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  1. They were all independently ruled until they were forced not to by dragons. It's not so much the other Lords being pissed off that the North is leaving it's that it doesn't make sense that a few others didn't also want to leave.
  2. The North bent the knee years before Dorne did. Dorne was the only one to push back Aegon and his dragons. Also The Iron Islands had a rebellion like 20 years ago to gain independence. The Reach only joined the Seven Kingdoms because their ruling house was destroyed and power was given to the Tyrells, which there are no more of. I totally get why the North wants to rule itself but there are several other houses that should have raised their hand when Sansa spoke and said "ehhh sorry we want a piece of that too." Also "The House of Stark is the most respected and ablest" is a leap considering several houses didn't commit any troops in defence against the WWs or capturing King's Landing. Stark is the most respected in terms of the people watching on tv but in terms of the other Lords they see a 20 year old girl and a crippled boy.
  3. If GRRM has Bran as king with Sansa seceding the north from the 7 kingdoms with no complaints from the other major houses or Danys armies as the ending, I will eat the book. All 800 pages of it.
  4. I actually totally forgot Jon hung a kid.
  5. I don't think anyone would argue against the fact that there's groundwork laid to bring Dany to this conclusion. I think the thing many people, myself included have a problem with is that while the groundwork was laid there was more to do. Yes she was hard on her enemies, but so were a lot of our heroes. The Starks are portayed as the "good" house and Arya murdered a whole house and fed their remains to the head of it, Sansa fed Ramsey to a pack of starving dogs, Robb decapitated a father and son because they disobeyed him. The world of GoT is a harsh one. These sorts of reactions to antagonists by our heroes is a normal one. Burning a city of 500,000 to the ground does not fit into that norm. It's not a punishment it's an act of wanton genocide brought on by madness. Dany had the city she could have taken it without much more bloodshed. But she chose to burn the city to the ground and we're expected to believe that it was because of some sort of genetic madness that the show put almost no effort into showing.
  6. That scene between Arthur the the nun at the train station has amazing facial animation. You can see the anguish in Arthur's face. The one issue I have with it is how obvious the transitions are between emotions but when you're going down to that level of nit picking then it's already amazing.
  7. The problem for me isn't that GRRM left them with no story because to be fair the big plot beats are good. Dany going from innocent girl to genocidal maniac is a good arc. They just screwed the landing. They knew what they had to do to tell a good story but it's pretty clear that they didn't want to stick around long enough to tell it properly, so they rushed through the last two seasons. That's why I have a hard time having any sympathy for them.
  8. A lot younger. Ned starts at 35.
  9. Right sorry I should have been clearer. The books talk a bit about how they were defeated before but the books never had a Night King. The show does but doesn't explain how he was defeated before. I guess you could say he was driven north with his army and penned in by the wall.
  10. There was no Night King before but there were the Others. From what I can remember the First Men made an alliance with the Children of the Forest and drove the others up north and built the wall to contain them. Then they turned to legend because no one had seen them for so long.
  11. No one except Dorne, the Iron Islands, the Stormlands, the Unsullied, the Dothraki, the warden of the north etc etc.
  12. Zael

    Game of Thrones Poll thread

    I loved it up until about season 5 then enjoyed it until season 7. I read the books and really liked them but I thought the show from 1-4 was even better than the books. Held the quality of writing and added fine actors, an amazing musician and fantastic costume design. Once D&D started to go completely their own way however I think the whole thing fell apart. I'm happy for those who still like it, but personally I am genuinely stunned at how bad it's gotten. I don't think it is anywhere near the realm of The Wire, Sopranos or Breaking Bad. The writing in the last two seasons is something akin to a soap.
  13. Yep you're right. It's a fantasy tv show so nothing should matter. Which is why I think it's bs Jon Snow didn't create a portal into Cersei's chambers and turn her into a sheep.
  14. The problem is how he was betrayed though. He's a master of whispers not a master of telling everyone his thoughts openly. Also the scene before Tyrion tells Dany is him watching Varys talk to Jon.

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