicker on the left hand side.
  12. And so it begins, my 11 year old Daughter downloaded Fortnite to play with some friends from school, got a Victory Royale in her very first game (vs Bots) and is now asking about whether she can get a PS4.
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