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  1. HZD put a lot of effort into the main character animations but I remember the facial animations of the quest giving NPCs being pretty poor. RDR2 has a pretty high quality no matter who you're talking to.
  2. Zael

    RDR2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    I'm probably in the minority but I really loved it when RDR2 got rid of the bombast. Some of my least favourite moments in that game were the missions where you had to shoot like 50 guys but some of my favourites were the quiet missions like going hunting with Hosea or going fishing with Jack. The epilogue had that in spades and I loved it.
  3. A1. Red Dead Redemption 2 It definitely has problems. I never found the controls to be an issue but the mission structure is certainly outdated. I can see why this it’s a divisive game because it’s meant to be played slowly and that’s not for everyone. But luckily it’s for me. I just love moving around in the world. On my horse, on foot, picking up things, opening drawers, doors and the pockets of dead bodies. I think the camp mechanic is absolutely brilliant and I love most of the characters. In open world games I usually start off trying to roleplay, never fast travelling, walking around town instead of running, matching my clothes to the scenario that kind of thing, and without exception I give up after several hours. I’m currently at 153 hours in RDR2 and I am still walking in towns and getting hair cuts when I want to put on a fancy suit. Stunning game and it replaces the original on my top 5 games of all time. A2. God of War Love the feel of the combat, how the combos work, throwing the axe and using Atreus in the background. Enjoyed the story too even if I wasn’t overly fond of the places Baldur’s family arc went to. Enjoyed the father son thing for the most part but felt it was a bit ham fisted in places. And boy is it lovely to look at. I’ve disliked every other Gow game and so for this to be #2 on the list is saying something. A3. Pillars of Eternity 2 I’m a pretty big CRPG fan as you can probably tell with my avatar. The first game really disappointed me. Combat was lacking something, the itemization system was crap and the main story line was a snoozefest. They changed all that in the second game. They scrapped the stupid itemization system and gave us some really good fights. The multiclassing system added a huge amount to character builds and made levelling up really interesting. The story was also miles better, the gods went from being the most boring bits of the first game into by far the most interesting bits in the second. Eothas especially was a really hard cut for my character of the year. Best crpg since Baldur’s Gate 2 (yes even better than the Original Sins) A4. Spiderman What I expected: Good swinging, fun Arkham-esque combat. What I didn’t expect: An interesting story full of genuinely good moments and one of the best character arcs of the year. A5. Vermintide 2 The first 4 games are all locks for me and the fifth slot really could be any of about 5 games but I think Vermintide just edges it (that said Monster Hunter World has only just started to click with me). Vermintide 2 improves on just about everything in the first game except arguably level design. The combat is just so satisfying, swinging a giant hammer into rats will never get old. The individual character specialisations also offers a ton more diversity and replayability. Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Artifact’s lack of popularity I really like the card game but the way I play these ccgs is with a community. I’m not the sole ladder grinding player and unfortunately the community completely abandoned Artifact after about two weeks and now I’m left with a game I enjoy playing but with no one to play it with (tear reaction please) Z2. Sea of Thieves To be fair I expected I’d grow tired of SoT pretty quickly as it really had that No Man’s Sky vibe during development. A really impressive first showing but developers who would just constantly dodge the question of what do you actually do moment to moment. So I went in thinking I’d get about a month’s worth of enjoyment out if it. What I didn’t expect was to be bored after a day. I’m still baffled at how a game this big can be released with so little to do. What makes it even more disappointing is how lovely a lot of it is. Sailing a ship is great, it looks amazing but that should be all background stuff in service of the main game but that was the main game. I could go on and on about identikit islands, an idiotic, grindy progression system, the godawful pvp that had players you just killed respawn 20 seconds away from you. Ugh. Z3. Total War: Thrones of Britannia Following a long lineage of bad Total War Games following a really good one. That means Kingdoms will be good though so hurray for that. Z4. Fallout 76 What’s there even to say. Z5. Far Cry 5 This one is my fault. I got hyped on the initial PR and thought this game would have something interesting to say. Before it even released I knew by then it wouldn’t have but I was surprised by how much I loathed the writing in this game. Everything is just so hateful and bad and they way the force you to interact with it when you’re trying to squeeze whatever joy you can out of the open world is one of the worst design decisions I can ever think of in a game and I have played a lot of games. Sound Design of the Year S1. Red Dead Redemption 2 Kind of reminded me a little of BotW with the amount of ambient music it has but I think it goes just that step further with some really good moments where the music moves to the forefront. There are two moments in particular, one sad and one funny that really stand out. S2. Celeste I thought this would be a lock until Red Dead came out. Lena Raine is just super talented, there are a lot of really good tracks but the way they change as the level progresses is a real achievement. I do feel bad about this not being #1 tbh. S3. God of War The music is pretty good for the most part, I think it can get a bit generic at times. Lots of male choir and trumpets. The big reason it’s on my top 3 is the voicework is brilliant and the ambient sound is also great. The monsters, the gods, the thunk of the axe. All really good stuff. I’ll never get tired of hearing “Boy” Visual Design of the Year V1. Red Dead Redemption 2 Still baffled at how they manage to get that out of a normal PS4. I played this and AC:Odyssey at the same time and they’re both games with really impressive draw distances, but that can sometimes work against AC:O on a normal PS4 anyway as the draw distance doesn’t render the really distant stuff properly and it takes you out of the moment. RDR2 never allows that to happen and it always looks picturesque. The people over at Rockstar are wizards at times. V2. Return of the Obra Dinn This is a weird one as I think the art style at times hindered my enjoyment of the game as I was trying to identify blotchy faces. But there’s no doubt that it’s memorable. Very much Pope’s style but a huge advancement from Paper’s Please. V3. Sea of Thieves Best water 2018 Writing of the Year W1. Red Dead Redemption 2 Really great characters, excellent moments and an interesting arc. There were times where the writing fell down (usually when a big shooty mission followed) but there was enough really great stuff there to top the list. W2. Pillars of Eternity 2 Huge improvement on the main story, a very interesting antagonist and factions/side quests that were actually given a lot of time and effort. I think if the companions were a bit more interesting it’d be pushing up against RDR2 for me but it’s just not quite there. W3. God of War Mostly liked the Kratos + Atreus stuff. Really liked Mimir and his tales. The God of War take on the Norse pantheon was great and I enjoyed every moment I spent with Brock and Sindri. Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. Playstation Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Sony Best Supported Game (released pre 2018) of the Year B1. Battle Brothers Your game of the year that didn’t come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2017 or earlier) X1. Dota 2 Best game character of the year C1. Dutch van der Linde (RDR2) C2. Arthur Morgan (RDR2) C3. Dr. Octavius (Spider-Man)
  4. I missed this reply. Not sure what the nope was about, but you do get a hero for every new pack. CM and Zeus were greyed out because you had already taken a hero from that pack. I'm still playing and enjoying. Really excited to hear they're taking the Dota approach to balancing cards.
  5. Zael

