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  1. I’d say the entire fire emblem series fits into that category, the units you choose to use and how you choose to use them is by all means quite flexible. You recruit so many units through the games that you’ll never be able to train and use all of them. Fire Emblem Three Houses is the first game in that series where you can make your units any class you want which is pretty cool if you’re like me and like to train them to be snipers and wyvern lords. The more playthroughs you do of an FE game the better it tends to become as you have no trouble deciding what you want to do and how to do it once you’ve learned the intricacies of the game. I’m currently on my 6th playthrough of three houses (regular new game, maddening difficulty, no DLC to help me) and I’m currently experiencing the most flexibility I’ve ever had with an FE gave in regards to play style.
  2. Been having a lot of internet problems at my flat these last few months but for the time being I can put them behind me so I've gotten into streaming again. Been playing a variety of things from retro shumps to smash bros and more. Currently playing a new game run of Three houses on Maddening difficulty. Hopefully I don't run into any more net issues so I can do thsi for the liong run/ /radirgyfgc is my twitch handle. Would post a link but embedding seems to be not working.
  3. I've never watched his streams but this is one of the most gripping internet mysteries I've seen in a while.
  4. It’s a puzzle game so learn which blocks to drill and when to drill them rather than aiming to blast through the floor as fast as possible. You’ll need a bit of foresight to safely pick up oxygen tanks as they’re normally placed out of the way. Colour matching is not immediately obvious in that game, it has a learning curve. Edit: to add to that matching blocks so you end up with a T/L shape over your head protects from stuff falling on you and gives you better flexibility going sideways.
  5. A game where you’re shrunk down to microscopic size and have to enter a persons body to save them. Outside of that Mario & Luigi game and the world of Xenoblade chronicles I’ve not seen many games use the “the world is a body” concept.
  6. Min Min looks like one of the better DLC characters so far. Maybe not the strongest but certainly the most interesting design wise. She doesn’t come off as incredibly gimmicky (Banjo, Hero, Joker, Terry) or unimaginative (Byleth). It’s a character who expands the game in the right way by the looks of things. In other news competitive Smash players have brushed today’s direct aside to take a much bigger interest in the newly released version of Melee for the Dolphin emulator. For the first time ever a smash game has rollback netcode and thanks to ultimate having the worst delay-based netcode of any fighting game people are flocking to melee in droves.
  7. When a game "expands" the gameplay by giving the character new abilities that you have to unlock, the consequence of which being that you then have to revisit the levels later because you didn't have said ability the first time. Example: Spyro 1 vs Spyro 2. In Spyro 1 you could 100% every level on the first pass if you knew how, in Spyro 2 this was impossible and just made the game feel dragged out. Now in comparison, while Crash Bandicoot has always forced the player to backtrack levels thanks to the gems, at least Crash 2 was built around the player having all the new abilities from the start. In my opinion it makes for a much better game. See also: Sonic Unleashed Wii vs Sonic Unleashed Xbox 360. The Wii version gives you all of sonics abilities from the start, guess which one I enjoyed more. Obviously this design can improve a game if done right but often i just find such design to be a boring obstcle.
  8. Wonder if this will just be more levels or if they are going to try and go for Mark Cerny’s original vision for what he wanted Crash 4 to be? In terms of game design Jak & Daxter was the “real” Crash Bandicoot 4.
  9. I tend to have an easy time avoiding anything politically dodgy but when it comes to games I ended up liking more because of their stances I can think of plenty. I find JRPGs tend to be a pretty progressive mainstream genre, probably because their stories tend to play on a hero combating an imperialist antagonist such as in Final Fantasy VII and Fire Emblem:Path of Radiance.
  10. The cynic in me says that the majority of early female-protagonist lead action games were often doing it for the novelty more than anything else. Puzzle oriented genres like point-and-click games however were more likely to be taking an honest stab at it.
  11. Dig Dug


    Anyway i've been hitting Gradius again and those Moai heads are a real big problem for me. I also tried Nemisis for the first time and to be hoenst I prefer the original version even if it doens't give out continues and power ups on a new life.
  12. Dig Dug


    Yo Shikhondo is actually legit. I’m so glad I chanced across it in the eshop sale.
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