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  1. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    I think you may be right!
  2. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    yeap - a few tweaks to some levels where the camera made it difficult. Hints for the blue coins. Wide screen, HD - job done. SHOVE IT INTO MY EYES
  3. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    I absolutely loved SMS. The void levels were amazing and it was such a colourful happy game - the water at the time looked properly wet and inviting. I for one would welcome an HD remake of that AND ALL OTHER GAMECUBE GAMES INCLUDING ETERNAL DARKNES FUCKSAKEKASKE ASKMGEIGJEOIJQERIBMDFVQEOJQERGJQE FTHAGN
  4. Just in case you’d forgotten how amazing this looks
  5. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    That 2D retro collection of games has just made Mario and Sonic rocket up my WANT list. Unfortunately, I've got a pretty big WANT list and no enough money to service it.
  6. After seeing what Panic Button and Saber interactive have done, Doom, Wolfenstein, Warframe and now Witcher - there's no reason why those companies couldn't put their stuff on the switch. None at all. TBH, the only one I miss is Capcom. It'd be awesome to have MHW on the switch.
  7. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    It’s designed for Daemon X Machina - hence the X
  8. just a reminder that this looks amazing
  9. the UI was a problem for me on the PS4 version as well... I couldn't play it in my normal gaming setup - sitting about 8 feet away from the telly, which was another problem for me and I had to move the PS4 to a different room just to be able to read it... another reason I stopped playing it, it was too much hassle. I'm hoping it won't be such a big deal when it's 2 inches from my face.
  10. PUMPED FOR WITCHER tbh - I've said this many times, but for me the Switch is the ideal platform for those massive time sink games. Given the apparent quality of the port and that it comes with all the DLC - this is absolute must have. I suspect it'll sell very well. Panic Button and Sabre Team absolutely put EA to shame.
  11. That has absolutely no business looking as good as it does... bloody hell
  12. I’ve made my first level.. 8D2 7G8 P9G I really enjoyed working out a way to use the car to do stuff regular Mario can’t do... like slip through really narrow gaps.
  13. Yay. Finally got this. Just been playing Story Mode so far. I find the actual creation stuff a bit daunting - there *so* much you can do. Some of the story mode levels are absolutely ingenious. I did one this morning on the way to work, Super Mario 3 style, was all see saws in an ancient desert temple thing that I had to work my way up. Genuine puzzle solving. Brilliant. Not one level is the same. Great stuff.
  14. it's why I've bailed from Arkham Horror now. It's a great game - but the thing was running away from me. I've not got the time to dedicate to learning the cards and the options and working through the campaigns.
  15. Seems to be general chat on MCU films in here... I saw Ragnarok for the first time a few weeks ago and I loved it. Great fun. I saw Infinity War before hand and I enjoyed it, but didn't really care about Paul Bettany's man. I saw Captain Marvel at the weekend - well... kinda. I fell asleep about half way through. I thought it was really slow and dull.
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