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  1. I’m quite interested in the whole first men, Bran the Builder stuff... the NK isn’t in the books, but the Others in general are quite vague as well. Suspect they’ll start to play a bigger role
  2. definitely seems a bit dissapointed tbh - maybe that'll motivate him to claim it back by getting THE FUCKING BOOKS DONE
  3. I'm only interested in the back story if there's something genuienly exciting about it that adds to the current story in a good way. I don't see how they can make out the NK to be a big bad any more when he was defeated by the first castle he got to.
  4. that's another thing - so it doesn't suggest the NK comes every winter... it's just The Long Night, the first of which was when Bran built the wall after they sent the NK back. Then something happens that makes the NK decide to get off his arse to head south before Bran becomes the Crow/Raven/Robot, before any dragons were born.. .but he knew that Dragon's were back because his plan was to capture a dragon to destroy the wall... FUCK IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE
  5. I'd expect to see the CoF and the First Men joining together to defeat the NK and build the wall. I have no idea how on earth they drove the NK back.. and then we'll see Bran the Builder creating the wall. Kinda still expecting Bran the Builder and Bran the Broken to be the same.
  6. hahahaha.... Oberyn would've demanded a fight there and then to pick the King...
  7. yeap - since we found out that the Night King really was just a rampant relentless weapon, I'm not so interested in that story now either - unless it massively changes what we've just seen and has planned, I can see some JK levels of retconning going on that would just piss us all off. Jane Goodman tends to be really good though.
  8. just read what this game is fuck that Nintendo.
  9. only one got picked - Bloodmoon. About the CoF, the First men and the creation of the Night King.
  10. Aye... that’s how I interpreted that. He was ‘holy fuck Tyrion’
  11. scottcr

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    damn - I came in to ask the same question. At that price I'll pass...
  12. to be fair - I watch far too much of this kind of stuff... but I do love it.
  13. yeap - and I don't know why they didn't. The whole Targaryen Blackfyre rebellion history, the Golden Company and new heir 'Young Griff' is a pretty major part of the books. The only reference back to *any* of this stuff in the show is when Aemon talks about Egg as he dies.

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