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  1. Episode 117 Hard choices await the Mighty Nein, who must decide whether to follow the current path of their former friend or deviate and forge a new one... Kickstarter update/ Sam explains the development process for the animated series.. and lastly.. the Golden Joystick awards this year were remote-hosted by Laura and Travis! Youtube link only as it's age restricted so has to be watched there..
  2. Another 'Comics playing DnD' charity game announced for December.. Featuring Sally Phillips, James Acaster, Phil Wang and Lou Sanders..
  3. New season poster from Amazon.. Will spoiler it in case people want to go in totally blind..
  4. What did I miss in those last 15-20 mins..? (We'd just met the Abbot) Power was out until about 1am last night for us and several surrounding streets..
  5. The trouble when comparing shots is also that you have different capture cards taking footage from different hardware, then re-encoding it.. So you get noticeable variances in luminance and sharpness.. So that same moment grabbed from Series X footage in this video looks different, in terms of light level and sharpness again..
  6. That's OK, makes sense with us being one down anyway.. (hope you feel better soon @Rikku)
  7. Episode 114 The Nein get prepared to set out across the frozen wastes.. But have they underestimated an old acquaintance?
  8. That is odd.. it's supposed to be a save or suck spell as it is whopping damage + potential instadeath when it lands.. (and why it's a save rather than an attack roll as a Crit would ~really~ ruin someone's day..)
  9. Guessing it was just an error - getting ~40 damage on a save is a bit OP..
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