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  1. Just finished Hearts of Stone and got the best ending. Cracking stuff. Great story and quite moving.
  2. Hefty rumours abound that Mark Hammill will be playing Vesimir in series 2. NICE!
  3. I'm just about at the end of Heart of Stone main quest... it's been excellent and really varied. More so than anything in the main game quest.
  4. I actually ended up really enjoying it and my kids both loved it.
  5. I'm now playing through Hearts of Stone but something tells me it's all going to horribly wrong...
  6. So I started HoS before doing the main quest end game... head off to oxenfurt to kill a monster hahah... yennefer told me not to waste any time
  7. that’s what I thought - but there was a similar quest elsewhere where a guys note gave me a hint as to the direction they should all point in. I just reckoned I was missing a quest pointer or something.
  8. yeah - when I played it on PS4 years ago, that stuff wasn't immeidately apparent. But now on switch it's been there since day one, and some little excursions have shown it to be way out of level. So naturally, I want to avoid the 'end game' it feels like now, at level 34, is the right time to move to that. Blood and Wine is a compltely different map area and I'll leave that till afterwards. cracking game.
  9. that's what I figured... I could be doing with more cash. I sold practically everything to make my cat gear... I'll need more for grandmaster stuff when it comes the time. I'll stick to the stuff on land or on the coasts. BTW - I've found one cave (where enhanced feline steel sword diagram was) on the south of Faroe... there's 4 statues in it that I can rotate and some look like they should be holding something. I can't for the life of me find anything that prompts me what to do there so I figure I've missed a quest somewhere. Any hints?
  10. I know - but it just winds me up. I'm the same with boardgames. CMON being a good example.
  11. Given that HoS is set in the same map - I thought it'd be good to do... there's a lot of ? in the NE of Velen and when I investigated some of them much earlier, I was wayyyy too low level. Now I'm lvl 34 and full mastercrafted cat gear, I'm going in. I have an absolute embarassing amount of ? around Skellige though - are the ones in the sea worth doing or are they mostly smugglers caches?
  12. I'll be all over this when it releases, but fucked if I'm supporting a kickstarter from a company backed by one of the biggest and richest gaming companies in the world.
  13. By the end of its life, it was possible to play *every single* main console Zelda on the WiiU from LoZ to BOTW. I'd be surprised if they don't do likewise with the switch. I'm also convinced that the switch hardware is very long term and new itterations will remain backwardly compatible for long time too provided that people upgrade to support new APIs etc (just like phones)... the only one I'm not sure about is Skyward Sword. It absolutely can't be played on the Lite and that might scupper it. Still blows my mind that the best open world game ever made was on the WiiU
  14. That’s the order I was thinking of doing it in
  15. cool. Love a good card game/CCG in real life so Ill head back to the start area and gwent it up. btw, should I do the DLC stories before or after the main quest?
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