    Mutant: Year Zero - Open World XCOMlike

    If you go back to the zone where you pick up your third character there's a zone to the east. Fallen Angel I think it's called?
  6. Zael

    Mutant: Year Zero - Open World XCOMlike

    The game is hard but I think a lot of the difficulty lies in the game letting the player make a ton of easily made mistakes. For example the game doesn't really tell you to go off the beaten path, there's a specific part early on where you can ignore the main mission and enter a new zone which gives the player like 4 levels and a third silenced weapon. It's incredibly easy to miss this and then spend the next few hours underlevelled. Similarly the game never tells you to go back to the base in the middle of missions but it's crucial to upgrade weapons, buy new supplies etc.
  7. You always get offered a hero in the first pass of each of the packs.
  8. I had a decent time with my Switch this year with Dead Cells and Darkest Dungeon. But for me it would always have to be a secondary gaming system. Backing me up when i want to play on the couch while my wife watches tv or on the train but playing second fiddle to my PC or PlayStation because there's just not enough stuff there to keep me busy. I'd be disappointed if it was my only gaming system.
  9. Yeah but there's also competitive draft. One called Phantom which you need a ticket for and get prizes if you can get past 2 wins before losing twice and there's also keeper draft which requires you to have two tickets and buy 5 packs. In that mode it also has rewards but you also keep all the cards you draft.
  10. I think if you're on board with ccgs then Artifact is probably the best value one out there. It's looking like you'll be able to build whole decks for less than 2 quid. And you can also play the draft mode with all the cards for free once you buy the game. But if you're not on the ccg train (which is totally fair because they're not the cheapest) then Artifact isn't the grand saviour.
  11. No worries, I don't blame you tbh the icon depicting rarity is crap. There's a little symbol at the bottom of the card kind of like a head with horns. If that symbol is gold then it's a rare card. The card backs being gold in game I think depicts items that you buy in the shop phase. So if you're looking at your opponents hand you can tell which cards are normal cards and which ones he picked up during the shop phase.
  12. That's because she's uncommon rather than rare and common & uncommon card prices are low because of the amount of them you get.
  13. Yeah I really wouldn't go judging prices by day one. People will be flooding cards onto the market and the only things that will hold any value are the top tier heroes. But even then you only need one copy of them per deck. Prices will drop significantly.
  14. Yeah that's fair. But in the context of how ccgs do operate this one is pretty generous. Also if you want to deckbuild then you can draft for free too, which is what I plan on doing until prices drop so low that I can pick up the majority of cards for like 15 quid.
  15. Axe will be down to less than a tenner in a few days. He's only that expensive because it's the first day. To be fair to Valve it's probably the best value ccg out there atm. Once you buy the game you can play with every card for free.

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