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  1. Thats pretty amazing. Taking it out means the terrorists won.
  2. The steely look that the T1000! He looked like an android! Even T3 had better Terminator acting! Even if it did look a lot more childish
  3. probotector

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Really enjoyed the first 3 eps. I think the more interesting aspect of the show is how the USSR was run. It seems like a non-biased fly on the wall documentary with the bits in the boardroom. My fav characters are the miners. Someone mentioned that it’s amazing that each ep has a new set of characters walking to their doom willingly. Thise guys were heroes for all of humanity and needed their time in the sun. I can only imagine being those in charge of sorting the mess and knowing these are your final days and it’s all over for you but you have to keep working otherwise it’ll be for nothing.
  4. Using the theme would have been an easy win. The T3 trailer is a lot closer to a Terminator movie than this new T3 that looks more like a TV show. I miss the blue night colour grading.
  5. old nan was talking about the night’s king not the night king. nights king married an other/woman and was under her spell or something
  6. Teasers give away all the best bits Trailers give away the story.
  7. JJ is a safe pair of hands. Rian single handedly ruined the franchise and screwed Solo. Now the dust has settled, most see Solo for what it is. A solid action romp in the style of Indiana Jones.
  8. Did anyone ask for an NK prequel? He wasnt in the books and they already did a 15s flashback to show his origin.
  9. He needs to stop fucking about with all these side projects and get his legacy sorted. No one gives a fuck about the prequels, the main fucking story ain’t even done.
  10. 20 years on and still hilarious. I was rolling on the floor as a teenager and everyone at school was talking about this sketch the next day!
  11. I’m hyped! The shots look like starwars! JJ gave us what we wanted with force awakens, now he’s back to fix starwars a 2nd time!
  12. But he took out every other house off screen. e.g. The umbers. They just didnt show it, there was just the throw away line “we must assume any house not here fights for the dead now”
  13. That is the total opposite to the James Cordon one. I love the story arnie tells about the cut ideas he had for Commando! “Get the fuck outta my office!”
  14. Maybe it’s the choice of music but this suddenly seems like the least interesting terminator movie so far. Even Genesys looked more interesting.

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