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  1. World Brothers looks great.. but I've just noticed that Yukes are in charge of development.. and Iron Rain wasn't good.. Only hoping that because it looks such a LOT like the mainline series that they're working with the Sandlot engine and not doing a huge amount more than reskinning the enemies, adding the voxel buildings and a perhaps few new bits here and there.. The new costumes are fun..(and already better than most of the IR player skins..)
  2. The woman in charge of the Behemoth is Carmina Drummer..
  3. Of course Matt has a hell portal in his basement..
  4. And youtube now also - The Game of Thrones cast one in particular is worth a watch as the cast can't stop making each other (or the DM) laugh and it descends into chaos..
  5. Most of the DnD20 Live event videos are up now on their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DNDWizards/videos Most of the streamed one shots were fun, but a special nod has to go to the Cast of Thrones where things go off the rails immediately and hilariously and never really get back on track.. Gemma Whelan (who played Yara Greyjoy on GoT) in particular is amazing in this..
  6. That appears to have been a pretty busy session.. So sorry for missing, but I was honestly in no fit state for anything, especially by late evening.. I'm blaming the wooly head that I thought I'd posted in the main thread rather than our players one, so additional apologies for that and not even thinking about providing some info for Vigil in my absence @Clipper Been utterly wiped out by this all week.. Just stuck in bed with no energy whatsoever, alternating between blinding headaches and nausea. Definitely seems to have been flu rather than Covid, had fever temps but none of the other symptoms. Today's the first day I've started to feel a bit back to normal, and been able to bear looking at a screen again for any time.. Hopefully be fine by Sunday to find out what the hell happened!
  7. Schedule (all times PST, will update with UK times later +8hr to everything. )
  8. The first details for this year's D&D Live next week are up.. It's on June 18-20 https://dnd.wizards.com/dndlive2020 And there's just been a further game announced:
  9. 510 - not too bad - will leave it open most of the afternoon. Nooks is right in front of the airport.. https://turnip.exchange/island/39660c31 EDIT: Now closed
  10. That's reportedly what it is.. it's a port of the PS4 game with an expansion.. 'substantial' hopefully means something along the lines of Infamous First Light & Uncharted Lost Legacy..
  11. Predictor sites are reckoning there's 100% chance of a large spike on mine this afternoon - min 202 -> max 606 if anyone is stuck trying to get rid later.. Will update at lunchtime..
  12. MS got loads of grief for the recent third party reveal showing little or no gameplay footage.. There really wasnt - that- much more in game stuff here.. Intregued by Stray and liked the look of Kena, Solar Ash and Devils Inside..
  13. He's Undersecretary of the UN, (second in charge basically) Chrisjen is Deputy Undersecretary.. (third) and he'll become significant soon..
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