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  1. A few more details about the ships available here today... https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/squadrons/news/pilot-briefing-your-starfighters Nothing particularly new from what I can see but there is a full confirmation of the 8 craft available: T-65B X-wing starfighter BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bomber RZ-1 A-wing interceptor UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft TIE/ln starfighter (“TIE fighter”) TIE/sa bomber (“TIE bomber”) TIE/in interceptor (“TIE interceptor”) TIE/rp reaper attack lander (“TIE reaper”) There are also some more comments on the power system including that having 'max' level abilities (like getting overshield at 200% and I presume the drift turn for engines) and some info about non-shielded craft getting some extra ability to dump power between systems. Actual in game balance yet to be seen. There are also a few bits of new art/screenshots and a few nice little comments from Ian Frazier about their approach to the cockpit designs and treating it like they were building them with parts from an 1970's ILM prop bin.
  2. After being lobbied by @jonamok to try Subnautica I'm hooked. Great example of a Game Pass game as it was something I was indifferent about trying when I first heard about it, but it's actually a bit of a gem having now dived in (excuse the pun) because of GP.
  3. I concur with other comments, it's a much easier platinum than Bloodborne and God of War. Most of it is just about fully completing the stuff you will naturally be doing. With just a few little tricky challenges to overcome to finish it off. Very doable though compared to some games. Suit power... I used web blossom from start to finish. I gave each other a try but none came close to being as good for the way I play so I stuck with it to the end. Gadgets... ultimately I used them all on occasion (and also remember to cycle them during their cool downs) but mainly it was impact web and electric web for me I would say I played about 90% of the game with almost the first setup you get (barring some skill unlocks) as it just felt right.
  4. I would love that to be true. I'd also love an Aston Martin but suspect I'm getting neither.
  5. Thanks @Popo Sounds like each chapter good be a decent little session each.
  6. Reading these comments has made me want to play some Spidey again already so I think I might go and get the DLC too. What sort of length platy time wise are all the DLC chapters?
  7. After posting a while back about trying Hamilton out life got in the way, but the wife and I finally sat down with it last night for a "theatre night from home"... Unpopular opinion time but I thought it was very 'okay'. I really like the boldness to tell the story largely through rap and hip-hop, and also bringing in the wide ethic diversity to tell a tale which in life was dominated by rich white men. I really hope other productions/films feel they can follow suit. There was also lots of the story that I didn't know, and it's engaged me enough to go read up some more about the Founding Fathers and how that period of history unfolded as my knowledge it sketchy. Also on the whole I thought the cast was pretty good too, specifically Aaron Burr, Angelica Schuyler and George Washington were standout performances for me and their ability to jump between more traditional show tune melody to tight and fast rap was excellent. I also thought there were a few lovely lyrical gems in there at times and some of the scenes were really creatively done (cabinet rap battles, 10 duel commandants). However there are a few negative points which diluted it all for me. Firstly the runtime, I just don't see why that story had to be so long. Second I thought the set was very very dull and not dynamic at all like some productions I have enjoyed. Third, while I didn't actively dislike any of the songs, for me none of them really stood out and I can't think of any I'd be rushing back to listen to individually or as a full collection. But the big one (and I'm glad there isn't a neg button for this) is I just don't think Lin-Manual Miranda is very good in the lead role. He's obviously talented and some of his rapping was technically accurate, but I find his voice a little grating and his tone often felt a bit safe, flat and lacked edge, especially compared to some of the cast which properly sold it emotionally to me as well as being technically good. He just didn't draw me into it unfortunately which is a shame. Don't get me wrong, his writing is very good (Moana for example is a staple in our house) but I'm just not sure I like listening to him. Interestingly my wife who really enjoys musicals (and knows way more about them than me) liked it even less than I did and actually fell asleep with about 40 minutes to go and isn't interested in finishing it. Her words this morning were "I'm really glad we didn't spend hundreds of pounds to go and see that in London" which is telling as she usually loves doing that. Maybe it's just not for us which is a shame as, given the hype we'd seen about it from various friends who have been and posts here, we were hoping to be blown away by it. Oh well. For everyone that does love it I'm really glad though. These things can be very subjective (it's what art is all about) and it's certainly won enough plaudits across the board for me to know I'm in the minority on this and probably 'watching it wrong'.
