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  1. Enjoyed this the first time round at the cinema, but on second viewing on Disney+ I thought it was The downbeat first act worked a lot better on second viewing. The heist middle section didn't seem as drawn out as I remember. And so many great moments in the finale. Perfect ending to the series. Marvel should have called it quits after this.
  2. Watched this the other day too, thought it was good, strong performances all round. Maybe would have been better being a bit more ambiguous at the end. Surprised to see the lead actress was also in Split, she was really good.
  3. I remember the trailer making it seem like a crap comedy, but it reminded me more of the Truman Show. It's a great concept and could have been a cult classic, but the Apu-like portrayal of Ngoc ruined it. She really came across as a racist stereotype.
  4. Enioyed this, watched over two sittings. It never dragged that way.
  5. The last episode was great. Presumably there will be three series, have they all been filmed already?
  6. Echoing several other opinions, I enjoyed it, a solid 3 star film, but the triology could have been so much more. The emotional climax of the trilogy was Han's death, and nothing has come close since. I think there's a strong correlation between volume of Harrison Ford and quality of Star Wars film.
  7. Agreed. I'm finding it very difficult to get excited about this. It seemed like last jedi was going in an interesting direction with rey and kylo's force-skyping, only to effectively press the reset button on their relationship in the conclusion. There doesn't seem like there's anywhere interesting for the story to go, hence the emperor being dragged back into things. Hopefully I'm proved wrong.
  8. Great thread but wow, this might be the most wrong the forum's ever been.
  9. I think the casting is really good overall. Lyra and Mrs Coulter are great, Lee Scorsbey is the only one who's a bit off so far I think. There are a few flaws, like the daemon problem, but they've captured the feel of the world well.
  10. The first episode of this is bog standard BBC, on a par with something like casualty, barring the increased budget.
  11. After an excellent opening, I thought this got progressively worse as it went on.
  12. 2005 1. Brokeback Mountain 2. Serenity 3. Goodnight and Goodluck 2006 1.Children of Men 2. Pan's Labyrinth 3. United 93 2007 1. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly 2. There Will Be Blood 3. The Bourne Ultimatum 2008 1. Wall-E 2. In Bruges 3. The Wrestler 2009 1. A Serious Man 2. A Single Man 3. District 9
  13. Yes, I'm not sure why they chose Wolf of Wall Street for it though.
  14. Went to see Wolf of Wall Street alone at a silver screening around midday on a workday. Most of the audience were elderly couples. A significant proportion had walked out 10 minutes into the film.
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