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  1. I also just reaplied in the Netflix thread, watch the first two first.
  2. Watch the originals first they are connected and contain some of the same characters, plus it's really good and only 8 episodes for both 1&2 so it's like a single season really.
  3. Minion

    Ad Astra

    Saw this today, I have to say I thought it was terrible.
  4. Game of the Decade D1. Dark Souls 3 (it’s the best one I don’t care what anyone else thinks! ) D2. Bloodborne D3. Dark Souls (sorry if this looks like fanboyism but From really changed gaming for me with these 3 games, I never got to play Demons) D4. Fez (what a beautiful and wonderfully designed game, truly an artwork, and that sound track, just brilliant) D5. Portal 2 D6. Red Dead Redemption 2 (clunky shit controls aside it is the most beautiful video game I have ever played on a console, and with this comes immersion, I can lose myself for hours in this game especially when I’m a little baked) D7. Apex Legends (I hate the business model but putting that aside the game plays amazingly. It’s the most revolutionary FPS since Halo, all others now pale into insignificance. The ping system should be obligatory from now on) D8. D9. D10. Will add add more later...
  5. Fucking hell what an awful list. The best album on there is Yo La Tengo - And Then Nothing Turned Inside-Out, everything else is mostly just shitty pop and fucking Kanye cock face.
  6. Yeah that first episode suggests it's going to get even darker.
  7. Awesome! I'm rewatching the first two series and it is really good so I'm glad to hear the new one holds up, can't wait.
  8. Well I gave it a go but I don't think it's for me, it does feel a bit like MW and MW2 but those games are old and they feel it and so does this. Maybe Apex Legends has ruined me for this type of game but getting stuck on scenery and jerky, slow movement is not something I particularly enjoy. Oh well it'll save me a few bucks at least.
  9. Yeah this worked thanks, nice one dude!
  10. Oh right thanks I see, I thought open meant to everyone and pre orders got the early access, cheers.
  11. I thought this was open beta for PS4 this weekend, the store link says unavailable to me, am I being thick?
  12. I thought the list was ok, there's a lot of films I would have placed higher but I am happy with the No.1 slot as it is one of my favourites.
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