  8. Now I've got God of War well and truly tucked up for bed I thought it was time to try the fan clean. Once I cracked it open I was surprised how little dust there was visibly (image below was just after getting the power supply out), however I was amazed how much flew out of the heatsink once the compressed air went through that, literally a cloud of it and I'm glad I did it out in the garden. I also cotton bud wiped down the fan blades as there was quite a bit of fine dust on there that the air wouldn't shift and figured while it was open it was worth doing properly. Put it all back together and it works, not tested it in anger yet performance wise, but I have Horizon Zero Dawn sitting there waiting to be started soon and I understand that has the same jet engine potential as God of War.
  9. Thanks @Jamie John I ran it on normal but dropped it down for some speed runs of challenges to get resources faster. Just got an email from PlayStation with my stats and it reckons I spent 54 hours on it which is more than I thought. Re: Your video in the spoiler... wow! I’m so many levels below that skill wise. Very impressive.
  10. 16. God of War [2018] (PS4) - A brutal and breathtaking adventure through the stunning landscape of norse mythology. Cut from a similar block gameplay wise to Jedi: Fallen Order which I enjoyed so much (but arguably a bit more polished) it also doesn't quite do raw combat as well as a From Software game. However it makes up for that with a solid story, some proper 'wow' moments and generally being a lot of fun. I obviously enjoyed it a lot as I stuck with it to get the platinum trophy. Another absolute belter from Sony's exclusive list. - 10/10
  11. Well it's 2am... and for about the 10th obsessive night in a row I've stayed up too late and just turned off God of War with heavy eyes... except this time with a new platinum trophy on the shelf. What a thoroughly kick ass game. I posted previously that I had a bit of a slow start with it, but my word does it open up into something truly epic. I still feel the combat is just not quite as tight as it could be (some really great games have been ruined by Bloodborne) but what it lacks in finesse there it makes up for in giant sized bucket fulls of breathtaking scenery and set pieces. The story is solid too and, as a fan of all things norse, I loved how they weaved things together and brought some of the sagas to life in interesting ways. Also, as a father of a young boy, there were even a few little touching character moments that I would not have put money on going into this blind. Dad of War is strong. If I had one complaint... It's a really really solid game though and yet another fantastic PS4 exclusive. Sony have smashed it this generation and credit to them. Horizon Zero Dawn is downloading as we speak which I plan to get onto after a little indie game palette cleanser. "Cheer for your father's victory boy!"
  12. @dug Well you've raced past me! I watched ep8 last night and going to try and double dip 9 and 10 tonight if I can stay awake. Keep up the reviews as you read the books!
  13. I've done a short sprint this weekend on the main quest line stuff pretty much from where you are @Boothjan, partly because it was a kind of locked in path, but also I felt like I needed to resolve a few things However I have just... It feels a bit like I'm entering the final Act and was a bit of a natural beat, so I have gone back to exploring for a while. Midgard is now at 91% complete with lots of the areas now fully done. And I've just taken on a favour that has lead me to a new, large area, which I think should take me to somewhere near 95% complete looking at the lists. I also went for a wander around... As it stands I've used a guide for about 8 of the ravens if I haven't been able to track them down after a good explore of an area, and feel fairly vindicated as several of them have been very obscure to find. But everything else has been discovered through natural movement around the areas, or some more dedicated exploring to try and mop up missing bits. I don't feel too bad about it though as I've not hit collectable fatigue like I have with so many other games. Still loving this and hoping to wrap up the story this week and then see how much is left over to do for the platinum.
  14. As someone who doesn't generally get much out of musicals, is this good enough to be worth a try anyway? My wife is very keen to watch it tonight and I'd been planned to go in the other room and watch something else or play God of War, but the love this is getting is making me think I should maybe give it a whirl.
  15. Also it's interesting about the more detailed/hardcore control scheme for power management and I'm wondering how that will work on console. In the old days of these I was joystick/keyboard (in fact one of my mates actually loved being my "R2 unit" and handling the systems on the keyboard while I concentrated on the dogfighting with the stick, it was ace) but you had the greater volume of shortcut buttons easily available for one touch control if you needed it mid fight. I think Elite Dangerous does a really good job of fairly complex systems controls on a gamepad, but I'm rarely doing lots of that while trying to dogfight so I can't imagine how I'm going to be able to easily swap variable power levels, shield directions, weapon modes, etc... easily. In fairness I don't have a HOTAS yet so there may be things on there that help that.
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