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  1. Noticed this too… The first episode of the season looked like it had the most money spent on it for effects shots, by some distance. Otherwise it seemed like they went out of their way to avoid showing certain events onscreen. Agree that this season it’s gone from alt-history hard sci-fi with a melodramatic, soapy streak to mostly a soapy melodrama. That soapiness has always been part of the series, and I’ll admit that the concept of the series has always been better than the execution, but it’s become much more pronounced now. And I’d argue the series doesn’t have the quality of writing or acting behind it to pull it off.
  2. Speaking more generally, I’m wondering if the “future sports” racing games have disappeared from modern gaming because, well, they were designed with abstract visuals around technical limitations that no longer exist as such. So they gradually fell out of fashion.
  3. I know, I had the first three on my Speccy as a child. I did enjoy Fantasy World Dizzy enormously at that age, playing it for many hours. IIRC it was the last Spectrum game I ever had bought for me before we upgraded to an Amiga 500. Still, there's nothing wrong we looking back at games we played in childhood and admitting that they weren't particularly good, whether due to having a narrow frame of reference in our young age, improvements in games design over the decades, or both.
  4. To be fair… They aren’t objectively good games. Something you’d try enjoy to get value from your £2.99 pocket money purchase, but in 2022, if you can emulate so many superb classic games, why suffer the frustration of Dizzy?
  5. @Thor @Nick R that’s the version I saw, the cinematic release! Didn’t know that the other cuts of the film vary in that way, if I’m being honest. Having no voiceover in the director’s cuts would be an immediate improvement! (BTW, I still have no idea if the replicants were androids or cyborgs or manufactured clones.)
  6. Agree. The first sequels to Lemmings (Oh No! More Lemmings and the Xmas version) were just the same game with significantly higher difficulty, and Lemmings 2… It felt like as if a Tetris sequel had been Hatris, Welltris, Tetris Flash and Bombliss thrown into a blender. Lemmings 2 needed the approach that Advance Wars 2 later did, and just some new skills added as balance tweaks, rather than reinventing the wheel. IMO.
  7. Blade Runner (1980) Watched this for the first time last night on Amazon Prime… It’s like watching Aliens or Predator or Nausicaä for the first time, you realise how many games were influenced by it, and so much other media… And mostly the visuals. I feel I’ve seen this film so many times without actually seeing it. Strange feeling of deja vu. Seems fairly obvious that the film borrows from film noir and hardboiled detective genres in the same way Star Wars and Indiana Jones borrow from 1930s serials, but it works thematically and stylistically. What bugged me was H. Ford’s voiceover… Really obvious descriptions to the point of insulting the viewer’s intelligence spoken in “you are hearing me talk” monotone. 3/5.
  8. True, but I don’t think there’s a conspiracy behind there like some youtubers think, more a form of survivor bias, as so few British publishers survived into the late ‘90s. Also, very few British games series had much intentional reach – your Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto, etc did, and some e.g. Populous became big in Japan, but they’re the massive exceptions to the rule.
  9. ^ not really surprised by that revelation. The Twat in the Hat always had a air of someone using retro gaming as a grift rather than really being a fan.
  10. I’d name a lot of Amiga platformers (or, more accurately, Amiga-originated platformers that later had loads of console conversions) as prime examples of this. I’d argue that’s mostly because they aren’t objectively good games; if you’re using an emulator on your PC/Mac or a dedicated emulator box and you’re playing “for free”, why would you pick Zool or Robocod over Castle of Illusion or a Castlevania game, for example? Also: Lemmings. Huge at the time. Loads of computer and console conversions. You’d think it’d be as ubiquitous as modern remakes of Tetris, but I’m not even sure if there has been any Lemmings games after Lemmings 3D on the PC and PlayStation. Perhaps the gameplay concept is often too ‘fiddly’ for more casual gamers? Or the IP owners can’t be bothered to produce anything new, leading to people forgetting about the series?
  11. I genuinely believe that within five years, the whole streaming market as we know it will have imploded. The fragmentation, nickel-and-dimeing, advert creep and patchy quality control is going to sink the streaming market faster than many expect.
  12. Man, I’ll be disappointed if this is the end, decent episode as it was to end on.* So much better than the mediocre-to-dogshit quality Trek that we’ve had since 1999. It even improved greatly during its run. * it did feel in places like it could’ve plausibly been written as episode 1 of season 3, but got massively retooled and rewritten as plans changed.
  13. So, it's either that, or waiting for the Mouser order (which was meant to be last month, but moved to July)? If it's either those, I'll most likely going to call it quits.
  14. Slight tangent, but for comparison’s sake, this is how much a Mac (using the same processor as the X68000) would’ve cost in December 1987, according to ACE Magazine: Adjust that to inflation, and (There’s a reason why Macs aren’t anywhere as niche as they used to be.)
  15. @gone fishin interestingly, or not, You Bet was based on the format of a German show Wetten dass, which ran until 2014. From what I’ve been told that sort of format (and similar) lasted a bit longer in Germany. (And oddly, the presenter of Wetten dass also presented a short-lived German remake of Noel’s House Party.)
  16. Ridge Racer 3D – haven't seen that discussion in eleven years! It's actually decent, and I can imagine that it can be bought for next to nothing.
  17. Sunk cost fallacy. But there’s a difference between spending £140-ish and spending £300 on a circuit board. I would use it, though. If bought and assembled. Just have to think whether I can justify the cost at the moment.
  18. Is it significantly more expensive?
  19. *sigh* my Mouser order of a DE10 Nano was meant to ship last week, but it updated the expected shipment date to next January. I made the order last September. Sell off the case and sun-boards and give up, or is there an alternative to getting the main board that won’t cost stupid amounts of money?
  20. Watched this on the streamings; genuinely questioned how and why it was released in the state that it was. Was there a more substantial film made that that got cut to pieces? I really don’t ‘get’ it… Wasn’t looking for a straightforward origin story or anything (I rather like that we didn’t get that, challenging expectations in the traditional Sopranos style), just didn’t get on with it.
  21. I’ve never finished Chrono Trigger for the Super NES or DS, despite liking the game loads. Even the simplest ending I’ve never achieved. Don’t know why.
  22. Waitaminute, this film has been scrapped, and allegedly Michael Keaton's been replaced by Ben Affleck in reshoots for two other films...
  23. Recent experience as a customer: Finding a clearance copy of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for £12.99 in a local Game during a lunch break, taking the empty box to the counter and having the box yanked from my hand and passed to a big man who was browsing the store, and who was lugging round a teetering pile of discounted games of various formats, ready to buy ("he's a regular, and we've only got one copy left"). I think that experience reminded me why I've avoided shopping in Game for almost five years.
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