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  1. Ari being all stroppy is adorable! Krynn is sympathetic.. while also finding it kinda hilarious..
  2. MDY

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    You be the judge.. (They basically get drunk with their guests from this series (& Mary Elizabeth McGlynn & Steve Blum whose hot-tub it is..) with Brian making cocktails..
  3. Did we get an XP total for Firefinger? (Spiders, stirges and two lots of Pterafolk IIRC?)
  4. MDY

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    No episode (or Talks Machina) ~next~ week due to Thanksgiving.. But there's a bunch of other stuff over the next fortnight.. (All times are US Pacific, so 8 hours behind for most of us. These will be the Twitch broadcasts, so a couple of days later for them to hit Youtube..)
  5. MDY

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Art book.. All work, no play.. Sam & Liam (help) build a MAME cab..
  6. Sorry to hear Mogster.. Hope its nothing too serious.. Truthfully I've got a bit of a cold & sore throat anyway, so skipping tonight wouldn't be the worst thing for me..
  7. MDY

    Your Very Best Gaming Year

    '96 was a really good year if you had a Saturn.. Virtua Fighter 2 Panzer Dragoon Zwei Guardian Heroes Street Fighter Alpha 1& 2 X-Men: Children of the Atom Sega Rally NiGHTS Virtua On Athlete Kings Tomb Raider Virtua Cop 2 Exhumed Story of Thor 2 (also explains why I lived off instant noodles for most of that year at Uni..)
  8. MDY

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Woo! No more getting screwed on postage for merch! Vol 2 covers.. Also, new minis up for voting.. Gotta be Kash surely? The other two are ~very~ minor characters.. (Aldor was the Slayer's Take member that Lyra was obsessed with and Kingston was Brian's character in one of Sam's one-shots.. even I had to look that up!)
  9. MDY

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Most of them had been back in LA less than 24 hours after flying back from London, so some of the outfits were a bit.. thrown together.. Travis should have stuck with his from the day before..
  10. MDY

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Episode 40 The Mighty Nein make a desperate dash for their lives!
  11. I think there's only The Chief (soon to be Timothy Dalton) who has been 'visibly' replaced - the other recastings were voices (and I think the new ones were redubbed onto this episode once they were cast for the series - definitely sounded like Brendan Fraiser) and one of the actors who you didn't see at all due to the suit..
  12. MDY

    Supergirl - TV series

    Legends is leaning in hard on the 'enjoyably barking mad' groove it found last year..
  13. The tone of this is even more all over the place than Gotham.. The story too - it keeps throwing in new elements and characters which then just disappear again.. it's a mess..

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