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  1. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Genuinely impressed with Witcher 3. They even changed the interface so the test is readable on a normal screen a normal distance away
  2. this is why I'm looking forward to this on the switch - I've got it on my Santa list. Just bumming around doing quests is ideal for the train and plane journies that I make. On the PS4, I got to the point where I was just battering through to try and get to the end (I never did).
  3. I absolutely cannot do win the harder bound bowl level - nor can I get Darker Side of the Moon. I get all the way to the bit where you lose your cap... and then die and it's back to the start. I'm going to snap my switch in half I reckon.
  4. what? Good board games in JL with demo folks? Tell me more.. My amazon order was delayed - suspect it's scalpers trying to get more for it before Christmas. I went to Zatu instead.
  5. Enjoyed this... although having started the book, listened to the audio book and watched the film I felt like I knew the start of this a bit too well... so it wasn’t particularly exciting. Looking forward to the rest though. I actually really enjoyed the film apart from the ending.
  6. I never ever ever want to do the ice palace ever again. That dungeon can get fucked
  7. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    ah - bugger... as I've got all the other games on that list.
  8. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    There's a Tesco extra 8 miles from me in Lesmahagow... I'm tempted to go down and check it out. Is Witcher 3 and Luigi's Mansion both included?
  9. It sounds like one of those rare 7/10 type games that I just really really want to play - but I'm not going to spunk 50 quid on it.
  10. ah - I didn't realise that. I imagine some of the multi-layer dungeons would be a bit beyond the GB at the time - especially ones that pretty much rely on parallax to show that there are floors below you can fall into.
  11. I've gone straight into LttP on SNES Online having finished this. It could be doing with a remake of the same style with some of the QoL updates they made... what struck me though is HOW FUCKING HARD IT IS. I'm constantly on the heart beeps. The rewind feature is an absolute god-send. How little hand holding there is. There are some points where you really don't get told what to do and you just have to try stuff... it's cool when that happens. Also - how similar Koholint map is to the LttP map... I suppose Koholint is Link's dream, so the similarities make sense.
  12. But but calamity Ganon is a piece of piss compared to the other bosses
  13. scottcr


    Everyone in Ubi needs to sit and play BOTW to completion...
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