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  1. Just finished the third Mandalorian and loving it! My son also spent a chunk of his weekend on PJ Masks, Monsters University and Moana. In fact the only non Disney+ thing on in the house since Friday morning is two episodes of the Ninjago series and A Quiet Place on Netflix so safe to say - so far - we seem to be getting good value from it. Think I may start my big Marvel catch-up tomorrow night (going in release order through the ones I missed). First stop Thor.
  2. A Quiet Place - 4/5 Decent little high concept film, just keep suspending disbelief and go with it.
  3. Amazon Prime Video page for this is now up, 5 days to go https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tales-Loop-Official-Trailer/dp/B084NYP8SF/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=tales+from+the+loop&qid=1585485659&s=instant-video&sr=1-1
  4. 9. Oxenfree (Mac OS) - Slow starter for me (in fact this was my third attempt on a third different platform!), however once I got into the swing of it I actually enjoyed it more than I initially expected. Voice acting/dialogue is really fluid and the story was enigmatic enough to get the brain whirring with some nice little mechanics. It looks refreshingly different too. - 7/10
  5. Never seen Clone Wars but intend to do the full run through once I've watched the Mandalorian. If it is anything like Rebels though I'll be very happy! Also going to start my 4yo on the Yoda Chronicles later too.
  6. All setup on my SkyQ, phone and iPad this morning. Had a quick browse and the scale of content for me/my son is huge! I've been suffering from severe choice-itis already with just SkyQ, Netflix and Prime. No idea how I'm ever going to watch all the things on my list (or get any time for games)!
  7. It was on the list pre-launch. It is Just checked. Also the 'Uprising' animated series but I don't know if it's any good.
  8. I don't think it's been confirmed. It dropped onto the US one over the weekend but an article I read suggested it would take a little time to come here still due to the licensing/DVD release on the 30th. My guess is it may be then.
  9. I enjoyed QUBE2 as well. Definitely felt like a poor mans Portal but still fun.
  10. https://www.trueachievements.com/n41127/xbox-game-pass-leaving-soon Borderlands and Vampyr - amongst others - 31st March Literally downloaded Vampyr on Friday to start instead of Deus Ex (as I bought a copy when that went last week)
  11. Pre-ordered today too. I was waiting to see if Sky would do a decent deal bundled with 'Kids' or something but it seems not. Their small print on the page for registering interest just says £5.99 onto your bill so about £20 more for the year over the deal. Anyone know if the app is coming to the older Apple TV boxes? I have a pretty old one we use in one room.
  12. Thanks @mdn2. Bought it just now and as I happened to have £5 MS credit sitting there so it only cost me a quid. Cheers!
  13. 8. Quantum Break (XB1) - I did like portions of the action, especially with the abilities in full flow (felt like decent Remedy action) and the story was okay. However ultimately I found it got a little repetitive combat wise and by the end was sort of wishing it to end. The 'TV series' bits are bobbins to. I certainly hope Control is better. - 6/10
  14. Love a good puzzle game! Recently got round to Braid and Gorogoa, both excellent!
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