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  1. Big Phil has gone on record to say that those contracts will (because they probably legally have to) be honoured. However I think both are timed exclusives so they will be on Game Pass the second that elapses I expect along with any sequels or spin-offs from the IP. Also we are probably in a weird position where the Xbox Game Studios logo will be popping up on people's PS5s fairly soon.
  2. I was just thinking, this will be my first console purchase while a member of this mighty establishment that we know as "the forum". Joined in 2014 not that long after the last consoles came out.
  3. Given how appalling the XBone launch was the bar was pretty low.
  4. Duty of care here... "haven't played Dishonored" == "missing out"* You should definitely try and fix that and they must be cheap nowadays. *Massively subjective based on what games you enjoy but I think they and bloody fantastic
  5. So I selected "PS5 Fat" on my actual vote but can that be upgraded to "PS5 Fat" and "Xbox Series S" please... I caved
  6. Sod it... just pre-ordered a Series S from Amazon to go with my shiny (read: hideous) PS5. Just had a call with work confirming we won't be returning to the office until the New Year so no/limited petrol and train ticket cost = another new toy for the cold winter nights. Hype train boarded.
  7. Definitely stick with it. It changes tack a bit towards the end which wasn't to everyones taste but it's never gets 'bad' in my opinion. I preferred the earlier portions but overall still really liked it.
  8. It's been in my basket twice this morning already but I've resisted (for now)
  9. No. It's put them in the game though and more power to them. Competition is good for gamers.
  10. I don't find it a massive surprise that the PS4 to PS5 remaster saves won't work. The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition can't use a Witcher 3 standard edition save even though it's just the same game with the DLC bundled!
  11. 38 here and definitely still the right age for the class of Carmack. I have fond teenage memories of my mate Chris (RIP) and I going to dark school halls with NIN blasting out of our Discman, setting up our cold cathode lit PC cases to LAN party Quake 3 Arena for 20 hours straight on nothing but 8 litres of red coke and a multipack of Mars bars.
  12. To be fair half a Spider-man is still a shit load of top drawer video game. That said I'm not intending on getting it immediately as I've got plenty to be getting on with and will probably look for it in a future sale. It looks stunning though.
  13. Big move this and clever business. I wonder if this is a response to WB deciding not to sell or if it’s been bubbling a while. Either way they have just locked in some platform selling IP with this move. Interesting that Fallout 4 was just announced on the PS+ collection, and Deathloop is timed exclusive on the PS5. The Sony/Arkane link has always been strong, I was half expecting an acquisition there before this came up. Will be watching this closely as the new Elder Scrolls as a platform exclusive might move me from a Series S to a Series X.
  14. Totally. I actually meant to mention that and forgot... my comparison was just making it apples for apples so to speak Ultimately if you can take advantage of the £1 deal there is no better way to get onboard. If you have already used it, All Access is pretty great way to move into the next gen.
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