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  1. The original Dungeon Master.. Creeping round the seemingly endless corridors, terrified of what lay in the dark..
  2. Worse, it paints a big target on the back of the person taking on whatever role it is.. We've seen a number of actresses chased off social media already, who will probably be getting crap from these dickheads for years to come.. Never mind damage it may do to careers subsequently. Not all studios will want to deal with an actor who brings with them the chance of people starting hate/boycott campaigns for whatever movie they're cast in.
  3. MDY

    PC Engine Mini

    Will that not just be a USB hub?
  4. Iron Rain? Don't think much of it TBH.. the environments are small, loot doesn't work the same and despite being similar in most measurable ways.. it really doesn't feel much like EDF.. I at least stuck with IA through to the end.. This? Got fed up with it about a quarter of the way through the 50-ish missions.. Two of the classes are locked off initially, weapons must be bought with 'currency' which comes in a variety of forms seemingly just to be annoying.. The interface for items is confusing, it's overly difficult at the start and your max health is severely limited.. You can't really farm the levels, as you only unlock new weapons for completing specific missions. They must be bought - usually with currency you've not earned enough of (or the wrong type of) on that mission.. The biggest issue is the general shooting just doesn't feel as good, the weapons - while there are several that are innovative and interesting, all feel (and especially sound) weedy.. While there's a nice variety in opponents.. they're not very fun to fight, there's nothing interesting about it visually everything looks pretty bland.. Difficulty is artificially increased both by the health cap and the fact that you can die VERY quickly if you're in the wrong place and your escape options are far more limited. Oh and there are embarrassing, predictable outfits for the female trooper which unlock during the game.. The character models are ugly and your 'companions' aren't a patch on the regular confident to panicky EDF troops.. They've tried to write them in a similar fashion, but miss the mark.. There's just no spark or soul to it compared to the Sandlot games.. It's not all bad, but I'd rather see some of the better new ideas (the wire-riding bug rider class is fun, hidden unlockables on each stage, having a single use 'super' attack) incorporated into a future main EDF series game than them attempt to improve on this..
  5. News that Bond will have retired from his role as '007' for at least part of the film.. The usual dickheads online are now seething with rage that his former codename will be going to a black woman.. https://metro.co.uk/2019/07/14/lashana-lynch-will-introduced-bond-25-audiences-new-007-10287976/
  6. No problem.. actually works out better for me too as I've some stuff I could do to get sorted today.
  7. English Trailer (Duplicates on both bolded) Ys 1&2, Air Zonk, Cadash, Neutopia, Neutopia 2, Space Harrier, Victory Run, Moto Roader, JJ&Jeff, R-Type, Blazing Lasers(Gunhed), Soldier Blade, Bomberman '93, New Adventure island, Bonk's Revenge, Dungeon Explorer, Ninja Spirit, Psychosis, Military Madness, Chew Man Fu, Power Golf, Alien Crush, Parasol Stars, Lords of Thunder. Japanese Trailer Ys 1&2, The Kung Fu, Jaseiken Necromancer, Fantasy Zone, Appare! Gateball, Nectaris (Military Madness), Dungeon Explorer, Neutopia, Neutopia 2, PC Kid(Bonk 1), Super Darius, Super Star Soldier, Ghouls & Ghosts, Aldynes, Gradius, Salamander, Super Momotaru Dentetsu 2, Ninja Gaiden, Star Parodier, Snatcher, Gradius 2, Cho Aniki, Dracula X, Bomberman '94, Bomberman Panic Bomber, Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire. 45 different games then.. and that is a helluva lineup! Anyone hoarding an original copy of Densetsu Saphire will be cursing Konami right about now.. They have changed hands for upward of $1500! https://www.pricecharting.com/game/jp-pc-engine/ginga-fukei-densetsu
  8. It'll be a shame if not, though I'm not finding it nearly as compelling as the first or second season yet.. I think it depends more on the future of their streaming service than anything else.. Titans and especially Doom Patrol have been well received, but what went wrong for Swamp Thing still isn't confirmed..
  9. Erm... That escalated quickly.. Yee-haw Game Ranch's lore gets fucking DARK! And Talks for ep 69..
  10. First new issue was out yesterday.. ..and yeah, it's great.. Have to say I'm immediately preferring the writing this time round.. Matt Coleville's work on the previous run was fine, but it didn't really feel quite right to me.. Jody Houser has already captured the character's voices better in the first issue.. Olivia Samson is paired up with a new colourist this time round and the art is a significant improvement from the last run.. her characters are a little more realistic and it feels like there's just so much more detail on the page.. (there's a particularly gorgeous 'dream' sequence..) Pike does look weird with dark hair though..
  11. Either that or there was a decent Cleric about.. Raise Dead works for up to 10 days after death.. he was only gone 3!
  12. Bunch of (non WotC) 5e digital content (adventures/settings/maps etc..) in the current Humble Bundle.. Top tier is still only about £12 Ends in about 7 hours though, so be quick.. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/beast-of-a-bundle-fifth-edition-books
  13. This is a great, fun interview with Brian. If we never get a Between the Sheets episode where he is the one being featured, this is a more than decent alternative..
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