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  1. An 8 for Sam Sho is very high praise indeed.
  2. Dig Dug


    How about that I just finished a marathon of it after starting last night. I wasn't into it when i was a teenager (never got to see End as I relied on DVD's) but the brilliance of the series and the film is something I can appreciate as an adult.
  3. It depends heavily on context and circumstance obviously. But in the specific case of this 28 year old smash player I can't take any other stance than he should have known better than to get into that relationship with the 16 year old. He knew what could happen if it came to light and he is now seeing the expectations be met by reality, hence why they were secret lovers.
  4. I am saying I don't think it is right to get into an "adult" relationship when your only point of reference is that persons childhood. Being interested in someone when they are underage and then "waiting" for them to be legal is suspect depending on the age gap (in this case 28 and 16), it'd mean having a sexual interest in a child and then waiting for it to be "okay" to act on it. Only Ally never actually did that, if anything it'd have been horrid if he did as it meant he had a desire for a 15 year old. No, my argument is that he got into the relationship having known this person mostly as a 14/15 year old. That was his point of reference for this person, their character and his past relationship with them as a friend. They didn't grow up together or anything, their entire history up to that point was an adult addressing a child.
  5. I'll say one last thing about it because I feel like this needs to be stated, legality or not. Ally dating Zack at 16 means that Ally went into it only ever knowing Zack as a child. The Zack he originally befriended, the same Zack he used as a reference point for going into relationship was Zack the child, the Zack who until recently had been 15 years old at that point in time If Zack was 20 and they got together it'd be different as he'd have knowing Zack as an "adult" to use as his reference for wanting to get into that relationship. This to me is why the relationship was not okay. Zack may have been "legally" adult but the older man only knew that person as a child.
  6. That neg post isn’t an exaggeration btw a guy did shit himself during a tournament game and played it out.
  7. So I will put my hands up to a few things. I think the two are fine to pursue the relationship they want as legally consenting adults. At the same time however I can see how the whole relationship is concerning. Captain Zack has been known of since he was 14 (now 17), ally has been a top 10 player since 2009. When accusations of the relationship first came to light Ally strongly denied everything. I can imagine he wanted to distance himself from any possible accusations of grooming. Even then there are other things to remember, both players have said it was Zack who wanted the relationship, not the other way around. The smash community has a notorious reputation for being hostile on social media, it was likely the two originally kept it secret because if the kind of reaction the truth has caused now. I do think it looks suspect when Ally has only admitted to the relationship when Zack confessed after having already been publicly outed by a former friend months prior. The whole scene is a mess and a shit storm was inevitable.
  8. I think the whole thing needs to be looked at in the context of the smash scene having had many issues with predatory players going after teenaged girls in the past. This has understandably made people incredibly suspect of such relationships when it comes to people within the scene. The two of them being an item is legal, but the scene itself has become incredibly hostile towards such relationships for a reason.
  9. Just saying with this smash thing in particular that it was an open-closed secret in the community. More people knew they were dating in secret than is being let on. Regardless of legality it was never going to be seen as socially acceptable, like damn if it was a 16 year old girl people would really be flipping their shit right now.
  10. You don’t find a 28 year-old dating a 16 year-old suspect?
  11. Well... That top player the 15 year old girl beat. He’s just admitted to having been in a relationship with a 16 year-old boy. The community for smash bros has problems. Evo 2016 Champion btw.
  12. Tekken as a whole is miles ahead of every other fighting game when it comes to female representation. EDIT: Came across this. See what I mean about Tekken?
  13. Here’s an epic gamer moment for you. Teenage girl beats one of the worlds best smash bros players in tournament, gets so much unwanted attention that she has given up streaming, the game, and her gamer tag to get away from it all. She gained something like 8,000 twitter followers after that win and the video made about her by ZeRo (retired smash player who used to be ranked 1st in the world) has over 400,000 views. This is not healthy attention, especially not for a teenager. I love the game but the community can be despicable, not even going to go into the other nasty events that have been brushed under the rug.
  14. Dig Dug


    Best place to check previous runs is here.
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