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  1. Finished S3 last night... as with all of them it has a few hokey moments - and the kids bits can sometimes be a bit meh - but overall I really enjoyed it again and put it firmly above S2 quality wise. I'm basically game for any section where Johnny Lawrence is the focus, I just think they've done really well with that character arc and made him somehow vulnerable, short-tempered, sensitive, funny, stupid and also fundamentally still a bit of a prick. The mix is weirdly likeable though. The Kreese origins were good too, and I felt we finally got a bit of pay off from t
  2. My boy got me (or rather my wife got him it to give me) the limited edition version of the "Art of Jedi: Fallen Order" book for my birthday and it really is excellent. I've got quite a few concept art books for various games and films and this one is right up there. The one I got is the same as below but I believe the actual content of the book is the same as the standard edition which is much cheaper. Great compliment to my concept art book for The Mandalorian.
  3. They look smart @Thor Where from? We bought a friend one of these for a recent 'big birthday'...
  4. Gris (PS5) - If you were to be critical of this indie platformer you could perhaps accuse it of being a little bit style over substance, especially for the first half where the platforming is very basic. But my word what tremendous style it has! It is undoubtably one of the most beautiful games I've ever played, with silky smooth movement/animation and a frankly outstanding score by Berlinist. It has an enigmatic narrative that feels almost like a sister piece to things like Journey which I also hold so dear. And as the game gets going it does introduce some nice ideas and a few interesting, i
  5. @cavalcade Wow. Obviously you are totally entitled to like or not like whatever you want, but I'm not sure I've seen a pair of such polar opposite posts to my own view in quite a long time! The Mandalorian and The Expanse are probably my favourite sci-fi shows since Space: Above and Beyond, and I really didn't get on with either Firefly* or BSG. Still life would be dull if we all liked the same things though so it's all good. * I appreciate I'm in a massive minority on this based on most people I know but I found Firefly the definition of 'meh'.
  6. Thanks @shirubagan. I'm planning on getting Apple Arcade this month to try Little Orpheus, The Last Campfire and The Pathless so will put this on the list too. I've liked UsTwo's games previously (and actually met some of their studio too and they are a really nice bunch).
  7. Probably because I've just realised I'm thinking of 3-1 not 2-1... Sorry!
  8. There are some black phantoms are just part of the game that you have to beat. Black world tendency can spawn more of them just as enemies though. @tobert Are you referring to a certain enemy that is down some steps and then on a wide staircase leading up to a big door in 2-1? If so that one is present whatever the tendency I believe.
  9. Boxed off Uncharted 4 last night after 15 odd hours. I really enjoyed it despite the traditional terrible combat/cover systems that all the series has. The platforming was great though, and I thought the visuals and writing were a cut above where they have been before. The epilogue was just lovely too and a really nice way to round off the Nathan Drake story. I hope they never make another one but I suspect that is wishful thinking. Just purchased Gris so think I may give that a whirl next before getting back into something meatier.
  10. Same for me. Lots of Nexus rolling post bosses. Pure white everywhere.
  11. Well may as well kick the year off Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS5) - This is the best Uncharted game and that tells you everything you need to know about it. The combat/cover systems are still as janky and annoying as ever, the platforming is great, the QTE set pieces are spectacular but massively over used, and the plot is stupidly far fetched but very entertaining. Standard Uncharted. However this one really nits things together well with some great levels, top-notch writing and voice performances, and genuine heart at the centre of the narratives. It looks frankly asto
  12. I don’t agree on the human form bit. I threw myself off the Nexus ledge all the time to stay in soul form and keep the tendency white. Cling ring plus a few pips in VIT more than make up the deficit in hit points and also made it less cagey when making exploratory runs. Re: Time... I would strongly recommend applying the approach I had with both Bloodborne and this (my only From games) which was to set a target of one small thing each run and then try and achieve that. It could be a small thing like learn an enemy move set/counter, or placement, get enough souls for an upg
  13. @tobert I hit a tough patch almost exactly where you are now and basically just died repeatedly to the mob at the end of 1-2 until I got frustrated with it. I took a quick break on a puzzle game for a couple of days, got a pep talk from @jonamok who got my head back in the game and then I knuckled down to it. Once I was over that hump things clicked a lot more and the rest of the game kind of unfolded from there. Stick with it! If there is a specific bit you are struggling with post up for some advice, or if you need tips on build options loads of people here know plenty to
  14. @Darwock My T-Flight is packaged up with a return sticker on today as the drift has continued to get worse to the point of me not enjoying the last few sessions I've played. Going to see how I get on with pad for a bit and maybe look at the Hori in the future.
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