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  1. Speed Devils was a port of an original PC game: Speed Busters (which just added online play and a few extras..) Both were by Ubisoft Montreal, with Speed Busters being one of the first titles that studio developed.. This really does look like a sequel to that in many ways... varied courses with various themed hazards.. you had animatronic dinosaurs on a movie set and alien saucers in Nevada IIRC.. plus some of the car skins were highly shiny, chrome-looking just like this!
  2. Just don't read anything but the original Watchmen series.. subsequent comics have largely been.. poor. It's some sort of miracle that the tv series turned out to be as good as it did.. who'd have thought we'd ever get something that even got close to being a worthy follow-up?
  3. This series poster could easily have been a cover from the Fraction/Aja run..
  4. Well it uses the exact same logo, has the same gang of thugs, features Kate and what has to be Lucky/Pizza dog.. And some of it was set round what Christmas.. So pretty sure..
  5. Nautilus was pretty great fun.. Ashley did really well once she got over the nerves.. Should be up later tonight... Also..
  6. Love this sort of thing.. Someone is attempting to port Symphony of the Night to the Megadrive.. Early days but looks promising..
  7. Guardian Heroes is down to £1.69 and will play on any XBox from a 360 onward.. One of Treasure's best titles and just a really fun scrolling beat-em-up with RPG-ish character upgrading.. Can be played through in an hour normally, but has a bunch of alternate routes through and different endings.. Plus it's great fun to speedrun through using the (seemingly) weakest character Nicole, who appears pretty useless to begin with, until you power up her INT/Magic after which her barrier shields annihilate all in her path, crushing enemies against the sides of the screen..
  8. Ashley's one shot next week! Fri Sept 9th - Twitch.. Mon 12th - Youtube Ashley is a big ol’ space nerd and a major fan of several films that explore galaxies near and far. She and our incredible production team have crafted a thrilling homebrew sci-fi survival horror one-shot in The Nautilus Ark: A Johnson Corp Odyssey. When the last of humanity is in cryostasis on the Ark, it’s up to the intrepid crew of the Nautilus to ferry them to a fresh start on a new planet… If they can make it. Meet the crew of the Nautilus! Taliesin Jaffe as Dr. Ramsey Wiser Liam O’Brien as Forrest Coreman Laura Bailey as Captain Seraphine Glass Marisha Ray as Dr. Nomen L. Frenno Travis Willingham as Gunnery Sergeant Cameron Garrett
  9. He was involved with Domino in Gail Simone's recent run..
  10. Afraid not, I've just heard it mentioned from multiple sources, as far as I'm aware it's not been given an English translation..
  11. Loads more in-game footage in here.. https://mp1st.com/news/everything-we-learned-about-the-saints-row-reboot-behind-closed-doors-plus-new-screenshots Gunplay is said to be more precise but with an arcade feel. It's still Saints Row, but they spent a lot of time refining the combat to make it feel really good. They have added more options and choices when players are in fights. There will be XP and leveling to unlock skills, along with perks though it isn't based on what Volition has done with previous games. There is a new twist in how they are handling it. Said to have a lot of depth. Fast travel confirmed. You will be able to call in reinforcement as you grow your empire. Districts are built with traversal variety Financial districts for example had massive tall skyscrapers that offered verticality. You can jump and use the wingsuit off of them. In the video presentation we saw deserts, canyons, green golf fields, small towns, harbors, and more. The world itself offers tons of opportunities for sandbox fun. They showed off-road driving, carjacking, construction demolition, and a helicopter picking up a car as fireworks went off behind it. Built with exploration in mind and the most diverse sandbox Volition has created yet.
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