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  1. I’d pay £30-40 for a proper physical release. When I say proper, I mean something like Ninja Saviours with a big thick full colour manual and a useless fold out poster. Ive added it to my wishlist. If they had remixed it more in line with virtua racing and priced it at £10, it would be downloading right now. As a remake it’s too halfassed. Now, give us a HD Zwei and Orta and I’ll be there or even £50 for a trilogy.
  2. £10-15 and I would have probably bit. I would prefer a physical release tbh Also, I don’t mind the new colour grading but the game seems to lack the grittyness and atmosphere of the originals...just seems kinda blandish?
  3. I’ve been added to a family plan, it shows I’m in one on the Nintendo website but my switch and eshop isn’t recognising it? Is something else required?
  4. Watched Mandalorian. I can see why they left it weekly as they can’t give away their USP for free. Went straight to watching The Love Bug and Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo right after though! Any reason why there is such a gap between the two films?
  5. A friend wants a switch for her birthday but they are as rare unicorn shit. Do they ever come in stock anywhere? Are Nintendo even supplying them? Lites are everywhere but full phat is nowhere to be seen. My nephew’s arrived last week. Very nice! The build quality is clearly improved over my launch model, no creeks and the home button is larger. We both have animal crossing thanks to game sharing
  6. Online verification. The secondary system has to be online to play.
  7. You can both play it but not at the same time.
  8. Bought coffee time for 50p with some points. Glad I didn’t pay £8 as it looked good. Just seems off. Also bought 2 crude dudes for £1.50p. Well worth it! Modern pretend retro games are just not as good as the real stuff. Are there any Japanese developers from back in the day making anything?
  9. Nice! Absolutely can not wait. I’m going to bust my Netflix down to the minimum sub and have both for the same price. Netflix are going to have to buck up their ideas now. This is the best thing to happen to streaming. Competition at last!
  10. Princess Mononoke dub is good, cannot stand the Laputa one though, mainly Dawson’s Greek ruining it.
  11. That makes sense. Ive honestly thought it was Overrated all these years but the Netflix version seems to be the real deal with more characters. I think the version I saw had nothing with the twin prince and princess subplot, didn’t have 2 warring nations etc ive always thought it was a bit shit tbh and wondered what the fuss was all about!! Think I’ll watch it again tonight.
  12. Thanks. I might just build up a small Collection of 80s action flicks on blu ray.
  13. I watched nausicaa again the other day. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention the first time or I was watching a cut version but there was so much more going on in this version. I must have downloaded a dodgy version back in the Day because so much more happens. I always wrote it as a result as it felt rushed as If scenes were missing! Really enjoyed it Is there another cut out there or something?
  14. Anyone got a link to the steel case Blu-ray? I spent hours staring at that poster in the 80s. It had so much depth. Amazing scenes
  15. Will download tonight. PSN Is Quattroporte
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