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  1. I disagree. I think Zemo is the best character in the show. He’s actually a good guy I think. He was the real hero in Civil war.
  2. He’s based on the character US Agent. Not necessarily a bad guy, just more short tempered and more violent but still a good guy.
  3. Sees to have the opposite problem to the Netflix app that seems to want to push you to the next part ASAP when you want to soak in the credits etc
  4. People who say Snyder’s Superman was too dark need to read those comics. Superman is a Chad
  5. Adding the Fox content has been an amazing decision. Wonder when they will add their more adult/general stuff like from Touchstone pictures.
  6. I like him in every film he appears. My fav is probably Legends of the Fall
  7. Jimmy Olsen was always shit. Snyder made him badass and he went out in a blaze of glory. Probably the most use he’s ever been.
  8. She didn’t last long anyway. She’s brown bread now, as they say in Brum.
  9. I get what you are saying. The brummie woman felt like a passerby that had somehow walked into set and pretended to be the right person.
  10. You see him open the book and it has fb be key in it. It all seems to be rushed to be honest. I rewound it a few times to figure out what was going on at a few places for this episode. It’s probably the most rushed and packed episode of anything ever.
  11. Nah I can tell the ultimate plot will be New Cap trying to get his own stash. He’s already told his token black sidekick that they’re going solo.
  12. I liked the film but it was just a glorified tv show really. Don’t understand all this Johnson is amazing business. I enjoyed it a though
  13. yeah totally. All the night street scenes are definitely cg for instance. I’m talking more about the talking scenes. They could have had some more talking head scenes etc. But I guess the episode was tight. But some seemed rush. The dialogue in the airplane seemed cut, eg the discussion around the books between zemo and Falcon/winter
  14. This episode did feel like an entire movie condensed into 45 minutes. They’re on a streaming platform, who gives a shit about run time. Just let it run! This show doesn’t even have many special effects and talking scenes are cheap and it’s all filmed digitally, I’m sure Disney can afford the hard drive space
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