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  1. No problem! I leave for this trip on Sat 30th June so would have to make sure that anything you want gets to me first! If anyone is interested shoot me a PM and I can give you my address
  2. I'm going to be in Manchester July 1st - July 8th, then London (Southbank) from July 8th - 13th. In August i'll be spending the entire trip in Manchester Can meet or mail it to you, whichever easier!
  3. Just let me know - I've acted as the middle man for lots of people here I'm also going to be in the UK from Jul 1st - 13th and Aug 1st - 13th for work which will make things even easier!
  4. I'm in the US and also happy to help.
  5. Nick_L

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Extreme retro jealously enabled, that looks amazing!
  6. Nick_L

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    @dogsout my brother in law is there but I haven’t heard from him yet, he’s with a group of about 5 ready for action here, it’s a fucking beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and about 95F About to head out for a couple pre match beers to calm the nerves
  7. Nick_L

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I've got this feeling it's going to be a crazy game. We've got this, 5-2 Liverpool. Big watch party at the Abbey Tavern in Denver going down. Can't wait. C'mon the Redmen!
  8. Nick_L

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    My brother-in-law (has a season ticket) parks there too. Quick jib across Stanley Park to Anfield via the King Harry for a quick pint. He wont be there on Saturday because he'll be in Kiev. The bastard.
  9. Nick_L

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    So glad you are enjoying it, it really is an absolute masterpiece, one of the best video games ever made. There is plenty of re-play value too - finding all the energy tanks / missile expansions etc and the sequence breaking! You can actually complete the game pretty easily without ever collecting the Grapple Beam and there is a trick to get super missiles early which breaks the game apart
  10. Nick_L

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

  11. Nick_L

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

  12. Nick_L

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Some more quality pickups there @Freeman! I'm still at it as well, KIRBY GET! (didn't realize how yellowed this copy is!) I've been replaying a lot of my old favorites lately, just finished off Pilotwings, was way tougher than I remembered!
  13. Nick_L



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