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  1. I've just spent close to two hours playing the first stage of sonic on the master system!* I know you can do it in 18 seconds...but can I? nope. 19 seconds is so easy, I can see It's so close. but its starting to annoy me a bit now. *whilst watching phantom of the opera, i'm not that bonkers!
  2. Round 5 - Spain A nice old school European circuit. Senna appears in back to back races, this time with his own game. Will licensing agreements prevent him from making many more appearances? You might have been thinking this was a dead cert to be used for Monaco, but I wanted something 3D for that, so once I'd got Monaco recorded I went back to this game for spain (these weren't recorded in order). It's quite a nice game, but realistically it feels like more of a duel between you and Senna, with the other no-name members of the grid there just to
  3. Round 4 - Something fantabulous this way comes! Obviously I don't have Portimao, but Estoril is in everything, so the Portuguese round of the championship is still on. Ayrton Senna makes his first appearance, but with qualifying not going to plan it's going to be a battle to get through the pack. Top down arcade action with F-1 Grand Prix A very tricky game that really needs some practice putting in to it. Bumping other cars can screw you up massively sometimes, and on other occasions you just drive over the top of them! It's not a bad game,
  4. i was hoping to relive a bit of the glory days of the original xbox versions which i loved (and was awesome at), but this is a very different beast. admittedly i've put hardly any time into it, but it seems incredibly difficult.
  5. I don’t know why I bought the new moto gp 2021 game.... I’ve been playing ridge racer revolution everyday. Novice and intermediate are easy enough, the expert one is taking a bit of working out. I can win it, but I’m not happy bumping a few walls.
  6. I’ve recently been made aware of this new version of Pac-Man championship edition for the NES, and it’s brilliant! its not one of those modern games that look retro either, it really is a real nes game that works on the real hardware. (If you can get it on there) love it.
  7. 70 is just ridiculous. i can’t remember the last time I payed over 45. So it’s a massive increase. yes, they cost more to make, but the market is now also way bigger. games are now a huge industry, and the big AAA publishers pushing this are making millions. Tempted to say they ought to be getting cheaper.
  8. Just set this up, it does seem to run better than others on my little laptop at first glance. although the only thing I tried was ridge racer revolution, which didn’t have any music. Just sound effects. Maybe I need to download it again, as the guide I watched said to use .bin files and I have an img? its promising though. edit: apparently that’s normal with games that use music straight off the cd. I don’t know how to fix it though... apart from just listening to the initial d soundtrack!
  9. Imola, San Marino, Italy part 1?...whatever you want to call it, my third race is finally here, and the start of the european part of the tour. The sun is shining, Damon Hill is on pole position, and Murray Walker is back in the commentary box. We've got real excitement coming up now! F1 Championship Edition - SNES version. This is a pretty good game. Feels really fast when you're playing it. Qualifying seems pretty important, as overtaking is super difficult, and can get a bit frustrating. You don't really get much punishment for bumping into othe
  10. Noooooo, although I like the idea of turkey too.
  11. ok, i cant resist an opportunity to pimp my youtube. https://youtube.com/user/AvexFuddle I started this last year, mainly playing old arcade games in mame, and seeing if i could actually figure them out with a couple of credits. And this year i started trying out a few different things to keep it interesting. but i gotta say you tube is a lot harder than i thought. i count over 20 views on a video as very successful! it feels a bit weird to try and pick the best, as im not sure any are that great. (and dont worry, you wont see my stupid face or hear my stupid
  12. Open with shooting stars if anybody still needs them
  13. Well jealous! loved the ps2 and PSP versions. The ps3 one just wasn’t quite right. i need to look into teknoparrat more, but I suspect my little laptop won’t be up to the task.
  14. Even the cat gets a dramatic turn to camera! picard season 2 is tempting, but I can avoid this.
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