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  1. Apparently a big Easter Egg I missed (which I just saw in a Den of Geek article) was the Wine Bottle in the first episode that is used for the dinner scene.
  2. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'm hoping not. It had some positive previews (see the dedicated thread) that compared it to both Alan Wake and Silent Hill. Being Bloober team I am expecting it to be broken to all hell at release though.
  3. To be honest even if you have seen the movies but have no knowledge of the comics its still easy to be very easily confused. Both Vision and Wanda are very much side characters to the main cast of Iron Man, Thor etc. TBH I struggle to remember any key plot points around them from the films other than Vision being created by Ultron (as per the comics) and them having a relationship (again mirroring the comics). Only key difference from the comics is Wanda not being Magneto's daughter. Either way will have to see how this plays out, intrigued enough so far.
  4. I enjoyed it, may be the 50's comedy was a little overplayed (although the magic scene was funny) but it felt perfectly obtuse and a little menacing which I loved. The scene at the dinner table was straight out of the comics specifically
  5. Eh, let Nintendo be Nintendo. Not everything they do might stick but they truly are the fun and innovative side of gaming that we would all miss if they disappeared.
  6. Im with you on that, I actually prefer the "older" Star Wars setting and, although this is still closer to the film era than KOTOR was by some considerable margin, it's still far enough in the past that we don't have to worry about Skywalkers or Palpatines. Will be interesting to see where Yoda is in this time period as well. He will be around the 600-700 Yr old mark so still pretty old. He must already be a Jedi Master but is he on the Jedi Council?
  7. I'm looking forward to picking this up and getting into an actual canon storyline not set in the film era's. Here's hoping it turns out good.
  8. It also has a joke referencing Gunguns so earns bonus points for that.
  9. Seeing as the Star Wars Story group are on the cusp of releasing books in what they are calling the High Republic era (200 years prior to the movies), and a TV show being set in this time is also in the works, I wouldn't be surprised to some sort of story driven RPG set during this time.
  10. Yeah its crap, it's always been a bit slow.
  11. Massively agree with this, Nintendo make some durable and reliable stuff and I have never had a problem with any of their products, joycon drift not withstanding. a good example is that US Soldier's Gameboy that survived a bomb attack in the Gulf War (they have running in the Nintendo building in NY). Half melted and still playing Tetris just fine.
  12. I forget that we did get Star Wars Kinect, not that we want another one of those! I suppose if Lucas/Disney is opening its doors to allow anyone to make games on their properties the we could see a range of games being released both as multiplatform games and as exclusives.
  13. Hell yeah but doubtful given that MS are unlikely to want to pay the big bucks for the Star Wars license (but you never know). I would even take a big Outer Worlds style game of semi open world planets to hop between.
  14. More Star Wars is never bad although I would love the Bioware of old to come back and make a Star Wars game but with Mass Effect style combat.
  15. Nope, its Paul Bettany reprising his role of the Vision from the Avengers movies. This looks awesome, obviously the MCU version of the Avengers Disassembled/House of M?
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