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  1. Why can't you play CSGO?
  2. marlonharewood

    Euro 2016 thread

    Although all normal people would have preferred England to win the group and end up on the easier side of the draw, and an easier passage to the final. Roy on the other hand is only concerned with getting to the quarters and having an easy last 16 game. It is redundant to him that England would have a tough quarters against France and a potential semi against either Spain or Italy. So for him it was a masterstroke getting Iceland in the last 16 and securing another 2 years to his contract.
  3. Too Human. Every time you die a valkyrie comes down from heaven, picks up your dead body and flies back up. It is a cool scene the first couple of times you watch it. But the same thing happens every time you die and there is no way to skip it.
  4. marlonharewood

    Rory McIlroy PGA Tour - 14/07/15

    Can't believe there is no PC version.
  5. A brilliant start to the season. The argument between and Toast and Ray Purchase on top of the buses was brilliantly setup. The bus driver / toast exchange was a highlight of the show for me.
  6. marlonharewood

    Football League Championship Season 2014/15

    I thought the main problem that Riga and Oyston had was that Riga wanted to bring in foreign players who had complicated multiple ownership and Oyston didn't want to get involved. Plus the players wanted Blackpool to pay their taxes etc.
  7. marlonharewood

    Football League Championship Season 2014/15

    Forest have pulled off a real coup in getting Tom Ince in. Surprised he couldn't get into the Hull side seeing as how he was being linked with Liverpool and Inter Milan when he was at Blackpool. As long as he is motivated then a front pairing of him, Britt and Antonio looks quite tasty as long as Forest can sort out their central midfield problems.
  8. marlonharewood

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Isco is going to be some player. Lovely run there.
  9. marlonharewood

    Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    That worked!!!! Just put dinput8.dll in my install folder and now the controller is recognised. Who knew that a simple dll file could bring so much joy.
  10. marlonharewood

    Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    Anyone else having problems getting their wired and wireless 360 controllers to be recognised by the game? I've tried disabling HID gaming controller in device manager but still doesn't work. Never had a problem using the controller with anyother game other than Dark Souls Prepare to Die and Dark Souls 2.
  11. marlonharewood

    Football League Championship Season 2014/15

    Forest were top this time last year as well after 3 games, but look what happened after that. Harder than ever to call who are going to be the major challengers this year. In the continuously changing landscape that is the championship a number of well managed new look teams are emerging like Bournemouth, a well drilled Hollaway side, Wolves starting with a bang. No gimme sides at all. Same as always any team can beat anyother on any given day. Long 43 games to go. This is why it must be so gutting to lose in the playoffs as the teams have to endure another 46 games the following season to achieve that again.
  12. marlonharewood

    Football League Championship Season 2014/15

    Blackpool really do look like a team with a bunch of players that no one else wants. If I was an out of contract lower league footballer, like anyone on this free transfer list, I would be getting my agent to contact Blackpool pronto. http://www.thepfa.com/transferlist Just saw a calamitous performance by David Perkins on the brief highlights of the Blackburn - Blackpool game. He was hugging a Blackburn player for 30 seconds inside the box and could easily have given away a penalty, hilarious Jason Lee style assist for the Blackpool goal and looks so out of shape. Looking so unfit with silver hair is not going to endear you to the fans. Seriously have a look at the highlights on sky's video page to see what I've just witnessed. In stark contrast a lot of teams, even the unfancied teams have started well this season. Both Millwall and Bournemouth are the only teams to have won their first 2 games.
  13. marlonharewood

    Nathan For You

    Another amazing episode. Wonderfully melodramatic at the end. "They say the devil is an artist. If that is true then I am his greatest piece yet."
  14. marlonharewood

    Castlevania: Lords of shadow 2

    Completed the Alucard DLC today. It is a bit short but I had good fun with it. Alucard has different move sets and powers compared to Dracula. His combat is sword based and utilises the chaos and void powers just like his dad. The DLC is more puzzle heavy than the main game and thankfully there are no stealth sections. The puzzles mainly consist of Tomb Raider type challenges such as controlling the water level to move the height of the water up and down and then jumping on the boxes that rise up with the water. Alucard's powers that you utlise on the d-pad are mainly used for the puzzles and later on some of the puzzles involve combining the powers one after another with a timer going off. There is one boss fight at the end and the story is adequate in filling in what Alucard was upto prior to the hours of Dracula's return.
  15. marlonharewood

    Castlevania: Lords of shadow 2

    And done. Had a pretty good time overall. I was a fan of the first game and had a good time with this one as well. Character action games are one of my favourite genres and there are only a handful of successful franchises. I found the combat mechanics to be pretty solid. Good risk reward system with Dracula having to defend himself from the enemies whilst also attacking them to get health. Creates quite a bit of tension as you might be on your last legs but have to throw yourself back in the fray to get that all important sync block to get your health up. Bosses were definitely the highlight and I found the story pretty engaging as well. Also Mercury Steam included the metrovania system of going back to places you previously visited with enhanced abilities allowing you to access areas that were previously non-traversable. I think people are overly negative to this game. There are definite problems but people are missing out on a thoroughly good experience. With some of the comments on here I was expecting a trainwreck, but I enjoyed it just as much as the first game and DMC that I played last year. I do agree that it would have been nice to have a bit more variety in the places you get to visit as the game is mainly split into castles and closed off modern sections. Onto the DLC now.

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