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  1. Yes, finally started playing this a week or so a go and well and truly hooked! It's brilliant and all the more better for having the original soundtrack included (something I asked for a few years back lol). I'm a terrible procrastinator though. Trying to make every bullet count and constantly reloading saves (where things don't go to plan) just to see if I can get out of a situation more efficiently.
  2. Ooh, need to finally go back and finish Gears 4 now. Also bumped Mad Max, Far Cry 5 and Primal up in my "to do" list.
  3. Yeah, that was massively underwhelming.
  4. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    I need to go back to the Touryst to finish those endless mines. Fustrating as hell, just as I thought it had finished there was another level.
  5. Jak and Daxter is still a better game than Ratchet and Clank, I like both series though.
  6. I think its more than just Covid that has stalled MS AAA first party output. People forget that it wasn't long ago that MS were literally shutting studios and battling to change the ship around. New studios they purchased was what, 2018, and those studios were in the midst of already developing projects for all platforms at the time (Outerworlds etc). Also, games like Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima were in development for years. In fact Last of Us 2 was delayed by a year before Covid struck (as well as under heavy crunch conditions). I will say that the
  7. Christ, an hour to wrap this up next week. This better live up to expectations although the ride has been worth it throughout.
  8. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    If Rain on your parade is anything as short sweet and fun as Donut County (also on GP) than I need to play it. I love these kind of indie experiences that Game Pass provides.
  9. Any good Samsung recommendations for Xcloud gaming. My phone Contract is up and I'm looking to update my S9 (which has been a phenomenal phone, cracked screen and all, perhaps a slightly bigger screen for gaming on though).
  10. D'oh! Agreed, looks good, I couldn't tell you how many games I have in my queue currently so a very useful feature.
  11. Ooh, didn't realise there was a tab for games In your QR queue, need to check that out. On the Ubi games being broken by QR I had exactly this with Immortals, lost 2 hours progress (luckily near the start). I quit the game from the dash every time after that!
  12. I do wonder how QR is selected for games by MS. I have come across a number of old XB1 games that do not QR now (Red Faction Gurrellia immediately springs to mind). I just assumed it was default for all games unless MS had flagged a game as otherwise. I know a lot of the Series games sit in this category like Dirt 5 and WD Legion. Works perfectly for the Yakuza games, however has anyone had that slight "hitch" in a game after launching from QR? Usually a few seconds to a minute into playing and from there it's fine, but it's definitely noticeable.
  13. Jg15

    Old Age Gamers

    Not planning on ever stopping. As I am getting older (40 now) gaming is more and more of an escape from modern life. I think gaming, alongside other escapism like reading and binge watching my favourite TV series keeps me sane.
  14. Loving Yakuza 3 at the moment but had a weird situation tonight where the framerate absolutely bottomed out for no reason. Checking online and it appears to be a known issue whereby the game will stutter and sometimes crash whilst the console is background downloading/updating on an external drive. I have Halo MCC installed on the external and that began updating at exactly the point it all started playing up, weird bug?
  15. If blues are rare I seem to be swimming in them, do you get more the higher level you are (I'm level 10)?
  16. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    I bought GTA 5 in a sale a few years back and never got in with it, much like 4. The heyday of GTA for me was San Andreas, nothing comes close to topping that experience.
  17. I'm enjoying this as an occasional thing to play. Hit my first difficulty spike getting to the second city in an area swamped with countless enemies and a captain (where all the anomaly stuff is going on). Great satisfaction when I finally broke through it and got to the next checkpoint. Couldn't imagine paying full price for this though and would have felt a little ripped off if I had. It's just very average and generic, the sort of game you would pick up at sub £20 and be fine with. Feels very antiquated as well, would have been fine released 10 years ago amongst games like Gears
  18. It will be 30 if Yakuza Kiwami 2 is anything to go by, both run on the same engine. I found it really jarring going from Kiwami to Kiwami 2 because of the difference. Ironically I have just started 3 and it jumps back to 60. Now feels like Kiryu is on rollerskates everywhere and moving at super speed.
  19. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    I think the clear thing is that they are all selling well. There might be more demand for the PS5 but there is certainly enough demand for the Xbox consoles as well, probably moreso than there was before. The Pandemic and lockdowns has really focused people on immediate and accessible entertainment at home and gaming fits that slot perfectly.
  20. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    I really enjoyed it last year, not a bad mystery to solve with a great twist at the end. Would definitely recommend playing before it leaves.
  21. My first thought after getting through the prologue and getting into the game proper..
  22. Yeah, I found the cutscenes to be awfully juddery on the demo with performance in the game itself ok. I enjoyed what I played of it though. Got so far as Electric guy boss and thought that was enough of a taster for me. Will agree that the game appears best when rushing in and using your powers in the right combo. For me it was Fire guy with the fire shock wave on cover enemies and fire bomb/energy leech on big meele guys. Looking forward to playing more later.
  23. I always preferred stealth builds to start which gradually changed to more warrior build as I progressed through the game and became stronger. Lock picking also becomes a doddle once you get that unbreakable lock pick as part of one of the Daedra quests so I wouldn't worry too much about that skill.
  24. Yep, I had one particular instance of this (which was before the FPS boost but when I was using the 60FPS mod). It seemed to get worse and worse as I played, with the camera getting more juddery. Qutting the game from the dash seemed to fix it for me as well.
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