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  1. scottcr


    I’d like to see more RPGing going on. The mechanics are great for combat, but all the scenarios basically boil down to ‘kill all the things’... less missions but more variety and choices
  2. scottcr


    Big finale for us this Tuesday. Still lots we could do but we just want to see it done. Great mechanics but the campaign is just too long and not that interesting as a story... still, we’ve been playing most weeks for over a year, so that’s value for money!
  3. MH Demos are notorious. There’s no tutorial or introduction. In the real game, they do actually take you through a learning experience with a story as well. The demos are for MH fans to get a taste of what’s new but they really aren’t for people who have never played an MH game before as they’re almost impenetrable to them. MH4U and MHtri are two of my all time favourite games...
  4. required for full disclosure : have you ever played a MH game before World?
  5. Shadespire - no doubt easily less than an hour
  6. scottcr

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    all that is fair enough - but to abandon the game entirely because of one section that literaly takes about 5 minutes and has one of the games best bosses is a shame. Especially when you can decide to do almost anything else at that point.
  7. scottcr

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    It even tells you to drop the bananas. Drop bananas, climb up, run over the top of the rooms, find secret exit to boss. Fight very fun boss. Fin.
  8. scottcr

    Time Stories

    yeah - Prophecy of Dragons addresses that by having certain items that can travel through time with you (critical key items) In Asylum, we just kept those cards out and didn't put them back.
  9. scottcr

    Time Stories

    I've only played two scenarios so far, the asylum and the prophecy of dragons. I certainly felt that PoD had much more variance and multiple paths that you could take. There's 2 distinct halfs to that scenario and we pretty much picked the optimum path through the 2nd scenario by pure luck. We got to the end baddie - and given that we had been playing for 5 hours at that point - we just gave ourselves full health for the final battle and won it. We didn't really bother with the scoring, we just enjoy playing through the story, finding the paths and solving the puzzles.
  10. scottcr

    Time Stories

    Thanks! We played Prophecy of Dragons last week and it was *mental*
  11. scottcr

    Okami HD

    I'm really tempted to triple dip on this after having given up on PS2 and Wii... slightly disheartened that I can't kip the extraordinarily long cut scenes at the start
  12. this is the first big AAA game that's been announced for switch along with PS4 and XBO isn't it? Gotta love Bethesda... and Panic Button.
  13. they have some foking voodoo magic skills or something - can't believe the kind of things they can do with the wee console.
  14. A Switch port makes me EXTREMELY HAPPY
  15. scottcr

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    Imagine being in a cinema where everyone moans when you realise it's benji in the baddy man mask... jeezo. I'm sitting in my big recliner with my ice blast and my sweeties and the wife nudges me saying 'I bet that's benji'. I nod and we smile and enjoy the AMAZING FILM.

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