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  1. Jg15

    Nintendo Switch

    I have just submitted the form to book an "assessment" for my joycon through the Service Centre at the link below (waiting for an email back) https://nintendoservicecentre.co.uk/repair/11 Edit: And they do say they require a proof of purchase which I don't think I can find which is a pain.
  2. Jg15

    Nintendo Switch

    I need to get that special version of WD 40 @gone fishin' mentioned previously. The recalibration didn't work and things are worse now with the stick drift. Good job we are only really playing Animal Crossing on it at the moment.
  3. Well that was a bit soul destroying. After a few weeks of playing me and my daughter had created a few large scale houses and finally a mansion (on Survival mode) only for the game to crash this morning. On reloading the game and World it worked (for a bit) before crashing again and now seems permanently fucked, as it instantly crashes now when loading the world every time. On Xbox and have cleared Cache, copied game World file etc and still nadda. Only thing I can think was we had the Lithos HD Texture pack and some character mods activated which may have caused the crashes (according to the Internet mods do cause some crashes). Start again, no mods in a new world, its a shame as that world had carried across from 360 through to Xbox One edition and onto Bedrock and was several years old (may have also contributed?)
  4. Crikey, there appear to be 40 sea creatures to find based on the updated critter app on your Nook Phone.
  5. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    I have enjoyed the base game in Forza Horizon 4. Haven't played It for a while but they seem to keep adding more and more free updates to it (Taxi service missions, Top Gear missions etc) which is nice to see. Also one of the events is great as it let's you drive Music is a bit shit though.
  6. Jg15

    Nintendo Switch

    Ha, my left Joy Con has developed the dreaded stick drift after 18 months of use. I need to try the recalibration to see if that works first. According to this Tech Radar article Nintendo are now accepting this as an issue and are fixing free of charge: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.techradar.com/amp/news/nintendo-finally-apologizes-for-joy-con-drift-amid-lawsuit
  7. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    Plus it had a huge Sony ad campaign behind it. Ironically there is still a bus stop near me with a faded PS4 Doom Eternal poster from when it launched back in March (or whenever it was) that still hasn't been taken down because of the Lockdown apocalypse.
  8. The new leaf bug is cool. It literally looks like a dropped piece of furniture/item until it begins shaking when you get near it and then springs into a proper beastie.
  9. I had Dead Rising 3 and Black Flag at launch, I was also still using my 360/PS3 an awful lot as I had a ron of games I still hadn't finished. DR3 was impressive at the time with all of the zombies on screen, my first wow moment of the gen. I remember being excited for the capabilities of the new Kinect, never realised of course. The only game I ever really used it for in the end was D4 (that crazy SWERY Xbox exclusive that was meant to be episodic) and it actually worked quite well. Otherwise the Kinect was a fairly pointless waste of space under the TV. Also remember all those crazy TV apps they did which included achievements and everything. We actually used the Brazil World Cup ones for a few matches with those pointless (but fun at the time) survey questions. Seems such a world away from the console we have now.
  10. I have plenty of recipes from Celeste but still no star fragments, I dont think I have ever seen a shooting star to get any either. Do they only appear the nights that Celeste is about?
  11. Well, yes I suppose in a weird way it would. Someone already mentioned Days Gone and it definitely feels morally wrong in that instance, especially as you are playing a male character. Again the female characters are not obvious as everyone In a zombie style apocalypse is wearing hoodies, beanies and baggy looking trousers. Going back to AC there is also the satisfaction of defeating big male characters (and there are some big lads to fight) with Kassandra. Not that Kassandra is in any way weak of course, she is as big as some of the men she fights, but playing as a female character I often feel less remorse for killing, especially men (and yes, I am a man myself).
  12. Yes, however because of the armour I often do not notice until after the kill. Of course, playing as Kassandra it doesnt feel as bad.
  13. Edit @Alex W. Brand loyalty? I know many guys I work with have never owned an Xbox but have bought every Playstation released (these arent hardcore gamer types either). Playstation has the advantage of being a massive brand with a lot of 90's nostalgia and associated memories behind it, easily appeals to the more casual audience.
  14. Hate Facebook with a passion, deleted my account years ago as it was too intrusive and I never used it. My wife uses it to nose on her freinds and the neighbours. God, please MS dont make this a thing.
  15. Whilst on a boring Skype call earlier I was fiddling about with an old One controller I keep in the office as a spare when I noticed this random little message in the battery compartment Never noticed that before and I have plenty of controllers. Perhaps not included in newer ones?
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