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  1. I suppose what gave Demon Souls a 10 was that it was doing something different to other games at the time perhaps? I would agree it is a very subjective thing as I personally can't see the appeal of games that punish you over and over, especially when I have precious free time to play games anyway. On the subject of a perfect 10 game, do any of these really stand the test of time? Games that have been awarded 10's by the likes of Edge in the past are more than likely given that score for innovation, but are likely bettered by subsequent "copy cat" games which themselves are not nec
  2. I would imagine another week or so, as its out on the 10th. Edit -It does seem really odd that Ubi are launching two third person sandbox style games within a couple of weeks of each other. Legions was delayed I suppose and it made sense to launch it nearer the new console releases to maximise sales.
  3. I cracked and ordered a Series X. As much as I love PS exclusives I am too invested in the Xbox ecosystem and have built a large catalogue of games from the 360 and Xbone era. Just need to remember to take the 11th off to actually sit down and play the thing whilst the house is empty for the day.
  4. As soon as Daredevil is in, so am I, however this game is likely to be dead long before they get to the likes of him unfortunately. I can see this being dead on all but Playstation by early next year, and maybe a month or so after Spidey comes out for Playstation.
  5. Down the rabbit hole after that Watchdogs video, I found this Ubisoft downgrades one. Holy shit at the Division, it looks a completely different game, whole areas missing or cornered off etc
  6. What you mean this trailer? And then of course they found that this did exist through delving into the files of the PC version which led to the question of whether the game had been purposely nerfed on PC so as not to show the new consoles up.
  7. Just spent another half hour on this, just when you think you are stuck and you then discover another passageway or work out a puzzle and bang, onto another area. I seem to have hit a point where I can't go back to the earlier areas of the game though. I'm sure there are ways back I haven't yet discovered as I now have power ups that will open areas I couldn't unlock or work out at the start.
  8. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    Whilst Double Fine is First Party now, I don't believe MS own the old SCUMM games, rather Lucasarts/Disney still own them with a license for MS to publish these remasters on Xbox.
  9. Perhaps Burnham's new hair do will be the catalyst for the show turning around like Riker's beard was in TNG.
  10. I keep meaning to go back to this after completing the main quest line back in May and having subsequent burn out from all the hours I had put into it at that point. Problem is I'm in deep in another Ubisoft open world, Watchdogs 2, at the moment and I probably need a rest from it all before inevitably starting Valhalla.
  11. Runs fine on my One X as well (although I am maybe not as sensitive to framerate issues as others). I played a bit more this afternoon (after getting some housework done) and managed to get a bit further.
  12. So I'm looking to setup either my old Xbox One or One X at my parents house for the winter months as they won't be going anywhere and I want them to have access to my game catalogue but under their own profile and not using my gamertag. Anyone know how to do this? Is it setting up a gamertag for them and linking it into my family account, or setting up the console I give them as my "home console" or something like that?
  13. I love how you think you are just about to get to the Blue peoples castle and the game gives you another large area of puzzles to clear, again and again. Its genius in its design.
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