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  1. No, I didn’t know about that, and it might not have worked given the save transfer I did seems to have messed up.
  2. OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE, Splatoon 2 and the Pokemon games don’t work with cloud saves. I didn’t really care that much about the rest of the saves. Looking at where to get the best price for selling on my old and new Switches now, the new one is even the Animal Crossing one so it’ll just remind me of this shit every time I look at it.
  3. I have online (until the end of the month at least) so I’ll look into that. Thanks. If I can get the Pokemon saves back, that’ll be a consolation.
  4. Actually, fuck it, this new Switch is the Animal Crossing one, and I’m going to be reminded of this every time I look at the fucking thing. I’m going to look into where best to sell the entire lot. I’m not sure that I even want to play modern games any more.
  5. All my saves are gone then. Every single one back to March 2017. If I hadn’t just bought a newer Switch to replace my older one, I’d most likely sell the lot on ASAP. I might even still do that as I’m not even sure if I want to do gaming any more other than retro. The Switch is the only modern game system I own or have/had any interest in, and retro aside I’ve only been playing Animal Crossing during lockdown, and even that’s gone now.
  6. Oh, same happened when I transferred from my original 3DS.
  7. Oh shit. Thanks for the info to help clear it all up, as much as it is gut-punch as it is to read and worse as it sinks in. 250 or so hours of play up in smoke, and as forumites aren’t playing it as much online any more it’ll be much more difficult for me to get back it to how it was. This I do not feel good about at all.
  8. I’ve asked this on another thread but does anyone know how to get my Switch saves back from the cartridges somehow? I system transferred from my old, worn out Switch to a new one earlier, and all of my saves are gone nowhere to be found on the new machine what’ve cartridge I put in, everything, my Animal Crossing village and all my Pokemon saves. I’m absolutely gutted and don’t know what to do.
  9. Does anyone know how to get the save games from the cartridges back onto a new Switch? My old Switch is blank, so the data must be somewhere, surely?
  10. Was going to enjoy the fireworks, but the system transfer from my old worn out Switch to a new one fucked up, and my village is gone. And all my Pokemon. And every game I’ve ever played since March 2017. Absolutely fucking distraught. Fuck Nintendo.
  11. Yeah, it’s dogshit. The generically gravelly tough-guy voice acting really buries it.
  12. Quite ironic given that Andromeda was based on a discarded series concept of Gene Roddenberry’s...
  13. Watched some of the new Siege series on Netflix, and, guys, it’s bad. Grimdark and humourless, voice acting like an anime dub, generally feels like an extended videogame cut scene. Only made it through an episode and a half before giving up.
  14. Nope, unless you want to watch it purely to appreciate what televisual agony it actually is. TBH, I’d have to admit at this point I’d rather have no Trek than really embarrassingly bad Trek. I couldn’t even bring myself to even start watching Picard.
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