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  1. People complaining about silly over the top stuff have obviously never played RE4. You get chased by an enormous giant stone golum controlled by a midget
  2. I might make one where I just get annoyed and swear at the waist height crates that stop me going down corridors... :grumble:
  3. since I subscribed to Game Pass I haven't bought an actual game on xbox - there's no need.
  4. some of the sessions have patchier write ups than others - we play on a Friday evening and sometimes a few of us end up *completely jaked* by the end of the session.
  5. We're just over a year into Curse of Strahd now - playing pretty much ever week. It's a great laugh. I've got write ups on Roll20 if folks are interested. https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/7668487/the-curse-of-king-strahds-thunder
  6. I completely gave up at the National Treasure episode... every week just felt so completely different, and after a really promising first episode, it just fell off a cliff.
  7. I used to sleeve all my arkham cards and it became a complete ballache... especially since most of the cards barely get touched and sit in a box anyway. Modern good quality cards with a weave through them are very hard wearing, feel nice in the hand and slide well for shuffling. I don't sleeve anymore. Life's too short. In other news, I've just bought Killforge to play with the wee man. Feels like a CCG I can get into without chasing boosters and all that shite. I've gone for the £51 quid pledge on Monster Hunter as well. Looks ace.
  8. I’ve not played it yet but my son finished it today after playing it solid from release and he loved it
  9. You need to play it at 60fps for the joycons to work IIRC
  10. my sons playing it with his joycons on the TV RIGHT NOW.
  11. nah - it's like a puzzle point and click.
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