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  1. Octopath is great. Proper old skool SNES style RPG but with amazing graphics.
  2. When I say, big fuck off lens, I thinking 300mm max! A friend is selling a 5d mk3 for £650 body only? Lens ain’t that expensive 2nd hand and plentiful? Only thing I’m worried about is lack of comfort features like WiFi/Bluetooth/nfc but it does have dual memory card slots and it’s full frame... So my choice is 600d brand new for about £550 body only 5d good condition body only £650....
  3. Is this a trick question? Why would you even be considering a bit of plastic?
  4. They need to hurry up and release Sega Rally. We need to go back to just 3 track arcade racers.
  5. It’s £200 now but I can see it dropping in a year or so. This will be their 3DS replacement. Its a good idea, they’ve gutted it of some features that won’t be missed really.
  6. Thanks for confirming what I was thinking. I’m thinking of getting serious and getting some training and getting into portrait and product photography and DSLR opens up more lens choices plus look more professional if that makes sense. I want a massive lens and a big ass camera lol
  7. I'm thinking of moving back up again from my Canon M3, I want to stay within Canon as I like their feel and look. Drifting between the 77d, 800d and 80d. Main problem I can see is that all three are pretty old, with the 80d being the oldest. Any idea when a refresh is up and coming? Very are doing 10% off right now on top of the summer cash back....I can get a 800d for about £550 and a 77d for £650...
  8. Can the Japanese version be used to play against uk players?
  9. None mentioned Silent Hill? Also, Ico is the one that invoked the most mystery to me.
  10. Best find in Game for me was Ninja 5-0 for £7.99 Never heard of it but it was a platformer by Hudson Soft, what could go wrong?
  11. Shadow Moses in MGS4 Simply epic. Also, near the end in the 1st uncharted, you went to an abandoned South American port down. The music, the graphics. All wasted on a dumb shooter but was still great.
  12. probotector


    It’s been a few years!
  13. probotector


    Worth giving bionic domain a go. Both examples of the Japanese doing gears better!
  14. You guys are moaning about an ice and fire series not controlled by D and D? Its also got more hands on involvement from GRRM?
  15. Can’t believe people are discussing whether £50 is worth it for this? A remake of the 2nd best Zelda, first being LTTP. if you haven’t played it, you should be paying £60 for it.
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