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  1. I'm a fan after watching the entire Carlos mini-series, Something in the Air was an enjoyable watch but I remember barely anything, Summer Hours was decent as was Clouds, I also enjoyed Personal Shopper, Irma Vep is a classic but whatever you do don't bother with The Wasp Network, it's dreadful. Carlos is magnificent though so if you haven't seen that get on it, make sure you get the full mini-series and not the edited film version, if you have to yarr it as I'm not sure if it's available on any platform in the mini-series format. Thanks for this too - So Long, My Son, this sounds fantastic. I watched this at the weekend and totally agree, in fact this is such a good review I won't bother saying anything except thank you for the wonderful post.
  2. It's brilliant but of course not all seasons are on there without paying for an extra channel...
  3. Ooh Babylon (1980) is on there at the moment, a wonderful film about the dub/reggae scene in London, I know what I'll be watching over the weekend. Jah!
  4. So he's not remaking the Caitlin Moran C4 sitcom then, which was pretty good actually.
  5. Wow well done, I must have tried over a hundred times
  6. Well done dude I think it may be beyond me but I will continue to attempt them on lethal.
  7. Just bought this again on Prime, I think it's my favourite show of anything ever, I never thought The Wire would be topped but it has been. God it 's so great! EDIT: apologies for drunk rambling, The Wire is still king, Atlanta is fucking great though.
  8. Has anyone managed to (act 2 spoiler)
  9. I freaking love Beavertown beer. For 35 years I thought beer wasn't for me but then a friend gave me a Stone Go GTo IPA when we ran out of gin and oh my god hoppy beer is insanely lovely! Fast forward five years and after trying the various IPA's you get in supermarkets I have to say Beavertown if fucking rad, I love Neck Oil, I love the Blood Orange, and Lupuloid oh wow. Is there any better commercial beer makers out there?
  10. Minion


    That's a very good point I didn't consider that and yeah that first montage with the Dylon tune is probably the best bit of the film.
  11. Minion


    I used to think it was good, then these past couple of weeks I've been reading the graphic novel and last Friday decided to watch the film again as it's on Prime and holy fuck I now see what was so bad about it. Whilst it takes all the scenes from the novel (apart form some notable changes) the way it's presented is so unoriginal, like the Director had no vision of his own and just rips off other movies. I mean showing The Comedian killing in Vietnam to Ride of The Valkyries being one of the most obvious cliche rip offs, but yes also the lame slow mo ultra violence and shagging, the whole thing just felt completely tonally off compared to the tone of the novel which had this almost melancholic romantic tone along with the hard boiled noir elements of Rorsach's scenes. The TV Series got the tone far better I thought. I won't lie I was gutted, I couldn't even finish the last half hour and this was a film that years ago I really enjoyed, I guess reading the source material ruined it for me. I'd love to see a remake by either Lindlelof or someone like Villeneuve though I doubt that will happen seeing as it's already been done and that's why it feels like a missed opportunity.
  12. Nail on head here, it's a very difficult thing to tell people, especially people you have just met/have an attraction to.
  13. Calm down, @Papaya Dance is merely saying the interaction between them is more grey than accusing Kwame of being a predator, if anyone hasn't understood the that it's you by being so didactic and aggressive with your opinions. You seem to see this as such a black and white moral conundrum but it isn't, as many have mentioned here sexuality is a very fluid thing and defining yourself as one thing doesn't mean you can't in the future be another, I speak of this from experience so your aggressive shouting down of @Papaya Dance for trying to explain that is rude and comes across as someone who perhaps hasn't ever had to think in these terms. Sexuality isn't fixed like marriage, I'm pretty sure Michaela Cole was on Kwames side when she wrote this as it's the girl who come across as the total arsehole by the end of that storyline. I hope you take some time to reflect on what is being discussed and your responses to @Papaya Dance as that's the only reason I made this post.
  14. I personally think RDR2 is the best looking game I’ve played, the lighting in that game is unreal I’m amazed how good it looks on my tv. This comes close but is still not as good, the lighting seems flatter, more artificial and those crushed blacks. It’s beautiful don’t get me wrong but RDR2 seems to me on another level, I can’t be the only one thinking that? Or do I need to adjust some settings on my tv for this to reach those heights? Ghost is way more fun though, loving the combat, kind of hoping get to use another weapon other than a katana but like Sekiro I doubt that will happen. Edit: On console of course...
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