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  1. The Sonic Adventure games have become retroactively worse over time in terms of critical scoring. The players themselves still seem to adore them however. I still think Adventure 2 is a genuinely great game.
  2. Dig Dug

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    I can no save s rank all the scenarios in RE2 but I don't really see that kind of thing as mastery as anyone can do it. Competitive gaming and speed running have warped my idea of what it means to master a game. I already saw Goldeneye Dark LTK difficulty mentioned in this thread so I'll throw a shout out to the speedrunner Carcinogen, who has completed no save, no damage runs of Resident Evil's 1 (Original & Arrange), 2 (all scenarios), 3 & Remake (including real survival & invisible enemy mode)as well as Dino Crisis. It's hard enough to no damage a game, but to do it without saving takes some serious balls. That said I am one of the few people to reach 4000 hits in star fox zero but considering how unpopular the game was I don't think much of it.
  3. Dig Dug

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    This is some classic salt if I ever saw it. Ranked 1st in Germany btw.
  4. Dig Dug

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    That 20 years of “progression” is why the industry has entered a state where a game like this stands out as a throwback to the “good old days” and a massive subversion of modern trends. We shouldn’t be expecting the game to have these features when they won’t serve the core play. If they are there then great but we shouldn’t be missing them when they are not there. That people are missing them only sets a precedent that fuels a cycle where companies like Eidos are dropping one hundred million dollars on Tomb Raider games because the games now “must” be something more than what they are supposed to be.
  5. Just came back from this, can only really afford to get cinema tickets on Mondays so this was basically my last chance before the film finished in cinemas I adored it, might be my favourite spider-man film. I feel like the film plays a lot of respect to the comic books and as a result it leaves me wanting to get into comics again after losing interest in them years ago. Spider-Man is my favourite super hero and I'm really drawn to the idea of there being different interpretations of the character. The trend of doing this isn't new but it's something that will help make Spider-Man everlasting in a way that doesn't upset fans.
  6. Dig Dug

    Gaming meet ups

    I’m on the train back from a Nintendo players group meet up myself atm. They're always frienfly and laid back if a bit casual. It’s hard for me to get games on smash bros there because everyone knows I’ve been playing it competitively for 5 years. I’m legit starving for something like in the op. I’ve been trying to get gaming weeklies off the ground in my since September without much luck. Winter and exam season really screw me over.
  7. Dig Dug

    What is Metroidvania?

    I think it comes under a grey area. When Bloodstained was kickstarted they choose to call the genre "Igavania" to avoid any issues.
  8. Dig Dug

    What is Metroidvania?

    What I have found is the reason the term Metroidvania has took off like it has is because very few games are actually progression purist's like the Metroid games, they are most often progression neutrals like SotN in that progression isn't tied just to power-ups you find while exploring the game world. That said I have a lot of catching up to do with Indie Metroid clones. I might really expand on this someday.
  9. Dig Dug

    What is Metroidvania?

    Spent the last 2 hours working on this. Hopefully it helps settle everything.
  10. Dig Dug

    What is Metroidvania?

    Permanent death is also a defining feature of roguelikes. Metroid is a term that can be termed very loosely depending on what aspect of Metroid you want to focus on. By some definitions Resident Evil is a Metroid based on its map design.
  11. Dig Dug

    What is Metroidvania?

    I do take a small issue with the term metroidvania. The vania comes from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night being an action-RPG that uses metroid world design as a template, however people just call the genre metroidvania even when a game lacks the Castlevania aspects. We even see the metroidvania tag given to games that take inspiration from titles that existed before metroid with many Metroidvania games using the kind of design that existed in the adventure games of the 8-bit micro computers. I might expand on this later Metroidvania and "Souls-like" are two terms that are being heavily thrown about at the moment, especially by indie studios.
  12. Dig Dug


    AGDQ is for prevent cancer foundation. SGDQ is for Doctors Without Borders.
  13. Dig Dug


    Shame about the runner being a transphobe.
  14. Dig Dug


    Though I’m not really into them I do think it is impressive when people run old games on NES with almost robotic efficiency. It’s what you’d imagine a “perfect” run of a game to look like.
  15. Dig Dug


    Ocarina of Time 100% is one of the better longruns at just under 4 hours, but I only put ZFG on as background noise.

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