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  1. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    You're about 2/3's of the way through but if you have the dlc too then about half
  2. Still loving this it's very good. Thanks for the games last night @Alan Stock sorry for fucking up so much, hahaha.
  3. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Yes I agree! The best combat, the best weapons, the best bosses and brilliant levels, and the PvP was made excellent with the final balancing patch they released making all sorts of builds viable it's just a shame they took so long to get that bit right.
  4. I've just had an hour of bullshit randoms too, I've noticed that between 4pm and 6pm is the worst time for randoms, I'm guessing there are a lot of younger players on at this time judging by their behaviour.
  5. Only if they're force fed foie gras first thank you.
  6. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    It is indeed, I would recommend coming back a little later due to the strength of the enemies, in fact there is a dev message at the beginning of the area recommending you have explored Lothric Castle before attempting the painted world.
  7. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Yay! What a brilliant write up thank you for sharing.
  8. Minion

    Abandoned Games (2019)

    Red Dead 2 I started this and was completely enamoured but then decided I should save it for my time off over Xmas. I tried to pick it up again but everything was such a chore that I gave up. I think I need to just start over again and devote all my gaming time to it which likely won’t happen till later this year considering the games due to come out in the next month or so.
  9. So apparently you can find gold weapons in the hot zones, these basically come with all the purple attachments applied but you can’t remove them.
  10. Thanks! I thought it was rather messy myself but just love the chaos in this game. Yes @McSpeed is indeed a cool cat! He rescued me in a game and then proceeded to get us to the last squad who unfortunately were waiting for us in an ambush in the final circle
  11. Got another win last, look at the state of this, I did a decent flank and then proceeded to miss half my shots and then I dropped Bangalore’s air strike on my feet as I thought pressing L1+R1 would put a grenade in my hand but somehow it worked out and we won. This game is crazy, good games with @McSpeed, @Dave White and @RickyDVT yesterday too, feel free to add or invite if you want to play.
  12. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    They never nerfed them @Mr. Gerbik as far as I know you must just have got better at the game! I love The Cathedral such a great level. And yes those 2 heavy dudes guarding the other path you need to take are quite difficult good luck!
  13. Just had an absolutely great game with @Dave White and a random, the highlight being what felt like a protracted 5 minute battle against another squad where they held us off with snipers, Dave was pinning them down with his sniper, when me and the other squaddie got close they called in artillery and it went back and forth like this till we eventually overcame. Shortly after we won it was awesome! I think the changes Jack Frags was suggesting would ruin moments like that. Absolutely loving this game it’s brilliant.
  14. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Ahh sweet you have plenty of good times to enjoy for you then
  15. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Finally some love for the best game in the series @Mr. Gerbik what kind of build you got? Have you finished already and have you got the dlc?

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