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  1. Can't say I play games I don't enjoy but achievements/trophies certainly bring a game down if you are a completionist. Case in point I just spent an hour perfecting a route in a Romulus tomb in AC Brotherhood (Ezio Collection) so as I could do it in 8 minutes to 100% synch the associated memory. Problem is I need to 100% synch every fucking memory (every mission in the game) to get the achievement and I'm only at the start of the game.
  2. This looks great, perfect for playing handheld. I much prefer the 2D Metroids as well.
  3. I think Omega is a pretty well written character (for a child). Far less irritating than arrogant Ahsoka was at the start of CW and more self sufficient in getting out of most situations. Certainly not a helpless character for all her innocence to the wider galaxy.
  4. That is actually from a flashback scene in the episode Violations, where Crusher and Picard are going to view her Husbands body in a morgue. Not a particularly good episode featuring aliens that can mind probe people into reliving bad memories.
  5. I started F1 2020 which does support Quick Resume but it has also wiped the majority of my other games I had in QR. I can only assume that F1 requires more memory than most games for QR?
  6. Apparently the last series was made on an extreme budget with Paramount slashing the cost per episode from 1.3 Million to around 800K. Some of this was achieved by switching from film to digital cameras but I'm sure lighting etc probably took a cut as well. Either way, last episode not withstanding, I thought the last season was actually pretty good and was sad to see it cancelled just as it was getting into its 'swing'.
  7. They sure like their Diablo clones on GwG. That being said Shadows Awakening looks nice enough in videos, will never get round to it though.
  8. Yep, remember this and, at the time, it seemed a suitable explanation as to what happened with the majority of the clones but that was back before we had a rational explanation for how Order 66 worked. It could be that the newer clones the Kaminoans are producing are loyal to them and programmable to fight against the older "Order 66" programmed Clones. I would imagine the Kaminoans are ultimately worried that the Empire will wipe them out for fear of the secret getting out behind the brain chips implanted in the clones, therefore some insurance is required. Not like the Empire doesn't have form for that sort of thing, they mass murdered the Geonosians for their part in the Death Star plans.
  9. D'oh! Missed this, just bought it at 7.99 for holiday reading.
  10. Talking about oldish games I'm currently playing, and enjoying, Assassin's Creed 2 (as part of the Ezio Collection) and the wonderful FPS boost. What is crazy is that I last played this game over 11 years ago and yet it still feels fresh and a joy to play, especially over the more recent entries. Sure the character models are ropey (with their weird monster eyes) but the well implemented free running, entertaining missions, satisfying combat, stellar soundtrack and smaller maps make the newer games feel like a devolution. Also the feeling of vertigo when climbing the inside of a Cathedral hasn't been bested.
  11. Thats probably why, by keeping it on Gamepass they get a more steady influx of new players. begs the question, why not make it F2P?
  12. Having just played Resi 2 remake the character models look very true to the Remake look. Never engaged in any of these CGI films, I assume they fit into the greater Resi canon (convulted as it has become)?
  13. Anyone else experiencing Sound loss on games through Quick Resume? Quitting the game from the dash fixes it but I have had the problem on a couple of games now, maybe since the May update.
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