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  1. I loved that bit... was like a wee puzzle. Once you work it out, scaling up there quickly is great fun.
  2. I managed all that stuff back in the day and godammit I won't be defeated this time round!
  3. lack of lore/story/characters is what makes me tend to dislike and get bored with roguelikes - Hades doesn't feel like that at all. I love it.
  4. It's very twitchy... and a lot of the blocks are rounded at the end. I find myself pulling back to slow him down, something you don't need to do in the other games. I made a might meal of this one yesterday... and I woke up the wife after this one
  5. hahahaha. I’ve had so many void levels like that.... I think I woke the house up the other night yelling ‘OH FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK!!!’
  6. Been reminded today that the void levels in Sunshine are still some of the peak 3D Mario level design. So rewarding when you manage them.
  7. Galaxy also introduced a whole new way of looking at mario levels and a lot of it was intro to get you used to thinking upside down - and for new wii owners, that needed quite a bit of handholding I imagine. I've played Galaxy up to the point where the tutorial is effectively finished and saved it there.
  8. Got 32 stars in SM64 and 17 shines in Sunshine. Holy shit sunshine is hard as fuck in places... I'd forgotten just how tricky those void levels could be. While it does miss the backflip (you can do it if you plant your feet with fludd first then jump though) - I quite like the running backflip, walljump and fludd combo. Also, to my old biased eyes at least, it still looks great. I also noticed that SM64 levels feel so small now when back in the day they felt vast... I think there's a dip in quality or 'tightness' around some of the later levels though.
  9. I just want some shoggoths and other lovecraftian beasties....
  10. I'm just not bothered about this programme any more - it's all over the place and I really don't like the way it changes thematically so much. I thought it started great with the first two episodes, but I absolutely could not give any fewer fucks for any of the characters now. shame.
  11. Took a punt on this due to everyone raving about it. Not normally a fan of roguelikes as I find them always lacking in plot and story - but this game is fucking excellent! It’s a perfect switch game too!
  12. People need to plug their GameCube back into an old CRT and remind themselves of how Sunshine used to look. It’s the game that has improved the most in the update
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