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  1. Finished the game on Nightmare but fuck the last boss for forcing me to buy the damage reducing coins.
  2. The game definitely needed the full park and clock tower as a playable section between the train crash and the boss fight.
  3. Code Veronica was a very cheesy game riddled with terrible design issues and unintentional progress blockers. Remaking it wouldn’t be the worst idea but the game would have to be changed significantly.
  4. Dig Dug


    Got the konami collection on switch. Oh my god, Gradius II is so bloody good.
  5. Dodge, run, knock him down with explosive barrels and stun him with electrical boxes.
  6. Dig Dug


    I’ve got my eyes on a few shumps in the sale. Konami Classics, R-Type, Danmaku Unlimited 3 and Q-YO blaster (it’s 89p). Danmaku I’ve heard a lot of good about but I’m not sure about it.
  7. Finished on Hardcore. The game had its positives and I did enjoy it, especially the Carlos sections but I have some big criticisms that I’ll have to write down later. To get the big one out of the way, Nemesis itself was a disappointment.
  8. Been playing it since 8pm and I’m gonna call it a night cos my eyes hurt. It is very much alike REmake 2 but it’s also feels somewhat radically different to the original in terms of pacing, level design and exploration. Game clearly has taken some inspiration from 6, not in a bad way or anything but it is definitely action heavy and far less scarier than 2. Also the linearity means that path plotting gets contained to small sections at a time rather than a sweep through a series of tasks like in remake 1&2, which is a shame as those are my favourite parts of the games. Obviously not finished it but it is still a good game, I just hope this is as extreme as the series goes because it’d be a shame to see it relapse into bad habits. Also Nemisis is way better in the original, it’s not going to be up for debate for very long. Mr X was a better Nemisis than this.
  9. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. I’ve beaten the excellent Three Houses 5 times now but as the old saying goes you never forget your first love. It has pacing issues in the game play and many dislike how slow it is but as a complete package I adore it. Has a strong cast of characters and a revamped support system that made for excellent character and world building. Contains very good map design that is challenging but not difficult enough to be frustrating. After the original series creator Shouzou Kaga left Nintendo in 1999 the series became simplified for the trilogy of GBA releases. Path of Radiance took heavy inspiration from Kaga’s final FE game Thracia 776, making it potentially the last original FE game to be built on Kaga’s foundations without heavy deviation or experimentation. The game costs a fortune now and really warrants a remaster because it is a crime that more people aren’t able to access it.
  10. Shining Force 1 + 2 if you’re only doing mega drive games.
  11. Are Trchnica is easily one of my favourite YouTube channels these days. Their near 3-hour Lorne Lanning video is something we need more of.
  12. Hideki Naganuma Is too busy retweeting family guy memes to compose these days.
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