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  1. Sherriff John Bunell from the US equivalents was the king of these. Everything had to end with something like "Looks like the only free ride this guy's getting... IS A ONE WAY TRIP TO JAIL", etc.
  2. I thought "merge games" were things like 2048? Slide around objects so that they're adjacent to each other and "merge" into new objects? I've never felt so old.
  3. Still dabbling with this. I tried a bit of Ridge 4 earlier this week - I didn't do much with graphics options so it was still a little jaggy and pixelly but it played pretty well. I also tried Tempest X3 and that was lovely; nice and vivid with effects exploding all over the place. (Of course TxK is the new benchmark these days, but I still appreciate Tempest on a big screen. )
  4. Qazimod


    And finished. Well, "finished" - I'm sure there are secrets I missed. I won't go into specifics, but generally it was great fun. Lots of imaginative encounters, ace writing (and adorable characters), some nice gameplay gimmicks thrown in and one or two genuinely tricky "bosses" (in terms of just surviving all of the stuff thrown at you.) It's pretty nuts to think that the chapters are available gratis after you see the work that's gone into them. Just when I thought my GOTY listing couldn't get harder... E: the soundtrack's already up on his Bandcamp but it's worth finishing the game first. Context and everything.
  5. What started as innocent Duckstation noodling descended into unashamed Ridge vibing. The horns and the riffs aren't entirely my bag, but the breakdown that follows is
  6. @Harsin My first thought was Bean Dad too I shared this in the Game difficulty/easy mode thread but it deserves its own discussion. I basically think that, yes, a mode with no fail states can instil complacency, but maybe let the player enjoy themselves in an environment they like, and then raise the stakes when they’re bored?
  7. So one of the discord channels I'm in shared this article the Escapist published today which seemed fitting for this thread. It seems a bit tasteless to copy-paste an entire article, but the TL;DR is: Son plays and enjoys newer Mario games (NSMB, etc) but struggles with the challenge of the older games (3, World) after father recommends them to him. Son also enjoys Roblox, and father "banned the play of Roblox in the house" because it instils "apathy towards meeting challenge or adversity head on". Most of the rest of the article describes some attempts at playing Miles Morales - first with the son agreeing to play on a difficulty where death happens... but then the son quietly deletes their save and restarts on the lower difficulty. https://www.escapistmagazine.com/the-way-my-kid-plays-video-games-pisses-me-off-spider-man-miles-morales-roblox/ In the context of this thread, it's a bit "don't use easy modes because they will only breed complacency", but like I said in my OP, it's about providing an equivalent experience. If you use a no-death mode you could still be contending with complex controls, or a disorienting camera, or advanced gameplay systems or any number of things. Also, the easy mode can be a way to acclimatise to an experience - as per my own anecdote a couple of posts up, in fact. So I don't think that easy modes necessarily instil apathy... but I guess it depends on the player. --- Outside of all of that, I'm really curious about Elden Ring. They're talking up the open world and the ability for players to go in different directions and find different opportunities to progress, and it would be sweet if this meant avoiding the typical problem of being railroaded towards a nightmare of a compulsory encounter. I hope they can pull it off.
  8. Moving my post from the other thread! https://rogueco.com/portfolio-item/wipeout-rush/ "Merge, idle and card collection".
  9. I thought it was just me going to orbit Although in my case I just want to try searching in a different direction and a restart can feel quicker than a backtrack.
  10. Gamesradar is my go-to at the moment, but it might not catch smaller indie releases: https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/video-game-release-dates/
  11. "What are you excited for?" - can I say "2022"? Seriously, I don't know what else I could be looking forward to this year. The last full game I was interested in was Neo TWEWY which came out in July; I've since picked up the Destiny 2 season and the Tetris Effect PS4 update, but there's nothing else I have my eye on until Elden Ring...
  12. Sounds like Deathloop is one of the latest high-profile offenders? I saw this retweeted today: Their full thread begins here.
  13. I try to “care” in most narrative-driven games; the satisfaction of defeating a boss is so much sweeter when you care about the context surrounding their actions. Without that investment I’d just be relying on the gameplay to be engaging - sometimes that can be enough, but it’s usually a more satisfying experience if you can be invested in multiple ways.
  14. Don't the Battlefield games have building destruction or something? I haven't played any since Bad Company 2...
  15. Automata had problems, but I maintain that its problems as a character action game are meaningless, because it’s not a character action game. It’s like being upset because you can’t grind experience and level up to defeat bosses in Bayonetta more easily, or you can't farm crafting materials in Vanquish. I have bigger issues with its problems an an action RPG; balance issues when facing higher level enemies, lazy sidequest writing, certain customisation options that might feel redundant, certain customisation options that might feel overpowered, perhaps less interesting party interactions than the Nier/Kainé/Emil dynamic, etc. I still generally liked playing it because (for me, IMO, etc) the better moments made up for the weirder decisions… but it definitely has issues as an RPG, and was never going to be worth considering as a character action game. Interestingly, people are (justifiably) losing interest in Babylon's Fall after finding out that it's a live service always online co-op action RPG, so god knows why they didn't take the same hints when Automata was promoted as an RPG from day one.
  16. If you’re not turning around and backstepping everywhere you’re not playing SotN.
  17. Poorly paced “narrative adventures” (I don’t know what you would call them.) I don’t mind games where all you’re doing is walking from one piece of exposition to another - I happily wandered around looking for letters and notes in Gone Home for the 90 minutes it lasted - as long as the exposition is engaging and goes somewhere. I think I watched a substantial chunk of someone’s Night in the Woods playthrough, and to me it felt like they had managed to milk hours of play from a game where nothing has happened. In the case of NitW I’m willing to admit that I’m the problem, because that game is clearly more about character building than a central narrative drive, but having too many “inconsequential” scenes can kill my interest.
  18. I haven't really made much time to play and I didn't know about NVGD today, so the time I did have was spent with me continuing to grind out Destiny activities for the seasonal compass thing
  19. This is a bit of an enigmatic thing to classify, but I enjoy games that make you feel like you can make your character do almost anything - and then put that to the test. Something like the fluid movement of the running and jumping and flipping in Mario 64, combined with some ace platforming challenges. Or the sheer wealth of combat options you open up during DMC5 before you're faced with insane boss encounters. A game succeeds when you can't blame limitations of the intended systems; you can only blame yourself. If it were one word, I guess "control"? Or "agency"?
  20. Rhythm Doctor is recorded on HLTB at 4 hours for the main story - I reached the end credits on the day I downloaded it, but there are harder variants of stages to unlock and better grades to aim for, so it took longer to do everything in the game. It’s also my game of the year so far, and essential for anyone who enjoyed Rhythm Tengoku or Rhythm Heaven back in the day.
  21. Some of the chopping up is abrupt, but it occasionally gets it right: Renegade Master vs. Arms of Loren: https://rave.dj/46Y4QRdNL3oSzg Bonus shitpost: https://rave.dj/sqo8naCJ9Yapuw
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