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  1. Good point, wtf happened to Daario?
  2. Yeah I know that but @scottcr seemed to have another idea which still isn’t really clear. I’ve heard Bran is the NK a lot but I’ve never really found out why or what the logic is around this.
  3. Why does he have to kill Bran, what happens then?
  4. Dyamn! Drama. I’ve always had a thing for Lena since I saw her in the 90’s bbc thing called Loved Up where she took pills and had steamy sex whilst all loved up.
  5. Why cant they be in the same room, is there some sort of feud?
  6. It's ok everybody Samwell Tarly will be in the crypt to save everyone, except maybe Cassie from skins just to make it sad. Also I liked Arya getting it on with Gendry, her eyeing him up in the forge just showed how she has the proper horn and Gendry is super hot, fair play to her.
  7. Well I really enjoyed that, it felt like it was a long goodbye to all the hero characters, makes me think a lot of them might not make it through the next couple of episodes.
  8. I just finished rewatching S7 and it wasn't at all as bad as I remember, the set pieces are fantastic and whilst Dany is annoying whenever she's riding her dragon and blasting fools it's pretty fucking awesome. I hope her two remaining Dragons survive, they're kinda like big flying fire breathing cats.
  9. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Oh Soul of Cinder without doubt, he's really hard, there's one guise of him where you can't even engage, the curved sword phase. In fact I think SoC was probably the hardest non DLC boss but so gratifying when he went down. Dancer is harder than both Sulyvahn and Aldritch I thought. For Sulyvahn you can get him to phase two really quickly with a flame buffed raw longsword and then phase two good luck but I managed it a lot quicker than dancer. Aldritch is a twat because of the rng of his attacks but again weak to buffs and most of his attacks can easily be avoided, I should have videos for both if you want me to post them at some stage. Keep trying with the dancer, if you can get to phase two reliably then I found sticking closley and dodging into her for most of her attacks that come down vertically worked, it's the horizontal attacks you want to get out of the way of quick sharp.
  10. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Don't give up skeleton! You can do it!
  11. I'm still watching in the hope of more sexy Djjin sex, there will be more sexy Djjin sex won't there?
  12. Never have to wait for a game on PS4 and the invite last squad members option has led to many games with decent squads. I do find peak times to be the worst for bad randoms though, so weekends can be pretty terrible on that front. I'm horribly addicted to the point where I can't play anything else, even Sekiro!
  13. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    I see, she was definitely in the top 5 hardest bosses in the main game discounting dlc bosses, it's just a case of keep trying then I guess. She's pretty random, like SoC who was also one tough bastard! Good luck!

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