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  1. Thwomp

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    I've bought this but haven't read or seen anything about it. Just reading the above comments about wrecking zone, does the single player campaign not have destruction then?
  2. I was never a massive fan of Icewind Dale. I played it for quite a while, and while the environments and music were lovely, it just didn't have any depth compared to BG.
  3. I'd love to play Baldur's Gate again. I've held off buying it for tablet because I didn't think a small screen would do the backgrounds justice.
  4. Thwomp

    Luther...BBC1 tonight.

    I just watched the newest series. I did think it was better than the last, but it's a long way from the creepy murder drama it used to be. Didn't the first couple of series have a different killer each episode? It's gotten quite silly now. I want to see maniacs on the go, not how Luther fucks things up.
  5. I hate the PSP controls, but for some reason I love the slide nub on the 3DS. I don't like the stubby sticks on the Vita or Switch.
  6. Thwomp

    Music that was too good for the game it was in.

    I hate Final Fantasy 13 with a passion, but the soundtrack is lovely:
  7. Thwomp

    Visual Novels - What should we play?

    I've bought Muv Luv collection for the Vita. I've heard the last one is great, but the first one is a flirty high school simulator. I'm not looking forward to trudging through that one.
  8. Thwomp

    Fight Club is 20 years old

    It's one of those films I wish I could erase from my memory in order to watch it with fresh eyes each time, it had such an impact on me as a young lad. I still use 'going to my cave' to help control my anxiety
  9. We had this thread quite recently, and I picked Fable 2 in that one. Next I'm going to say FF12. At first I thought it wasn't 'Final Fantasy' enough, but on my second (and subsequent) playthrough I came to love and appreciate it. The sense of scale and soundtrack are top notch. It's what the franchise needed to move with the times, although they've never since matched that standard that FF12 set.
  10. Thwomp

    Quantic Dream [David Cage] go multi-format

    I'd put money into a Kickstarter for him to stop making games.
  11. Assassin's Creed. It feels like I press a button and watch a lot of animation, which I know is what games essentially are, but AC does it so unashamedly. As a result of animation taking priority over controls, they play so sluggishly. Don't get me started on Ubisoft's map objectives either
  12. Thwomp

    Metroid Prime 4

    I'm curious to know what Retro have been doing then, I assumed they'd still been helping with development, but clearly not.
  13. The casting choice for young Tony is perfect looks-wise. The real challenge is young Paulie, surely nobody else can look and act like that fucken A!
  14. Neogaf is terrible for this. Uncharted 4 is the latest game I've read about being called a heap of shite.
  15. I know they like to change the system for each game, but the materia and gambit systems being limited to one game is sacrilege, they're just that good.

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