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  1. Couple of looks at more Sega Saturn demos, (partly as I wanted the music from them for a later video.) The presentation really is second to none in these SEGA demo cds and it's a great way to show a sample of a range of games. This was the last Sega Flash volume released in Europe from 1998, highlights include Burning Rangers and Steep Slope Sliders This one was a 3rd part demo disc we believe came bundled with Saturn in early to mid 1996, has Keio Flying Squadron 2 on it which is quite surprising see as the final game didn't get that big a print run in PAL.
  2. Very much agree, that said I never liked Final Fight that much to begin with, I found it rather dull when release and much preferred the 4 players action of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade. Which had more enemies going on screen and just felt more fun and interesting with the stage design.
  3. Corrected your post for you. Think you will be lucky to find any Sega Saturn games in a car boot sale these days. Never had any Saturn luck myself in boot sales mostly PS1 games.
  4. It should do it automatically, when you post the share link, but the code on this site doesn't always works, so you have to clear the post move around the site and try reposting. Also just post the share link from YT on itself first and nothing else and you should get this: Oddly enough my link didn't work first time today either. So I'm working on a demo disc related video at present, but rather than let all the footage just get one use this is a full look at the Sega Flash demo Vol.1. They don't make demos disc like this any more or at all for that matter.
  5. Trying to get a big video finished at the moment, so in the mean time doing some quicker videos, first off a look at the original Atari Lynx version of the puzzle game Chip's Challenge. Doing a few boss attack video as well using old footage mainly: Lastly a Ruka longplay of Rapid Reload:
  6. Quick look at the North American version of Wild Arms 2, one of the many games that never got released in PAL.
  7. Totally agree, half the time you find tons of copies of the same game, but all want £50+, saw that with Rapid Reload (Gunners Heaven). About 10+ copies for sales all wanted £70+ now for the PAL version. Where as the Japanese version is still around the £35 mark. Finished Rapid Reload with Axel, but now need to do it with Ruka. Still playing Wild Arms 2, it's far bigger than I was expecting, it's the reason I also played RR as the characters from RR appear in it. Also playing the Namco 50th Anniversary NamCollection on PS2, it's a collection of Ridge Racer, Tekken, Mr Driller, Tekken and Klonoa all on one disc Only found out about it after playing Klonoa on PS1, collection has a few improvements to all the games on it, I've heard.
  8. All new longplay today, on the best run & gun for the PS1, just wish Sony and Media Vision would get together again to make a sequel to this and Wild Arms 6. Early game on the PS1 and a launch title here in Europe. One of the best launch title, but it got hammered at the time due to the whole it rubbish if it's not in 3D attitude of the press at that point in the 90s. This is Gunners Heaven or Rapid Reload as the PAL version was renamed.
  9. Yeah cart only is way cheaper and while I don't like to collect cart only, its often cheap and quicker to get it cart only. Plus finding boxed games outside of ebay these days isn't easy. I managed to get a cart and manual copy of Castlevania 3, before Christmas wasn't cheap, but was less than then the complete asking price on ebay, got it for under 3 digits as well, same with Probotector 2 got a cart only copy for £35. Both are such good games they are worth shelling out for as I've given them plenty of play time. Most titles even boxed and complete can be had for £30 or less. There are a lot of really good games on the NES even more so if you're an arcade fan, that's aren't actually that many turkeys in PAL either it seems most got weeded out.
  10. Gave up on car boot sales I must admits, too many weeks of nothing or just FIFA rubbish, all the good stuff gets sold on the web now. Got some Kingsley's Adventure for you all today, I know ianinthefuture mentioned it the other weeks in his 25 video, I known about it for years, but never could get it at a decent price until last year.
  11. I'd suggest Steep Slope Sliders on Sega Saturn and its sequel/semi sequel (Same developer Cave no less) Trick'N Snowboarder on PlayStation 1
  12. Up until they ended the creator program last year it was a pain to make content on YouTube for Nintendo, now it's easy enough trouble is the Nintendo content isn't as popular for smaller channels as it's largely hovered up by a number of big channels. There are so many video on Super Mario, Zelda etc.. Your content just won't get seen, unless you get lucky or find a niche. New video up looking at Theme Park World on PS2, I actually prefer this to the PC version (I'm sure some people may think I'm mad) playthrough of the first Park all rides, I talk over the first half explaining the game.
  13. It was mentioned at the time that a sequel was planned in some of the mags. either that was the GC version they spoke about or the planned sequel got cancelled early in the planning phase.
  14. Got a look at the PS1 version of Theme Park going live at 5pm, still a classic in my view will be provide some commentary also seeing as the game didn't have much in the way of an OST.
  15. Yeah it's an odd selection lots of games from the same studios so I'm guessing it was a permission issue, that said seems this was a UKIE project. Which are one of the games industry trade bodies that no one ever knows what they do or quite why they are around. It's OK nice to put on your stamps I guess.
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