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  1. No but I’ll take what I can get and the last disc based game I bought for my PS4 was Fallout 4 so I think I’ll manage. Tell me about it with the bag. I actually didn’t buy one (they didn’t ask) and so I had to go back in the queue to pay 20p on my card to get one while it sat in the counter being eyed up. My local Argos is down a pretty dodgy alley too so I was very paranoid waking home with it. I crossed the road to avoid two ‘youths’ (in reality kids) at one point!
  2. Amazingly after spending the 19th with one in my John Lewis basket all morning and not being able to check out and then exactly the same this morning with Argos I gave up and thought I’d try a cold and fruitless walk in the rain to my local store. After checking their digital book of dreams (which wouldn’t even search for PS5) I queued up to ask the lady behind the counter, convinced it was a total waste of time and she informed me “sorry we’ve only got two of the digital editions in stock”. So here I am an hour later with a slightly soggy digital version waiting for me till I’m done for
  3. Yeah the controls do feel weird at first but they did click pretty quickly for me. I means you can quickly slow down to turn sharply (in the sweet spot) or even stop your ship dead so you can focus on taking something out. I’ve really enjoyed working my way through this slowly on PC, it feels very pure old school Star Wars and very satisfying to play. I know it might make me sound like a child but the explosions are very cool especially when you take out something right in front of you. A really nice surprise of a game.
  4. Disco Elysium for me. I just had to find out where the story was going and it felt like a really personal experience that I needed to see through to the end.
  5. This really is a lot of fun isn't it! Much more polished than I was expecting given the budget/retro price.
  6. Yes to be fair I had a similar crash last night although wondered if it was linked to me also using Spotify at the same time. On the up side remote play on Vita works really well, nicely remapped controls and handling mode works well with vita sticks unlike some other driving games.
  7. Pretty good this, totally ignored it till I twigged it was the Test Drive Unlimited "crew" but bought wild run today and been happily cruising around for last few hours. I love this sort of game partly cause it's a great excuse to stick Spotify on and just experience the game while catching up on new music. The fact it has seamless online integration feels like it gives it a bit more purpose for me too.
  8. Ok fair enough on the fuel I've been a bit meticulous at staying on top of it and guess I just like that it's something to think about (probably me being a bit tragic and trying to role play as Max). I quite like the water for health mechanic though. Better than med packs and I've had to use it a few times to get through a stronghold although just upgraded Max to get more health from water so may be less relevant now. Driving is so much fun I've not really bothered with fast travel yet.
  9. Got to say I really like this, I'm playing along side Witcher 3 so it's bound to look a bit shallow by comparison but I put it on for a quick blast last night and played for about 5 hours non stop. After a recommendation on a podcast I turned off the music and had the Fury Road soundtrack playing on Spotify which really helped the atmosphere. I also think they've nailed the scarcity of water, fuel and ammo thing leading to a couple of really tense missions which had me on the edge of my seat more than I've ever had with something like Assassins Creed (or arguably even The Arkham games). I do
  10. This really is an amazing game isn't it? The first game in years to really grab me and make me want to play just to be in the world (perhaps GTA V but not quite in the same way). Every time I play there is something that makes me just stop and think wow how did they do that. Last night it was just looking out over the living moving forest from Crows Perch as the sun came up. I also love that it's made me make some bad decisions, don't want to spoil anything but years of gaming has conditioned me to be too trusting and decisions that would have been the "right" one in Mass Effect or Skyrim ha
  11. Kami Unbelievable Geoff! Imagine Pro Evo but with terrible commentary. You may have just imagined Pro Evo but try again and you'll get the long awaited follow-up to 2001's smash hit Chis Kamara's Street Soccer. (Sorry I'm done now been stuck on a train!)
  12. Little Bi Planet It may be little but it's very liberal, can you help sackboy fully explore his sexuality despite the floaty jumping mechanics?
  13. Chase H. The Steps legend Ian Watkins is on the loose and threatening to reform the group, can you hunt him down and stop him before it's too late?
  14. Love it, came it to this thread with the vague notion of trying to find something like joypod to listen to and it turns out there's a two-hour E3 special I'd have totally missed otherwise! Fingers crossed for a well informed and informative update on how the Xbox one will now function as a stand alone satellite reciever and other similar deep technical insights. :-)
  15. These worked great for me too thanks DJ. Even just had a quick blast on vita remote play (out of interest) and after swapping the triggers and adjusting the opponent difficulty it was pretty playable - remarkable! Perhaps I can start to actually get into the game now.
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