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  1. I agree with you, they are pretty button mashy on a lower difficulty. Id also probably get more enjoyment if I practised every day and got real good and could chain combo and juggle. But I don't want to and I like sticking the difficulty on Netherrealm games to one I can manage because I enjoy the single player. And just because my Mortal Kombat experience lacks finesse and grace, it has absolutely no effect on the people who can do all the amazing fighting game things. They'll continue to their thing and I'll do mine and for the life of me I can't see how that doesn't apply to FROM games too.
  2. You know you can pick an easier difficulty on most fighting games? I'm crap at them too but I'm still gonna play the story mode on the new mortal kombat and I plan on playing it at a difficulty level I can beat.
  3. People do lots of incredible things in really difficult games but it doesn't stop them being difficult. Ive finished two Souls games and I'd still advocate for a difficulty mode. They're good games and more people should play them and enjoy the myriad of other things the game offers other than a steepish learning curve. The rest of us can just play on normal mode and have absolutely nothing change.
  4. I think I'd learn a lot faster if I could set an option to say raise my health than I would by summoning someone and watch as they kill a boss for me. I think that's besides the point anyway, by doing it you're lowering the challenge. Ive read lots of stuff here from people here saying lowering the difficulty would ruin the game, but that option is already in the game. There doesn't seem to be an argument that explains why you can't just lower it in other ways.
  5. Right but if this whole "it's like learning an instrument" line of thinking is already broken with summons then why not just add in other ways to lessen the challenge, is I think what Mike is driving at.
  6. But you just said that if the challenge is too much you can choose to just skip it through summons?
  7. It's funny that people are trying to argue that with a difficulty mode you'd never get the full experience of a souls game to people who stopped playing because the game was too hard.
  8. The thing I don't get about the argument that an easy mode would ruin the experience the devs wanted to give the player, is that you can already do that with co-op. You can if you wanted just keep summoning players to kill things for you and make the game way easier.
  9. Zael

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - Nintendo Switch

    Is there any indication this is going to be a radical departure from the old formula?
  10. Zael


    I really hope I'm wrong but current Bioware and EA are the two of the last companies I'd back when it comes to turning a game around.
  11. I'm having a ton of fun with Mirage. It's like the early Team Fortress 2 days with the spy where most players will fall for your tricks.
  12. Thanks for running this! Really enjoyed watching the list progress and the write ups made it even better.
  13. Ok I see what you mean and I think that comment is fair. It probably has gotten a few votes because its one of the few games a voter has played. But then you also have people like me who play a ton of games (every game on this list so far and more) and still rate RDR2 really high. It's a marmite game for sure but when you say it's worse than it's predecessor I say it's better and my vote for it is because I genuinely think it's the best game I've played out of the 30 odd games ive played this year. But you're right, this conversation has been done to death so I'll leave it here too.
  14. Can understand people not liking a game. But comments around other people only liking a game because they've been tricked or have bad taste are so fucking tiresome.

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