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  1. Suspiria 2018 - 8/10 Loved this, really enjoyable.
  2. Well I'm disappointed, could have at least done another season, I loved the atmosphere and pace of the show.
  3. Exactly, I never did but one day maybe, one day!
  4. Wow so many spoilers.
  5. That would make sense, sly bastards.
  6. Sounds cool sounds good, I'll check it out, thanks!
  7. Doesn't work for me either, I have a feeling it's privacy settings as it says UK for me. I know Apex will be the highest by far, it's probably a good thing I can't see how many hours I've spent on that game.
  8. It's a shame that Yimou went from making amazing films openly critical of the regime like Raise the Red Lantern to becoming a mouthpiece of the party and regime. It reminds me of how modernist artists had to change to the decreed state style in the Soviet Union or face imprisonment or worse. I sympathise as he's obviously been threatened in some way or another but it also makes me angry, fuck the Chinese State.
  9. I loved this one back in the day: And my other favourite which I would watch before leaving for a skate as it would really fire me up was Zero's Misled Youth
  10. Thanks that's really handy, already found a few films I wanted to see that I hadn't seen browsing the app!
  11. Agreed. However trying to browse for good films is a right pain, for example I had no idea Killing of a Sacred Deer was on there and I was browsing just yesterday for films.
  12. Yeah I love this film, Kore-eda makes some really beautiful films, life affirming and I say that as a miserable pessimist.
  13. So are what/who are the new memes going to feature? The Banderas ones from the PS4 era were pretty good to be fair.
  14. And it's become unwatchable again, definitely on Amazon's side as I have a solid 50mbs connection and iPlayer app is fine. I doubt I'll get anywhere with support for a refund.
  15. Joanna Lumley started in Hokkaido too.
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