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  1. I have now beaten 3 of the 4 paths on hard mode. I’m going to do the last on maddening mode on a new save so I can get the special reward. The level of commitment you need to put in to get the full story is crazy. I don’t think the game was designed to be beaten in such a short time. It’ll probably be at least 3 years before the next main fire emblem game if they insist on making them this big now. Hopefully they will remake Genealogy of the Holy War, that game was ridiculously ambitious.
  2. The change is you get 10,000 renown if you NG+ after a lunatic run I think. Normally you get 5,000.
  3. Dig Dug

    Nintendo Switch

    It’s better to have warning. You’ll be forced to reset and continue with a password (if you have one). I only salvaged my game because I made a save state while shopping. I’ll spoiler it anyway but the way the game is structured makes it a bit obvious you’re not supposed to do it that early.
  4. Dig Dug

    Nintendo Switch

    Gave Demon’s Crest a go.
  5. Dig Dug

    Nintendo Switch

    Breath of Fire actually got me hooked. Only took 15 years of on/off play for it to finally click.
  6. Dig Dug

    Nintendo Switch

    Breath of Fire is pretty chill. Shame I never understood the bliss of auto battling growing up.
  7. Dig Dug

    Nintendo Switch

    This is a PSA for anyone who is playing SNES online. Brawl Brothers is garbage, it's a beat'em up full of infinitely looping maze levels that were designed to make the game harder to beat in a rental. Thankfully there is a cheat code which lets you turn it into a good game. When you start the game and the Jaleco logo appears sequentially and repeatedly press B, A, X, Y. You will get a glitched title screen. Press start and then down 3 times, then start again. You will be on the options screen. Congratulations you are now playing Rushing Beat Ran, the original Japanese version which removes the mazes and puts back removed weapons like the throwing knife.
  8. I want to work as a designer. I studied media and focused my entire masters studying game design. Unfortunately almost every role I've applied for this last year demands designers are able to work with Unreal, Unity etc and in some-cases even know how to write code and be able to program.
  9. Wasn't sure where to post so I'll do it here. I've been putting it off for a while but I've not had much luck finding work since leaving uni so I've figure I might as well get going and make an earnest effort so I can learn programming and the like for games design. What are good places to go to for learning resources?
  10. When explaining why someones behaviour is an issue doesn't work you might as well give up on them until they figure it out on their own. Some people don't want to be helped. Maybe if Neg is given a hard punishment that he can't come back from easily he might actually come to have some self-reflection. Just a thought.
  11. Its because of these new cases that I learned that James Portnow of extra credits is also an abuser.
  12. I'll look into it. If they have DDR A with online connection then I'm grabbing my e amusement card and paying them a visit.
  13. For those who have been I’m just wondering. Do these places (and similar businesses such as Arcade Barn Warrington) have Dance Dance Revolution and if so which versions?
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