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  1. I adored the C64 versions of both, since that's the only option I had until I got my MD
  2. Finished! Overall I enjoyed it and it's a solid game. Glad to have played it before I make a start on 8 too. Any recommendations for tackling the DLC on the Gold Edition (order and what not to bother with) or maybe straight back into another playthrough with the unlocked weapon?
  3. I honestly doubt this project has a single line of C/Assembler that was in the original so what you're left with is an 18 month project at least employing at a guess a 25+ person team with new tech/assets/pipelines. Which costs a fortune.
  4. I was going to defend this then I remembered it's a dodgy version of the Capcom arcade art I imagine the equivalent Strider one has already been posted? The one with David Bowie as Strider. Actually I'm undecided, check out the Dino's on the left!
  5. Good point actually, 2 to 4 so far are great and improve but I do remember that faltering in the later/final series
  6. Doing a 24 rewatch too, S1 is a bit of a challenge these days. 2 onwards is brilliant.
  7. Anyone in this thread not buying this game? I'll warrant it's 100% we're all in...just try and resist
  8. Nintendo website list Edit : I spent my second eshop voucher on the Dread pre order but I think you can deactivate them 7 days before release.
  9. I remember the Metroid Prime review in EDGE, which they loved, but in part of the review they did wonder what could have been achieved with the same tech making a 2D game in the vein of Super Metroid. And here we are! (I have not played Other M) I was wary about this at first but I think it looks Ace. I reckon this has the potential to be GOTY for a lot of us.
  10. That BotW2 trailer... "Clean up, aisle 3"
  11. Same, it's been paying the bills for about 18 years now. Otherwise it's just reading the forum and playing games when I can
  12. I would say the opening section is rubbish compared to the rest of it, but yes also it's not going to appeal to everyone
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